1. Chapter 1

Amanda's POV: 

Hello my name is Amanda Shay and this is my Cinderella story... Well not exactly 
(picture of characters) 

I have long black wavy hair and brown eyes, im 5'8. Both of my parents passed away, my mother died when I was born, and my dad, he was the only one who took care of me, last year was when my father died, he died in a car accident. He remarried and I live with my "New Family". I have a step sister, her name is Viola.

Now you might think, oh she's probably the mean step sister... well surprisingly she's really nice. Viola is shorter than me, she's like 5'2 and she has black hair and brown eyes. Surprisingly we get along.......

My step mother Carmen, has brown hair and brown eyes, she is about the same size as Viola. Now like in Cinderella she is the mean stepmom. She tells me what to do and makes me clean while she lets viola hang out with her friends. And she doesn't let me leave the house or hang out with my friends 

One of Viola's friends that I can't stand is Katie, she is very pretty but she thinks she's so popular she can do what ever she wants, she has long wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5'5, I honestly don't know why she hangs out with her. She picks on me all the time, I have no idea what I have done to her for her to pick on me.

Enough about them, right now I'm getting ready for another day of school, I stripped off my clothes and stepped in the steaming hot water.

I got out and wrapped a towel around me and wrapped another towel around my hair, I walked to my dresser and got out a bra and underwear and I slipped them on then I walked to my closet and chose out an outfit. 

I blew dry my hair and then I did my makeup, not to much and not to less.
I walked downstairs into the kitchen and found Viola eating cereal "Good morning Amanda" she says smiling 

"Good morning" I reply with a smile, we get along but we were not close.

She gets up and puts her bowl in the sink, "see ya in school" she says, i nodded then she walks out the kitchen.

I grab an apple, then I grab my bag and walk to my car.

Off to school.... ugh! 

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