3. Chapter 3

Amanda's POV:

Alyssa and I were walking down the hallway

Alyssa is my best friend. She is tall as me and she has light brown hair and brown eyes. I love her so much. She is like my sister, a real sister not a step sister....

"Soo... are you excited to go to the masquerade ball in 2 weeks? i still havent gone shopping for my outfit" Alyssa said 

"I kinda am, but i dont think i'm going to be able to go, my stepmother gave me chores to do" i replied bummed out

"But the ball is in 2 weeks you have time" alyssa said

"Yeah.. i know but she gives me chores every day and im pretty sure i will be busy next week to. I barley leave the house because she gives me so much chores, she doesnt even give any to viola,  its not fair" i replied

alyssa sighed "we'll think of something, ill help you get out of them, but you have to come i dont want to go alone" Alyssa said 

"Hmm.. we'll see" I replied 

We walked into class and say down at our tables. We had a substitute and he gave us a packet to do. 

Everyone was talking and they weren't working on there work. 

Some students got introuble by  the sub and got sent to the principles room

I ignored them and started working on my packet. 


"Thank you alyssa, see you tomorrow" I said stepping out her car, i waved bye to alyssa and made my way to the front door taking out my keys and unlocking the door.

I walked up the steps towards my room, i threw my bag on my sofa chair and put y keys on the desk,then i took my phone out, i plugged it in then set it on my nightstand.

-"Amanda, come down here and start doinng your chores, then prepare us out dinner"-

ugh... i walked up to the monitor on the wall

"on my way" i said as i let go of the button

yeah, that was a monitor my stepmother installed so she can call me when ever she needed something and so she could yell me what to do.

-"Now!"- she yelled into it.

i walked out of my room and tied my hair up into a ponytail.

soon i was in the kitchen and i started washing the dishes, i put other dishes in the dishwasher, then i swept the floor and vacuumed the whole house. 

An hour later i was finished cleaning then i went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. 

"AMANDAAAA!!!" i heard yelling, ugh i ran up the steps to Carmen's room (Step mom)

i knocked on her door "Come in" she yelled

i opened the door, "Yes" i said walking into her room, i found her lying down while someone massaged her back

"on that table there" She said pointing towards it "is a list of groceries you need to pick up so you can prepare for tonight's dinner" 

i nodded and grabbed the list "Don't be gone long" Carmen said as she was getting massaged

i shut her door and walked to my room and gr0abed my keys and jacket and left towards the front door, as I was going to open viola opened the door with Katie behind her

ugh great i see her everyday in school and now here, Katie smirked at me knowing i don't like her and she doesn't like me, viola smiled "Hey Amanda, where you going?" 

"I'm going to pick up some groceries, do you want anything?" i asked so i wont have to take 2 trips back

"Nahh im fine" she said walking up her steps

"I, on the other hand would like something" katie said smirking and standing in my way

i took a deep breath, "What would you like katie" 

she smirked once again "hmmm.....I...I would like a caramel late from Starbucks" 

"I'm not going to Starbucks, im going to the grocery store" i retorted 

"Now you are" then she walked away


i hope you liked it, sorry if it was boring



tell me what you think


who saw 1DDay yesterday? i loved it lol i watched it all day non stop, i watched it on my phone since i was out for my brothers soccer award ceremony and then when i went to pick my sister up from her job and i was still watching it, then i went to a buffet and i was still watching it then i went home and my guy friend came over since it was my moms birthday and i was still watching it and he was watching it with me hahah, it was great, what was your favorite part of 1DDay?


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