I hate Memories

it's about losing someone who was never even mine :(


1. confession of a lonely heart

it's not my fault that memories stay
it constantly haunts me and circles around my head
I've broken my bones to wipe it all away
but it's the only part of me that's keeping me awake

I know u were never into this mess of a man like me
but don't blame me, it's my psyched brain and this heart that's kinda stupid
stupid enough to go head over heels and fall endlessly for u
reading those signs that never even existed, while none of them were true

even ur consoling words won't heal the scars rising thru my skin
talk about a million years n a thousand teardrops, even they'd come ineffectual
it's sad that this is sth, I have n will always have to live with
it might sound like a movie script, truth is i still find u in everything that's beautiful

u and I are as close as the stars are to the earth
forever u'd be shining while I'd be only watching u burn
I totally understand the fact u don't wanna hurt me
bt I'm sth that won't turn to ashes, however hard u try to burn me

looking for u is like searching for my shadow in the darkness
it feigns to stick with me n leaves me stranded when the sun fades
my eyes won't show but my heart's crying as I'm saying this
ur like the air that helps me breathe, but the closer I get n further I stretch
ur getting miles away from me, way beyond my reach

what hurts me is we never even tried, kept all our feelings shoved up inside
we won't get another life, whatever chance we had, u blew it off and rip'd it aside

I will stab myself a zillion times, if only ever I grow a single notion to hurt u
now with all that said, one thing will always stay the same - forever n further I will love you

It's not my fault that memories stay
even the ones we never even made
it's not my fault that all wonderful things come to end,
and this one story we had, it hardly ever started

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