The Awakenings

IT is about a girl names alice she is many creatures with one name a _________ she is a demon and angel but like i said one name but Alice won't give up on her family no matter what and her self confidence.


1. Prologue

Alice ruffles her brown hair by rolling from Alec on the ground, outside Her mother's favorite tree. It was an ancient Yew tree. Today Alice is six, and Alec is five. She looks at her father, William, who is working on the horse carriage. She laughs, Hugs Alec,then tries fixing her hair but blows a crown of leaves and flowers in it. The leaves where from the most ancient tree ever and unknown to mankind the flowers are cherry blossoms. As the wind blows in her direction it ruffles her wings, fox tail, and ears as well. Alec smiles his fox tail and ears twitch as he laughs for he knew the legends he heard them when his parents where alive. Her mother Anne came out and looks at them smiling she never ever touches the ground her long sky blue dress covering her feet her wing the same color,they flap once. Anne's full name being, Anne Sky Capri. She sits watching her daughter and one day to be son-in-law she smiles brightly.

”Alice,Alec Lunch is ready!”

They race inside,Alec shouts.

“I Beat you!”

Then Alice shouts, while out of breath.

“No, You didn't!”

Alec sighs.

“Okay it was a tie...”

Alice smiles brightly her fangs sharp and her teeth all The white color of the first set of angel wings. Alec pulls out Alice's chair for her and smiles politely. Anne sets their lunch in front of them and they scarf it down. They race outside just as they did when they ran in. Alice plops down by the roots of the ancient yew tree while deep in thought. She doesn't see anything at first as something lifts a strand of her hair it was three fairies one pink, another yellow, and the last green they were all saying things she began to listen intently and heard them saying

“A kitsune and angel offspring, she must be the princess of legend”

“A rare princess, indeed”

“Yeah,she is also tiny,so It will be many more years.”

Alice stands and runs off, bumping into Alec.

“What's wrong?” He says,then she replies.

“f…f…fairies are real….”

He shakes his head laughing.

“I know they are!”

She looks at him in a state of shock, She sits back down at the roots of the tree Alec sits by her..

“One day Alice I promise I Will ask you to marry me, and hopefully we will have two children that dearly love each other,not fight one bit never at all, I will be protestant no matter who you fall for, I promise you by the brightest and hottest star in the sky.”

She smiles and follows him to the upstairs of the house his room next to hers in her parents Part of the boarding house they owned. She lays down deep in sleep, wakes up Alec above her arm raised to block a blow from a bladed sword hits his arm. For a five year old he was quite strong. He turns into a Wolf/Fox and attacks the attacker quickly and swiftly protecting her the man is covered in silver armor. Alice watches as Alec gets flung against the wall only to bounce off and attack again getting through the armor,Alice says.


There was no response,because he lay injured,in the corner of the room,arm gashed deeply,and breathing heavily,but the man ran at her and she flew up into the air as her mother come in and says a few words.

“as night and day become one you shall no longer feel the light of the holy night sky or the darkness of the below evil…”

She then flies at the man in pure anger and sadness and Alice falls to the ground unconscious after seeing Alec. She wakes up in Alec’s arms and mutters.

“Your alive?”

She smiles and says hugging him tightly.

“Alec I promise to say yes to you no matter who I am with if you ask me to marry you.”

He wakes up smiling,Then slips a emerald green ring on her middle finger.

“It will re-size on it’s own over the years it will never allow you to take it off”

They both fall back asleep like this smiling. Alice is calmer knowing Alec is okay. In the morning she goes outside searching for her parents whom are missing and follows the fairies to a mansion like cabin in a clearing in the woods with streams,and waterfalls. Alec was already there staring around in awe. They lay there in the center of the clearing and falls asleep.

12 years later.

“Alec let’s pack faster,Today is our first day of collage!”

Alec sighs.

“I’m packing as fast as I can.”

They both have their mythical parts hidden. They get in the car,drive there then,they get out of their car. Alice jumps out and greets Clare,Deanna,Faith,Hope,Vickie with hugs. Alec high-fives his best friend John. Alice and Clare share a dorm They choose their bedrooms Clare got the all black room,And Alice got the all sky blue room. Alec,and john in the same dorm right next door, Deanna and the others got the big dorm across the hall. Alice makes her’s and Clare’s lunch,they eat,and run to class. The teacher has long brown hair and hazel eyes,his hair in a ponytail. He writes on the board.

“My name is Mr. Nolan,Now settle down class and get started with your work which is in the cubicles beside you.!”

He yells up at the rows and rows of desk attached to the walled bleachers.

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