No Ordinary Everlyn

Everlyn,who was born a huge snowflake which it never melts , lives in the woods with her parents. One winter day, betrayal and secrets were revealed to her. She was thrown far away, right after a huge fight with her parents. As she was having a rest in an old woodland tree, something or someone has brought her to a kingdom which she had only heard in fairy tales, Saisonica. There, she discovers more about the kingdom and especially, herself.


5. Chapter 5

Christmas is only in a few weeks.

Ever since I met the creatures which I could talk to, I keep having vivid dreams about them. And yes, I know that dreams can't exactly be remembered, but this one dream just can't get out of my mind.

It happened last night. I went to bed at midnight, as usual. Eyes are shut, and I dreamt of something just spangled before me. The spark is getting closer to me. I, as in a third person's point of view, watching myself, who was severely wounded . The spark was actually a woman. She looked absolutely beautiful.

The woman was dressed in a silver blue dress that only reaches on top of her ankles. That dress can even tell me that she's barefoot. A furry white cape was clung onto her shoulders. There's a silver crown, decorated with diamond shape glasses, on top of her head. I think she might be a queen or something.

She touched my head and suddenly all my injuries are gone, by just a spark of her magic. Moreover, she said "Please," as she held her hand to me,"come with me."

The first thing I wanted to do is screaming in horror. I have never before seen a person talk to me without their mouths move.

I asked, " Why?"

" You'll soon find out."

Then, lights started to creeping in my eyes. That's where I woke up, realized that something's going on here. This dream just leads me to curiosity.

I wish I could discover more.

My ears are hurting me these days. I went to check my old broken mirror. I touched my ears a few times, feeling scratchy, and it's so pointy.

Oh my gosh, don't tell me that I have elf ears! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I seriously don't know what to do. I used Mom's old cream, it doesn't work on my ears .

And my hair, from true blonde into yellowish white hair. I just felt like I'm an old woman. Is it because of winter season? Or maybe just because of my stressful time?

What am I had become?

I just felt like a lot of issues has been changed around me since I started to growing up.

" Everlyn!"

Oh no, I don't want to let Mom and Dad know sbout this transformation.

"Everlyn! Now!"

"Alright, alright! "

I used an old dark blue cape to cover both my hair and ears.

I'm too late. Dad stormed into my bedroom.

"What are you waiting for? You have work to do!"

Tears started to stream down my cheeks. I don't like to show my real feelings to anyone, especially to someone I can't trust.In my entire life, I have always heard that stupid sentence, " You have work to do! " I just can't stand it, really can't stand it anymore!

" No!"

" What?! Did you just said no to your father?"

" Yes, I did. And you're not my father! Never you'll be! You told me about your bankruptcy story just to make me believe you!"

" Why can't you believe me?"

" Because of this." I pull off my cape, showing my transformation to that idiot. And you know what? Now both of us are being idiotic.

"I was born as a snowflake, right?"

" You....are..." that's all he could say.

My blood was freaking boiled. Anger, betrayal and determination are rising inside me. I been waiting for years for this, for my freedom, and maybe, for my own good. I've tried to be patient more than ever. But, seriously, I can't take it anymore.

So I pushed him away from me, in a harshly way. And suddenly,as I reached for the door, I felt a hand was grabbing my face. But most of all, it grabbed my mouth, where it reached the nose,tightly. That time, I was in the worst state.

Then it was blackout.

The next thing I knew when I first awake was....I was in snow.

"If you knew you were a snowflake or whatever, why can't you just leave us alone? "

That was the last words I heard from him, the man whom I called "Dad".

I looked around my surroundings. Yup, I was thrown by him. He thrown me away like throwing a dead body in the middle of cold . Far away from his house, and their lives. I'm in my dark scarlet dress, my hair haven't been changed ever since, so does my ears.

I decided to find a place where I (at least) could stay . It was winter, and I feel comfortable with it. And I still need my cape, at least for protection.

The more further I'm away from my so called parents, the more freedom I've received.

I even announced my happiness to the world.

"I'm finally FREE!!! Weeee!!!"

I twirled around myself, feeling the cold air of joyfulness around me. And yes, I was crazy to do it, but if you're me, you'll feel it as if you finally got your freedom from hell.

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