Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


6. Life Stories

I looked at Justin who had a huge frown on his face, he was just as confused as i was. Why did Ellie just barge into his room....

"Did you sleep together" she frowned, crossing her arms over her chest

I looked at Justin and little smirk played along my lips, i hope he goes along with it

"Yes" I smiled

Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of head. If looks could kill i would definitely be dead now. I looked at Justin who had a little smirk on his lips, good, hopefully this meant he was going to play along.

"What are you doing in here anyway" Justin spoke

"I wanted to talk to you" she smirked

"Well talk then" he ordered

"I'll come back when your 'friend' isn't around" she insisted, looking me up and down

"No, it's now or never" he frowned

"Fine, i run into Dan last night" she sighed rolling her eyes

"And" he continued

"And, he said you're a dead man" she warned

Justin laughed and turned his back to her and started pulling clothes out of a draw. 

"Justy" she whined

"Don't call me that, leave" he snapped

She looked at him and then me, before turning around and storming out of the room

"What are you going to do" i squeaked 

"Nothing, dan won't kill me don't worry" he chuckled

We had school today, well i did, i didn't know if Justin was going to bother coming in, he looked like he was pretty much in charge of his own life. I pulled out some clothes from my bag and went into the bathroom to have a wash and get changed, when i was down i put my clothes on;

I didn't really care how i looked, i felt so comfortable. I left my hair how it was and walked out of the bathroom. Justin was just putting his top on. Guess he had used one of the other bathrooms. He sat down on the bed and started putting his shoes on. 

"Where you going" i asked

"School" he laughed

"Really" i frowned

"Yeah, i still got to go, even if i am in a gang" he chuckled

I smiled at him and sat down on the bed and started to brush my hair. 

"Do you want a lift" i whispered

"What" he asked, obviously not hearing me

"Do you want a lift, to school" i repeated, louder

"Urm, i was gonna drive, but sure i guess" he replied

I stood up and walked to the door and leant against it, waiting for him. He stood up and grabbed his phone and a hat. He put the hat on and we walked downstairs. When we reached the bottom we was greeted by Maria

"Where you guys off to" she smiled

"School" we both replied

"Oh, boringgggg" she laughed, skipping into the other room.

She was such a happy girl, you would of never of guessed she was in a gang. 

We both walked towards the front door, Justin picked up a pair of sunglasses from the side and slipped them on, we both headed towards my car. I climbed into the driving seat and Justin got in next to me. I buckled up and turned the engine on. I pulled out of his driveway and headed towards the school. 

"So, why don't the others go school" i asked, looking straight ahead at the road

"Well Chaz and Ry obviously do, Didi and Nath go to a different school, and Ellie and Maria are older than us" he answered

"Oh, so how did you meet them" i questioned

"What is this? 21 questions" he chuckled, slightly annoyed

"I'm just curious, considering we agreed to try and be friends" i shrugged

"Fine, Chaz used to live near Nath, and Nath dated Didi, so that's how i know them, Ryan and me have been best friends since forever, Maria used to go to our school and was good friends with Ryan, and well Ellie, we used to date when she went our school, but that finished a long time ago" he answered

"So what happened, did you guys just decided one day 'oh hey let's start a gang' and i don't like Ellie" i laughed

"Well kind of, it's a long story, and yeah, not many people do" he chuckled

"Do you" i mumbled

"What" he asked, he heard, he was just making sure

"Do you like Ellie" i repeated

"Well, i don't know, she pisses me off, but i still like her" he shrugged

Our conversation ended there. We pulled into school and Justin told me to park in his spot, rather than the one i had been using which was right at the back off the parking lot, whereas his one was right at the front. I switched off the engine and climbed out. I looked up and soon realised everyone was staring at me. I tried to figure out why, i then realised it was because i was with him, him being Justin. I turned to face him. 

"Why's everyone staring at me cause i'm with you" i frowned

"I'm not really seen with people other than my group" he laughed

"Oh" i mumbled

"Come on" he chuckled, walking towards the school

I quickly followed him and we both walked into our class, i looked at the board, English. Great. I sat down and noticed Justin had sat next to me. I felt a smile creep across my face. I felt proud that i had finally gotten through to Justin. Maybe just maybe after this whole Daniel thing, we will still speak. I won't count on it though. I watched Grace walked through the door, when she saw me sitting with Justin her smile faded. She gave me a dirty look and took her seat. Wtf was her problem. I decided i would ask her at the end of the lesson.

"Oi" Justin whispered

"Yeah" I mumbled

"Seen as i told you about the group, i think you should tell me a bit about you" he insisted 

"I don't know" i whispered

"Come on, that's not fair, i thought we was going to try" he frowned, mimicking my words

"Fine, on the way home" i sighed giving in

The bell finally rang for next lesson. I stood up and rushed out the door after Grace. I turned and saw Justin leaning against the lockers looking at me, i guess he was waiting for me. I quickly waved one finger in the air, indicating i wouldn't be long.

"Grace" i called after her

She stopped and turned round, her eyes staring into mine

"What" she sighed

"What's wrong with you? I texted you and you never replied, and now you're giving me dirty looks" i frowned

"Cause you're hanging around with him" she hissed, indicating towards Justin

"So" i asked in confusion

"I don't want to be associated with him or anyone who hangs around with him" she growled

"Don't be such a bitch" i snapped

"Excuse me" she asked, taken back

"You don't even know him, look i don't want to argue with you for christ sake, i've only just moved here" i huffed

"Well you're going to have to make a choice then" she shrugged 

"What" i frowned

"Me or him" she replied

"Don't say that" i pleaded

"It shouldn't be that hard, come on Bella he is trouble, everyone knows that" she insisted

"Maybe it's good to have a bit of trouble in your life" i mumbled

"Not his kind of trouble" she shot

"Sorry" i whispered

"You're actually choosing him" she laughed

"I have too, you don't understand" i sighed

"No you're right, i don't" she hissed

"Grace, it isn't easy" i reasoned

"Well you sure made it look it" she growled

With that she was gone. She turned the corner and vanished. I turned around to see Justin still leaning against the locker. I walked over to him and then straight past him. 

"Bella" he called after me

"What" i snapped

"What was she talking about" he asked

"You" i mumbled

"Me" he frowned

"Yes you, and because of you, i've probably just lost the only friend i had in this school" i sighed

"Not true" he laughed

"How" i hissed

"You've still got me" he mumbled

I stopped in my tracks, causing Justin to walk straight into me. I turned around and faced him, a smile slowly crept onto my face. 

"So you're finally admitting that we are friends" i smirked, raising my eyebrows

"Don't push it Smith" he chuckled, walking past me


*End Of School*

I spent all of school mainly with Justin as i no longer had Grace. We were in my car on the way to, well i guess i would call it home?

"So" Justin begun

"Soooo what" i laughed

"You said you would tell me your story on the car ride home" he reminded me

"Oh, it's boring, you wouldn't want to know" i mumbled

"Oh, but i do" he smirked

"Fine, as you can tell i'm from England. My dad is from Spain, hence my wonderful tan (i let out a chuckle) and well my dad was always working away a lot, so i didn't see him much, i didn't mind cause i loved my mum and i was happy with just being with her. Anyway, one day someone turned up at my door, a FED, he said my dad had been killed, thing is, my dad was on his way home that tonight, that night was the night he was coming back to us, and then he went and got killed, the FED told us it looked like foul play, they reckon that my dad was a target, and that someone had paid someone to kill him. My mum made us stay inside the house for months, she was terrified, and then finally she thought of a solution, and here we are, she wanted to get far far away..... and that's my story, which no one knows about" I sighed

I quickly looked at Justin, he looked shocked to hear my story, i faced the road again. 

"Sorry" he mumbled

"What for" i asked

"You, losing your dad" he replied

"No worries, it happened months ago, i just try to forget" i shrugged

Neither of us said a word. I pulled up outside his house and turned the engine off. We both stepped out and headed towards the front door. We was about to walk in when we noticed a note on the floor. Justin picked it up and opened it. 

To Justin

Just letting you know, your death is getting closer and closer. I will be taken your little friend Bella with me. So if i was you i would keep a very close eye on her. Wouldn't want her to go missing now would we. I know you killed Kevin, and for that i'm going to make sure i kill you myself. I left you a present by the door. Hope you enjoy it. 

It didn't need to be signed, we knew it was from Daniel. Justin looked to the side of the door and sure enough there was a box laying there. It was quite big. Justin picked it up and opened the lid. I peered inside and pulled my head away and threw up. 

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