The fire


1. The Fire

The fire spread, the wind billowing a girl stood in the middle of it All her name feiry. She smiled as people screams in their dieing last moments in the arms of their lovers.She hated the word love but loved the word hate.she had a hate with the burning passion of hell .She smiled as they continued to gurgle,scream,screech,and burn.She hated love so therefore she would kill everyone involved in it the only thing is when she saw her best friend Alec her heart melted but she didn't know why. She hated the feeling She was made to kill all love by Alec,He was a lonely scientist that mixed ashes with his DNA and some blood with a girl newborn baby.The baby had fire red hair and yellow eyes with freckles so therefore fiery was born. fiery hate blood was her name. She is a vampire with powers of the element fire. she was altered on top of a flame the die of her birth and left their to die if Alec had no taken her in since she was half human, half vampire from birth. but he injected some ashes along with his DNA in her veins. They were going to burn her alive her mother and her by her real father which is quite sad actually. So there for the goddess of fire and hate was born.
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