The Darkness of The Heart

Drake was a normal 20 years old college student until one day his life was turned upside down, follow Drake's story as he becomes a mercenary and struggles to keep his human side alive as he goes on epic missions with his team, wars will be waged and secrets will be uncovered in Drake's journey for redemption.


1. The Beginning

I was sitting in a small room with white walls. The room was empty except for the chair I was sitting on and the table in front of me, on the table there was a video camera, I was staring at it.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, waited a few seconds then I let it out. Then reached for the camera and pressed the recording button and started speaking “today is May 8th 2019… the world is going to hell… 
We are at the brink of another cold war or maybe an all-out war.  I don’t even need to talk about the state of the world now, all you need to do is watch the news and you’ll see it. America, Russia, Europe, China and pretty much all the other great nations are on edge, each one of them hungry with the desire to show their military power, the billions they spent on their advanced death machines and mass-destruction weapons to use against their fellow men. All waiting for that tick, that trigger that will start it all.

Scientists experimenting on human beings, funded by god knows who to do whatever it takes trying to create super humans, humans with special powers.

Poverty increased by 28% in the world in the past 5 years, large numbers of people would do anything to put food on their family’s table.

Why is the world going to hell? The reasons are too many to count.”

I covered my face with my hands for a few seconds the started talking again, with brooding expressions “but I guess these facts are not important right now, all I need to worry about is them…
Around a year ago four large security companies appeared, on the outside they provided security and bodyguard services, they would protect your company or land or your family. But on the inside, they were mercenaries. Kidnapping, blackmailing or killing. They would do anything for the right price and they operated all over the world, nobody really knows who leads them… mafia Warlords maybe. Most of them accepted anyone who can carry a gun and the pay was good. Men and women young and old started joining them to support their families and have salary at the end of the month.  The intelligence agencies of all the great nations must know about these companies and the danger they bring with their rapid growth but why are they still allowed to exist? I can’t figure it out… maybe these agencies are using them? I mean it would be perfect, they can carry out all sorts of operations and should one fail these companies are held responsible. And now I’m…”

I went silent for a minute.  Thoughts of what I’ve done and  why I’m here rushed into my head, how could I possibly explain what I’ve become?

 A tear went down my chin as I continued.
“I’m a part of one of those organizations now, called Eclipse Protection Agency. I don’t know much about them, the info they give to me are on a need to know bases. They told me to make this recording, that it will help me take everything in. All the rage, pain and guilt. I’ll  be leaving this recording and maybe at some point someone is going to watch it. I guess what I’m trying to say is… LISTEN to my story, KNOW who I am and Don’t repeat my mistakes”.

I stood up and started walking around the room and continued “My name is Drake, Drake Cervera. I’m 20 years old from Nashville. My parents died in a car accident 3 years ago and ever since I’ve been living with my brother Matt, his wife Sarah and their 5 years old son Jay.”
I went and stood in front of the camera grabbed it with my hands and pointed the lens on my face which had a doleful expression all over it “I really need you to understand something… I love my brother. More than anything else in the world. Ever since we were young he took care of me, I idolized him. And Sarah is very kind and cares for me like a brother, I…. I can’t believe what I’ve done to them, how can I ever forgive myself?” 

I put down the camera back on the table and wiped my teary eyes with my hands then went on… “My brother was a nuclear energy scientist, even though he is only 27 he was extremely smart and at some point he became scared of what he might create. So he retired.

I was a college student studying… well it doesn't matter anymore. I guess the first 20 years of my life, all my hopes and dreams, they don’t matter now. The only thing worthy of mention is that I was happy and glad to be alive.

Then it took one day, one hour to turn my life into a nightmare. It all started three months ago.”

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