2. Chapter 2

Amanda's POV:

I grab an apple, then I grab my bag and walk to my car.

Off to school.... ugh!


After I parked my car I walked to the school, I'm walking to my locker right now.

"Amanda!" Someone shouted from behind me, I stopped in my tracks and turned around to see who it was

Viola, "hey viola" I greeted

"Hey, lets walk to class together" she said

I smiled "ok" hmm.. I wonder where her friend Katie is. She probably isn't here.

"So did you hear about-" I start saying as we start walking to class. I looked forward and saw Liam Payne walking towards us.

He is the hottest guy in school, he is really sweet and nice, he isn't a jerk like all the other boys in this school.  

He has light brown hair and brown eyes and he is tall probably around my height, he is smart, shy at times, a fun and funny person. he's cute and adorable, and he has an amazing voice.

(A/N: wow lol i just noticed everyone here has brown eyes and hair lol.)

He was walking with his friend. His name is Zayn Malik, he is really hot as well. He has black hair always styled in a quiff (not sure i spelled it right..?) and he has gorgeous hazel eyes. He's a mysterious guy, he's also nice and he has an amazing voice. He's a few inches taller than me.

As you can tell I have a little crush on Liam...


ok I have a huge crush on him. I couldn't stop staring at him as I was waking, he looked at me for a few seconds and smiled.


I was watching him the whole time I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and I ran into someone's locker shutting it closed.

Ouch! dang that was embarrassing

"Are you ok?" He says coming up to me

OMG! he's talking to me!! ahh ok calm down, you sound like a fangirl

Answer back.... oh and don't say anything stupid

I nodded "y-yeah I'm fine" phew thank goodness I didn't anything stupid

He nodded then said bye and continued walking with Zayn. Gosh that was embarrassing I hope no one saw that.

"Are you ok? You ran into a locker" viola said laughing

I rolled my eyes playfully, I laughed "yeah I'm fine, and I notice when my face hit the locker" it didn't really hit my face, more like my forehead, but dang that locker sure did hurt.

"Well I got to get going I have class and I'm meeting up with Katie, so see ya" viola says waving a bye and runs off.

Ugh can't I go one day with out seeing or hearing Katie's name.

I walked to my locker, I put my stuff in and got the things I needed an walked to class.


Ok I know it was short but I wanted to update, sorry

thank you @XxCallMeChelseaxX for the amazing cover!! (Wattpad)

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