I'm in love with my best friend

Hi, my name is Ruby and my best friends with One Direction. I've known the boys since I was little, I sort of have this crush on Niall though he doesn't know and I don't think he feels the same way. My best friends are Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Caldor, Dani likes Liam and El likes Lou but they don't know. the boys get of tour and come home.
What will happen? Will Ruby admit her true feelings for Niall? Will they fall in love? read to find out...


2. welcome home part 1

Mia's P.O.V


The boys just got of tour and headed to Niall's house, the boys thought I was staying at Dani's with El. But what they don't know is that we're planning on scaring them. the boys were going to ba at Nialls place in 10 mins, that meant we had to get back before they did, just my luck I have a spare key! Dani, El and myself crept into the house and we snuck into the hallway into the bathroom with the door open a crack, we waited to pounce.


You could hear the boys outside, they're so loud! let me re-phrase that, Louis is loud. They walked into the front room,

"Truth or Dare, lets play pleaseeeee" Louis pleaded

"Yeah alright Lou, calm your farm" An irish accent said Niall!!

"But my farm is calm" Lou said, I couldn't help but laugh at him, Niall face palmed himself


They sat down on the couches and started the game

"I'm first, I'm first" Lou yelled " Niall, truth or dare?" he asked calmly

"truth" Niall replied, knowing not to choose a dare from Lou

"AWWW, fine! okay umm..... AH is it true you have a crush on Ruby?" Knowing the answer already Lou still had to embarrass the poor boy


Nialls P.O.V

Lou just asked me if I liked Ruby, I blushed bright red. He already knew the answer

"Soooo its true then" he screeched

"AWWWW" the boys cooed

"What do you love about her then" he asked

"NOO Lou, you cant ask to questions" I yelled

"if you don't answer im gonna call her" he threatened, I stayed quiet " alright, you asked for it"

He pulled out his phone and dialled her number. The boys grabbed a hold of me before I could pounce on him


Mia's P.O.V

I know its bad to eavesdrop, but I had to. I heard Lou say Niall had a crush on me, I liked him but I dgn't think he felt the same way. only Liam and the girls knew about my crush.

I zoned out for a second, but soon brought back to reality when lou said he was gonna call me, I looked at the girls and gave them the 'cover me' look, I ran upstairs as fast as I could to Nialls room, I closed the door. my phone started ringing, I braced myself.


"Hello" I said

"Heya girl friend hows it going?" It was Louis, I heard the boys laugh and Niall yelling to shut up.

"Yeah good, whys there yelling in the background? what are you doing Lou?" I said with caution in my voice

"Ill tell you later, but right now I have something to tell yo....." his voice trailed of. then I heard Niall

"Okay, okay Ill tell you" Niall said, Lou put me on loudspeaker, obviously without them knowing

"I love her from her big blue eyes to her georgous wavy hair and thosterfect dimples and how she always bites her lip when shes concerntrating or nervous, or the fact that shes always around to talk and is easy to talk to, shes always there for you and is so welcoming, to hererfect smile and big heart.... I could go on and on" he said


my heart literally melted! and I was practically in tears. Lou hung up, I text the girls telling them to turn the power off, they did. I heard screeches, they sounded like girls, I knew it was Lou, the power cut of right in the middle of a football game, drama queens. my 5 idiots!


I got a text it was Dani;

D - What do we do know?

M - Hide in the bathroom and when I say so jump out

D - Okay

- ended-


My phone started ringing it was Harry.............................


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