All Da Ladies Luv Leo: A Percy Jackson Story


1. Let the Magic Happen

Leo stood firmly upon the Argo 2, his boat. It was possibly midnight when he stood watching the calm ocean waves dance. He didn't care though. All he could think of was what just happened. ' I wonder what Tartarus is like like.' Leo thought while he tinkered with a few pieces of wire. He began yawning and decided to go to sleep. Leo winked at Festus, his bronze dragon head friend. Festus responded with a series of clicks and grinding. Leo then strolled down the stairs, past his teammates' rooms. Percy's room smelled of sea salt. Annabeth's smelled of ink. Frank's room smelled like dog hair. Jason's room smelled of a fresh summer breeze. Piper's smelled of beauty products, which Leo thought to be kind of weird. Then he came to Hazel's door and it smelled of cinnamon. " So that's what Frank was writing about." Leo whispered to himself as he recalled reading Franks diary not too long ago. Leo finally got into his room and crashed. " Wake up Leo." Leo shot up, hearing Piper knock rapidly on his door. Tired, Leo walked up to his door with an irritated Piper behind it. " What?" Leo grumbled. "Drive your boat, dude." Piper told Leo coldly. Leo knew Piper wasn't a morning person. He gave a thumbs up and walked up the stairs to see the whole gang eating breakfast. Leo waved quickly to his friends and then got to the front if his ship. He began tapping and flipping buttons and switches. He then checked the sonar, then the map, then the sky and repeat. Leo suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. " You better let me take the wheel Valdez." A voice said to Leo. " Alright. Thanks." Leo sighed as he let Coach Hedge take control of the boat. He knew how to work the ship, so Leo wasn't TOO worried. Realizing it was sunset, he walked around his ship, noticing all the guys with their gals watching the sunset. Obviously, Leo and Nico were ladyless ( whatever that means ). " Always the seventh wheel." Leo whispered as he walked slowly to his room. He sat on his bed and threw fire balls at his wall. He did that for a few minutes till his vision went red. The next thing Leo saw was a large man with a flaming beard. " Dad?" the boy asked the man. " Why of course boy. Who else would I be?" Hephaestus laughed. " Now I see your having some lady problems lad." " Yeah." Leo sighed at looked at his father. " That's why I made this." Hephaestus said as he gave his son a pink pill. " It'll make all the ladies love Leo." Hephaestus laughed his booming laugh once again. Leo shrugged and swallowed the pill he was given. Leo's mouth began to emit smoke. His vision blurred until he saw darkness.

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