She's my protector

Aqila is a friend who is always happy. She is also a comedian in her class, a counselor and an always cheer others.But one day, there was a girl named Julia who hotspots. Julia is not easy to make friends with other people. Aqila was assigned to be a guard for Julia. What will happen?


1. First Day

             I'm Julia, a new student at the High School Queen. Hotspots' I am a girl with the disease I have. Every disease has no cure. A cure for my problem is a friend named Aqila.Aqila, my protector. This is where the story begins.


             In one day, I sent in Queen High School. I saw a girl laughing with her friend. I smiled for the first time when i see her happy face.I do not know that she was my protector.So I asked her name and start chatting with her.Sense of fun when chatting with her.So I began to believe in Aqila.


             One day, my mother Aqila met and talked about the problems that I faced illness. At that moment I heard the sound of telephone in which I have to answer it. "Who's there?" I asked. "My Mistress Zahrah, a mother of Aqila." She said. So I said "I know Aqila, she's in my house. If I want to call Mrs. Aqila, later ... wince." Then she said "Uh ... no need to call ... I'm trying to get to know her health only. "I then said" Health she HEALTHY! "after I replied, telephone line break.So I continue to tell my story and Aqila her last conversation.


              After Aqila home, I went to my mother's room and asked what they were talking about earlier.After asking, I already know that Aqila is my protector. So the next day I was accompanied by Aqila everywhere and every time. Aqila already be like a bodyguard. He was always making funny to me and her friends. We were just laugh and smile.


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