Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


15. Looking Good

I sat phrase in my car ft about 20 minutes when I heard a soft tap on my window. I looked up to see Justin staring at me. I sighed and rolled down my window.

"Can I get in" he asked

"Sure" I whispered

I had been crying the whole time and you could tell in my voice. He climbed in and turned to face me.

"What's wrong" he asked

"Nothing" I mumbled

"Don't lie to me" he frowned

"It's nothing honestly, it's silly" I insisted

"Just tell me" he instructed

"I thought you liked me" I yelled

We both sat in silence. I didn't mean to tell but I couldn't keep it in any longer.

"I do like you" he finally replied

"Sure looks like it" I huffed

"That's not fair" he began

"Why isn't it" I asked

"You was the one who cut the strings. Not me" he snapped

"You knew I'd get my memory back soon!" I growled

"How was I to know of you'd just go bam to your normal self" he defended himself

"Well you sho..." I began

I was cut of by Justin's lips connecting with mine. We moved in sync until we finally broke apart.

"I'm.....sorry" he mumbled

"No, I'm the one who should be apologising. I was horrible to you in the hospital" I argued

"Forget it" he shrugged

I nodded and we sat in silence once again.

""Can we just go back to how things were before the whole memory loss things" he suggested

"Yes please" I nodded

"Will you move back in" he asked

"Sure" I weakly smiled

"I still owe you that date" he awkwardly chuckled

"You do indeed" I giggled

"Come on" he smiled opening his door

I opened mine and climbed out and followed him into the house. As we walked in we was greeted by Ellie. Great.

"What's she doing here" she spat

"She's staying tonight" Justin answered

"Onto the next one" she laughed

"No, because unlike you, I don't put out to everyone" I shrugged

"Excuse me" she hissed

"You heard" I growled, stepping towards her

"Jayjay, get your dog on a leash" she teased

"Dog, seriously, the cheek of it" I laughed

"El, don't call me that I hate it, and cut Bell the slack" he spoke

"I'll cut her alright" she mumbled

"Excuse me" I hissed, stepping closer again

"You heard" she mimicked

"Fuck this" I spat

I threw myself at her. We both fell to the floor. I grabbed onto her hair and pulled. She let out a near piercing scream. I started swinging for her face when I felt someone wrap their hands around my waist and hoist me into the air. I looked forward to see Nath restraining Ellie. I looked over my shoulder to see it was Justin who was holding onto me.

Nath lead Ellie into the front room and Justin lead me upstairs into his room. I plopped down onto his bed and let out a groan.

"Promise me that won't happen every time youse two cross paths" he asked

"As long as she doesn't speak to me, we will be fine" I grunted

"Look I want this to work out. I really do, but in order for that I need youse two to at least try" he pleaded

"Fine" I hissed

I wasn't happy about this at all, but I really liked Justin and I was doing this for him and him only. Justin sat beside me. It stayed silent for what felt like years until I decided to break it.

"Do you have something I could use as pyjamas" I asked

"Sure" he nodded standing up

I watch him walk over to a chest of drawers and pull out a top. He handed it to me and I walked over to his bathroom to get changed. I took of my clothes and slipped his top on. He fell just below my butt. I walked out to see Justin laying in the bed.

He smiled at me and patted the space beside him. I walked over and climbed in.

"Things are finally looking good for once" he chuckled

"What do you mean" I asked

"Well my worst enemy is dead, I have no rival gang, and the girl I like, likes me back" he laughed

"I don't like you back" I shrugged

"What" he frowned

"I'm kidding, I do" I laughed

"Thank god, that was gonna be awkward" he chuckled

I laughed and laid back into the pillow. I felt Justin snake his arm around me. A small smile crept across my face. I moved so that I was facing him. He looked at me and flashed me a smile.

I giggled and moved close enough until my head was resting onto his chest. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted of to sleep.

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