The Founders: Again?

This is the story of The Founders as they suddenly appear a few centuries later…...


2. Like Bowing To My Gods

"What has happened!? Godric! Helga! Salazar! Where are you!?"

"There's no need to shout Clawy, I'm right here."

"Oh my god! Salazar! What are you doing, sneaking up behind me? Do you have any idea what happened?! Do you know where we could find the others?!"

"Ha, ha! What a nice sight! The fearless, bold Rowena Ravenclaw, that is told to be braver than Godric Gryffindor,"Salazar Slytherin spat out Gryffindor's name like venom"standing here trembling in fright!"

"What happened? We thought we heard shouting."

"Godric! Helga! I am so glad that you are safe! I don't want to even think what has happened!"

"You? Not wanting to think?! What? Raven got your t….." Salazar didn't have the chance to finish his sentence, as his mouth was currently filled with feathers.

"Good one, Helga! Pillows are the best!"

"Of course they are. Now, what do YOU think happened to us, Rowena?"

"I think we have traveled in time."


"Haven't you noticed where we are? Don't you recognize that building?" Ravenclaw stated, pointing at……..Hogwarts.


That was when it hit them. Hogwarts. Old, almost ancient, standing here filled with old, very old magic. This wasn't the Hogwarts they knew. This Hogwarts was so different from the new, shining castle they had built.


Helga was the first to speak:

"That's an older Hogwarts. We've gone forward in time!"

"I know, let's go find out more." And so they started of towards the castle, with Rowena leading the way.

They entered the school without even noticing the magic barriers and guards, because, after all, they were the founders of the school and it would not turn against them. They walked up to Dumbledore's office and entered.

"Good day. Would you please do us the courtesy of telling us what year it may happen to be?"

"What………Oh my! Are you, can you be the ……the Founders?!(I know this doesn't sound like Dumbledore, but I don't know how he would react)" he said bowing to his idols.

"Hmmm, I can tell that you are a man of great learning and wise actions, Albus Dumbledore. I sence that you are one of the most powerful wizards in the world, even in history, with the graceful excuse of our selves, of course." Rowena said gravely, with a smile at the edge of her lips.

"It is my pleasure to meet you all, but might I ask how you got here?"Dumbledore now spoke to all of them.

"I have an idea, though maybe Godric would care to explain." Salazar sneered in a voice remarkably similar to the one of Lucius Malfoy.

"You know Godric, I have to go with Salazar on this one. What DID you say to Aeronwen?"


"Shouldn't have asked. Now we need to know which incantation she used. Will you help me, Professor Dumbledore? Simply navigate your magic into my hands. That way I will be able to use it to it's full extent, that is the amount you lend me."

Rowena started chanting and humming, producing the ancient spells that the wise priestesses of Avalon learned from her, and summoning so much power, that her body literally glowed with magic energy. Everyone, even Dumbledore, stood staring at her in awe. There was a sudden burst of light and Rowena collapsed on the floor.

"Rowena!" all four cried, as they ran towards her body laying on the floor.

"I…..I have the answer." she croaked. "But I must worn you, in only half of an hour we shall all become young people, that is all of us Founders."


"Aeronwen cast a spell on us to turn us all into…. teenagers? I think that is the world. We will remember who we are, but the spell will make us very teenager-ish and we will not think about our true selves very much. The spell can be broken, but it will take some time."

They all made plans with Dumbledore, who was quite happy to let them stay at Hogwarts. After all, it was their school. The half our passed and the spell came. Another blinding flash of light hit the Founders and made them transform. On the floor lay four teenagers. This was going to be an interesting year.

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