Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


4. Move In

A gasp escape my mouth at what i saw. I threw my hand over my mouth. Justin's headed darted around and his eyes widened when he saw me. There was a boy standing in front of him who was also staring at me, i couldn't make out who it was.They both were pointing a gun at one another. Justin turned his head back to the other guy, before he turned back around I turned around and run. I opened the back gate and run back into the party. I calmed myself down and then headed to the kitchen to have another drink. Just as i was about to take a sip Justin walked into the kitchen. I felt my heart stop


*Justins POV*
I've just left the party to deal with some business. I had a bad feeling, but i ignored it. Next time i won't. I saw Daniel standing there in front of me. I quickly pulled out my gun and he did the same. I heard someone gasp. I turned my head to see none other than fucking Bella. What was she doing here. I looked back at Daniel who was looking at her as well. When i turned my head back around she was gone. Fuck. I turned back to Daniel

"Where is it" I ordered

"Somewhere safe" he smirked

"I want it now" i demanded

"Tough. It's mine now" he chuckled

"I'll get it" i hissed

"We will see" he smiled

"Yeah we will" i sneered

"You're on bieber. I'm taking your girl as well" he laughed

"Who's my girl" I frowned

"That Bella girl" he smirked

Bella? She ain't my girl. He is welcome to her.

"She ain't my girl" I chuckled

"Well you won't mind me killing her then" he grinned

"Why would you kill an innocent person" i frowned

"Why would i kill anyone" he chuckled

Obviously i have killed people, but not for no reason. I wasn't totally heartless. 

"Just leave her out of it, it's between me and  you" i started

Wtf. Justin why are you protecting her. Snap out of it.

"That makes me want her much more" he sneered, running off into the darkness

I let out a groan and headed back towards the party. I was going to get that package one way or another. I also felt like i was now obliged to warn Bella. I was the one who invited her to this party. I'm half to blame? Wait no i'm not. She was the one who sneaked up on me. Ffs. I didn't know what to do. Help her? Desert her? Make up your mind Justin. 

I decided i would warn her. As i said i didn't kill people for no reason. I wasn't some cold blooded murderer. If i didn't warn her, it would be just as bad as actually pulling the trigger. 


*Bellas POV*

I turned my head away, praying he wouldn't see me. Wrong. I felt someone grab my arm and drag me into a corner. I glanced up to see Justin. 

"We need to talk" he hissed

"I'm sorry i snuck up on you, i promise i won't tell anyone what i saw. Please don't hurt me" i croaked

"Shutup, i'm trying to warn you, not hurt you" he laughed

"What" i whispered looking up at him

"The guy saw you, he will kill you if you're not careful" he warned

"Why are you helping me" i mumbled

"Well one, you wouldn't be here if i hadn't invited you and two, believe it or not but i'm not some cold hearted killer" he chuckled

"I heard you're bad news" I murmured, instantly regretting it

"I am" he agreed

"So why should i trust you" i noted

"Because i'm the only hope you've got, beside i need something from this guy, and he's going to be focusing on you from now on, so you're kind of like bait for me" he replied

Before i could speak Justin spoke again

"Look, i don't particularly want to get to know you or whatever, but i think it's best you stick with me for a while, just until i've got what i want" he ordered

I slowly nodded my head and with that he was gone. I let out a deep sigh and poured myself another drink, and another and i continued this until i had finished the bottle. I stumbled into the front room which was starting to get empty. Grace wasn't here anymore, well at least i didn't think she was. Justin and his friends were still here, and there was a few girls in the corner, but other than that the room was practically empty. 

I stumbled my way over to the couches and sat down, i brought my legs up to my chest and i could feel my eyes getting heavy. No bella stay awake. Awake. Sleep. My eyes closed and that was it. 

I fluttered open my eyes and looked around. This wasn't my room. I sat up and looked down to see i was still in last nights clothes. My shoes and bag were at the end of whoevers bed i was in. I slowly got out of it and creeped towards the door. I opened it and looked down the hallway, which seemed to go on forever. I walked out the room, i stood at the top of the stairs wondering whether to go down or not. I decided i would.

I reached the bottom and i could hear male voices down the hall. I followed the voices until i was standing outside a door. I went to open it when someone put a hand on my shoulder, making me jump. I spun around to see a boy staring at me. I didn't recognise him

"What are you doing here" he frowned

"Urm, i don't know" i squeaked

"Stay here" he hissed walking down the hall

I done as i was told, the boy returned with.....Justin? I felt kind of relieved when i saw him. Wait. Why was i here. 

"Justin i just found her wandering around, what shall i do with her" he smirked

"Nothing, this is Bella" he replied

The boys smirked disappeared.

"Leave nath" he ordered the boy

The boy nodded and walked off. Justin turned back to me

"Urm what am i doing here" i whispered

"You passed out at that party, i didn't know where you lived so i brought you here" he answered

"oh, urm, thankyou" i half smiled

"Don't mention it" he replied, turning to walk away

"Justin" i began

"What" he replied turning around

"Do you have a phone i could use? My batterys gone and i need to call a cab home" i spoke sheepisly

"Oh right, about that, i think it's best you stay here while Daniels about" he replied

"What, i can't" i begun

"Why" he frowned

"My mum" i answered

"Tell her you're staying at a friends or something" he shrugged

"What if i don't want to" i mumbled

"Then you will most likely end of dead" he answered

"Oh" i whispered

"So, do we have a deal" he asked

"I guess so, but i need to go home still, and get stuff" i muttered

"I'll give you a lift now" he replied walking towards the front door

I followed after him, he unlocked his car, which by the way was only a white ferrari, i'm definitely getting my mum to buy me one i thought to myself as i climbed in the car. I looked down and realised i didn't have my shoes on. Fuckkkkk. Before i could say something Justin sped off down the road, i instructed him to my house. We pulled up outside and i run inside while Justin waited outside.


"Isabella! Where the hell was you! I've been worried sick" she yelled

"Sorry, i fell asleep and when i woke up my phone was out of battery" I mumbled

"Well as long as you are ok" she replied

"Urm, mum i was wondering if it would be alright to stay at a friends for a few nights" i asked

"Hmm, i guess so, but only as long as you attend school" she smiled

"Yeah, i promise" i said kissing her cheek and running upstairs

I threw loads of clothes in a suitcase and run back downstairs, i left my suitcase at the door and walked into the kitchen towards my mum

"Mum" i sung

"Yes" she frowned

"I was wondering" i began

"What do you want" she laughed

"A new car pretty please" i smiled

"What one" she asked

"A ferrari" i answered, hoping she would say yes

"Bell, they're very expensive" she replied

"I know, i promise i won't ask for anything else ever" i pleaded

"I'll think about it" she smiled

"Thankyou thankyou thankyou, byebye i love you" i chirped, walking out the room

'I'll think about it' meant yes when it was my mum. Yay. I grabbed my keys and my suitcase and walked out the front door. I opened my boot and chucked my case inside. I then walked over to Justin who was sitting in his car on his phone. I gently knocked on his window. He rolled it down and looked at me

"I'm going to take my car, so i'll follow behind you ok?" i began

"Yeah sure" he replied, rolling his window back up

Rude. I hadn't even finished my sentence. Then again, this was Justin Bieber. I shook my head and walked over to me car. As i buckled up my belt i thought about what was happening. I was about to temporarily move in with a boy and god knows who else, even though i've only know them for a few days. Fuck Canada. I would never of even dreamt of doing something like this if i was still in England. I started the engine and started following Justin.

We finally come to a stop. I looked up at the house, it was huge. I hadn't realised it this morning. I stepped out my car and grabbed my suitcase. I looked and noticed that Justin was standing beside me. He was wearing a blue t-shirt with black jeans. He was actually really good looking. He had a tattoo sleeve on one of his arms. I loved tattoos.  

"I better tell you the basics" he said, interrupting my thoughts

I nodded at him and he began

"As you've probably figured, i'm in a gang. Well i'm actually the leader. Most of the members live here in this house. When we enter i will introduce you to everyone, i've already informed everyone that you aren't a threat, so they should be nice to you. No promises though" he shrugged and walked towards the door. I followed. 

I walked in and left my suitcase by the door. I followed Justin into a room. There was about 6 people in here. Justin began introducing them to me

"You already know Chaz and Ryan" he said nodding towards them

"This is Nath" he said, pointing towards the boy from earlier, he was about 6ft with brown curly hair. 

"This is Didi" he said pointing towards a girl. She was about my height with bright red hair, and a lot of piercings, she was scary looking.

"This is Maria" he said gesturing towards another girl. She was shorter than me and had long brown hair. She looked normal compared to Didi

"And this is Ellie" he pointed towards the last girl. She was tall and skinny. With long blonde hair. She frowned at me and then looked away

"Everyone, this is Bella, and she's going to be staying with us for a while" Justin introduced me

I awkwardly smiled at everyone, most of them smiled back. Justin left my side and took a seat on the sofa. Awkward. I didn't have a clue what to do now. I stood there for a moment when Nath walked over to me. 

"Sorry about earlier" he smiled

"No worries" i half laughed

"Where you staying" he asked

"I'm not sure" i shrugged

"Jay, where's your friend staying" he asked Justin

"She's not my friend, and i'll show her" he replied, standing up

Ouch. That one kind of hurt. Fair enough if he didn't want to be friends, but why did he have to embarrass me in front of everyone like that. Nath gave me a sympathetic look as i followed Justin out of the room. I grabbed my suitcase and trailed after him up the stairs. We walked down the corridor until we stopped outside a door. I looked up and frowned at the name on the door. Why was we standing outside this room

"You'll be staying in here" he informed

I let out a little gasp. Why was i sleeping here?

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