Being Louis Tomlinson's Sister

Courtney Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl that has two best friends who are the same age as her, she is the sister of the one and only Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, and she has a crush on a certain curly haired boy in the band and Louis already knows and he's okay with it.


2. Chapter Two

To the mall

When we got there, Veronica got out of the car and ran straight inside the mall, I got out of the car and walked to the doors and went inside, when I got inside I saw her running to the shop that had one direction posters and other stuff of them, typical. She also loves Niall, and Abby likes Liam and I like Harry, I've always liked him, but you know, he would never like me and I think Louis knows that I like him and he promised not to tell, it surprised me that he was happy, I went after Ronnie even though she went full charging inside and I just looked around, there were some pictures of the boys pulling funny faces even though Louis always pulls the funniest faces, of course he's the loudest out of the boys and sometimes I can be loud with him, he's also known as carrot boy, boo bear, Lou, tommo the Tomlinson and superman, Harry and Louis have a bromance and I think its funny and also cute, I even bought a shirt of all the boys and one of Louis by himself, I secretly have one of Harry by himself and only Louis knows obviously because he found and he laughed, idiot.

When Ronnie was done she came out with alot of stuff even more of Niall than all the other guys, but she had a poster of all of them together and she even got a shirt of Niall by himself and one of all the guys together, after we finished we walked out of the mall and went to my car back to my house.

When we got back to my place I saw that my mum was back, hmm she probably got back not long ago, me and Ronnie walked up to the front door and I opened the door and it was already unlocked because my mum already new that I was already coming, we walked inside and we coudnt see my mum anywhere, "Where's my mum" I said looking around, " I have no idea" Ronnie said, "Oh well she probably out the back or something" I said shrugging, "Yeah" she said nodding, "Oh well lets just go to my room then" I said going to stairs and walking up, "Ok" she said following me, when we go to my room we just sat on my bed, "Hey Court, didnt you have your bathroom door open" she said frowning a little bit, then I looked at my bathroom door and it was shut but a little bit open, but I forgot if I left it open or not, we both got up and walked in my bathroom, "I dont even remember, even though I was in the bathroom this morning" I said laughing a little bit, but then I heard a quiet laugh and it sounded like two people, but then I thought it was my imagination, "Hey Courtney did you hear that" she said a little confused, weird she actually heard what I thought was my imagination, "Omg you're actually not deaf for once" I said laughing but I was making a joke, then she gave me a stern look, "Sorry" I said and stopped laughing, then I heard a laugh again and the sound of two people and I'm guessing Ronnie heard too, 'BOOM', me and Ronnie jumped at the same time and then we ran out of my room and up another set of stairs all the way to my brothers room, yes my house is huge, and we walked inside, "What the bloody hell was that" I said walking around Louis' room, "COURTNEY JOANNA TOMLINSON LANGUAGE" my mum said from somewhere downstairs , "Oh She actually heard me, SORRY" I yelled from upstairs in Louis' room, Ronnie laughed a little, then I heard laughing and the sound of three poeple, huh, "What the hell is going on here" Ronnie said looking around the room, "Well, I have no idea lets go" I said turning around and walking out of Louis' room and Ronnie started following me, when we got back to my room my bathroom door was the way it was before we came in, what the hell is going on, "Ok this is getting creepy" Ronnie said opening my bathroom door and walking in and then I walked in after her, then I thought that my mum probably came in, "MUM DID YOU GO IN MY BATHROOM" I yelled to mum where ever she is downstairs, "NO WHY?" she yelled from somewhere downstairs, "JUST WONDERING" I yelled a bit confused and furrowed my eyebrows, hmm what the hell, "Well this is weird the door cant shut on its own" said Ronnie confused, " well duh, obviously" I said looking at her, then she gave me a stern look and I gave her a cheeky grin that she always laughs at, then she started laughing, after she stopped laughing we both heard laughing again, "Did you hear that" said Ronnie looking around, "Yeah I did, lets just go downstairs" I said walking out of the bathroom and out of my room "Yeah" Ronnie said following me.

We walked downstairs and in the kitchen where my mum was starting to cook dinner and putting the chicken in the oven, yummy, "Hey mum" I said sitting on a stool and smiling at her, "Hi love" she said smiling back, then Ronnie came and sat next to me, "Hi dear" mum said smiling at her, "Hi miss Tomlinson" she said smiling back, "Oh call my Joanne" mum said smiling, "Ok" she said back politely, "Hey mum we kept hearing laughing in my bathroom, then we heard a bid bang in Louis' room and laughing in there too" I said really confused and Ronnie nodded, "Hmm thats weird" mum said like she knew something, oh well, "Oh Courtney whens Abby coming" mum said looking at me, uh oh, "Oh crap I'll call her now" I said getting up from the stool, taking my phone out of my pocket and running to the lounge room to call her, I looked im my contacts and found Abby's name then press call, after a couple rings she picked up, "Hey when do you want me to come" she said in the phone, "Oh well you can come now if you want" I said back, "Oh great ok I'll pack stuff in my bag really quick", Abby said quickly, "Ok settle pettle, take your time" I said laughing at her, "Oh right well I'll get my stuff packed and I'll be on my way, ok bye" she said laughing, "Bye" I said laughing, then we hung up, I put my phone im my pocket and walked back to the kitchen and sat down on the stool next to Ronnie, "What did she say" mum and Ronnie said at the same time and they started laughing, uuh what, I didnt expect that, "She said she's packing her stuff quickly and then she'll be on her way" I said to the both of them, "Oh ok great" mum said, "Cool" Ronnie said putting her arms in the air and being a friggin weirdo, I just laughed at her, 'BOOM', "What the hell was that" I said turning my head towards the stairs, then I forgot about the noise when the doorbell rang, "I'll get it" I said getting up and runninfg to the front door and opening it, "Heeeeeey" Abby said walking in before I can even say hi, "Hey" I said smiling even though my ears hurt, then we walked to the kitchen and sitting on the stool and my mum was getting the food out, yaaaay, "Hey Ronnie" Abby said smiling really big, "Hey Abby" she said smiling back, "Hi darling" my mum said getting the plates out, "Hey Joanne" Abby said grinning, "Well someone's happy" mum said laughing, "Well its pretty obvious that she's happy everyday mum" I said keeping a straight face, then they all starting laughing, funny, "Hey mum why so many plates" I said looking at the plates and then my mum confused, "Oh you'll see" she smiled, huh did i miss something, then i looked at Ronnie and Abby and they shrugged their shoulders, 'BOOM', "What was that" Abby said looking towards the stairs, "I dont know" me and Ronnie said together, then we looked at eachother and laughed, "Mum did you hear that noise" I said to mum, "What noise" she said looking confused, "Oh no nothing" I said furrowing my eyebrows, me, Ronnie and Abby just looked at eachother, then my mum got all the food on the plates and put them on the table but there were too many plates, huh, then I looked at Ronnie and Abby and they had the same look as I did, then I heard running from upstairs and I heard "No" which sounded like Liams voice, what the hell, then a few seconds later I saw Niall running downstairs, well you cant blame him there is food here, but what the hell, "NIALLY BOO" I said surprised, "COURTNEY BEAR" he said attacking me in a Horan hug, I looked at Ronnie and Abby and they were shocked, then I started laughing at them, me and Niall let go of eachother and then I heard more running and all the guys came running down the stairs, so thats what the noises were and I shook my head, I saw Louis and ran straight to him and jumped on him, "COURTNEY BOO" he said screaming as he sqeezed my tight, "LOU BEAR" I screamed back and squeezed him tight and mum just laughed at us, then we let go and Louis went to my mum and hugged her tightly, Ronnie and Abby looked even more shocked, then I hugged all the guys and they went to the girls and gave them hugs, when I got to Harry I blushed like a tomato, "Hello love" he said winking and hugged me, I think I'm in the clouds, "Hello Haz" I said hugging him back, then we all sat at the table and ate dinner, the guys started talking about their tour and well you cant really hear them because they were all talking at once, but oh well.​​

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