No Ordinary Everlyn

Everlyn,who was born a huge snowflake which it never melts , lives in the woods with her parents. One winter day, betrayal and secrets were revealed to her. She was thrown far away, right after a huge fight with her parents. As she was having a rest in an old woodland tree, something or someone has brought her to a kingdom which she had only heard in fairy tales, Saisonica. There, she discovers more about the kingdom and especially, herself.


2. Chapter 2

Claire Trunt 's(Everlyn's "mother") P.O.V

I'm so hatred of this 16-year-old girl!

I'm so regretted that I kept her. And she's not even a real human!

Every time I looked at my mirror, I just feel that little twat is more perfect than me.
She has blue eyes, a ugly true blonde hair and what do I had? Wrinkles!

I remembered that memorable time, the time when I discovered her, she,as a huge snowflake, and "it" never melts, no matter how many weeks it go through. That time was Christmas Eve. Pat and I thought that we can sell the "snowflake" so we can get the hell out of here.

So, we decided to keep the snowflake. It was kept in a jar for two years.

One day, while we were sleeping, we heard a loud crack. Pat thought it was a robbery.

I grab my stick and quietly went into the living room to find the robber. Unfortunately, what I've found was broken pieces of glass, shattered everywhere on the floor. Luckily, the snowflake is still there, safe and sound. Upon the broken pieces of the jar, there was smoke , but it's sparkling. I think there is a soul inside the snowflake.

I was quite shocked of what I saw. The snowflake was transformed into a baby.
The baby was crying that it wakened Pat up.

I carefully picked up the baby. The baby's skin was soft and white as the snowflake.When she looked up at me, she stopped crying. Her little blue eyes shining before me.

I love children. And it's my first time carrying a child. Pat and I never had a chlid in our 8 years of marriage.So instead of abandoned her, we keep her, as our own child, Everlyn.

Ughh! What am I doing? Why am I talking positively of her? She's only 16 , a lunatic girl who wasn't a real child to me! And she even can't do her work right! I'll find a way to get that lunatic to get out of our house and especially our lives!

I am going to have a little discussion with Pat. I'll make sure that little idiot would never return to us, ever!

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