Being Louis Tomlinson's Sister

Courtney Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl that has two best friends who are the same age as her, she is the sister of the one and only Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, and she has a crush on a certain curly haired boy in the band and Louis already knows and he's okay with it.


1. Chapter One

"Courtney, time to get up" my mum yelled,


"Ok" I said sleepily, my mum actually remembered to wake me up, I slowly got up to go have a shower, today I was going to the mall with my best friend Veronica but she prefers Ronnie, Ron or what I sometimes call her Veron, we've been best friends since year 3, my other best friend Abigail couldn’t come today because she had a family lunch to go to, when I finished I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me and went in to my room to get changed, I put on some red skinny jeans and a white top and then I put on a stripy jumper that my brother Louis got for me before he left to go on tour with the guys, yep he really loves stripes, I really miss him, then I put on my black converse shoes and I quickly put on some foundation and a little bit of eyeliner, after I was done I went downstairs and in the kitchen where my mum was drinking her tea and reading the newspaper,


"Hi mum" I said getting out the toaster to make some toast with ham and cheese, YUM!!,


"Hi love" she said smiling,


"What are you gonna be doing today" I said taking my pieces of toast and putting ham and cheese on it, "Well I might go and see Anne and then go pick something up" she said finishing on her tea,


"Pick what up" I said confused, "Oh you'll see when I get home" she said smiling, "Oh ok" I said while walking over to sit at the table with my mum and eating my ham and cheese toast,


"Well I better get going then, and I'll see you when I come home" mum said getting up from her seat, "Ok well I’ll probably be home before you anyway or I don't know, I think maybe after" I said finishing my toast and putting my plate in the sink,


"Oh ok then, well I'll be back later then, bye" she said kissing my forehead and walking to the door, "Oh wait mum" I said and she stopped at the door and turned around, "Yeah love" she said smiling, "Can Veronica and Abby stay the night" I said hoping she would say yes, "Yeah sure she can, ok bye" she said smiling and then turning around and walking out the door, "Thanks mum bye" I yelled out to her.


I quickly ran upstairs to my room and grab my phone and call Abby, after two rings she picks up,


"Heeey" she says obviously happy,


"Heeellllo" I said being a weirdo,


"So what’s up" she said,


"Oh yeah, do you want to stay the night at my house" I said,


"Yeah ok that'll be cool" she said happily,


"Ok great and also Ronnie's staying the night too" I said,


"Oh yay cool well I’ll see you tonight then" she said laughing at absolute nothing, which doesn't surprise me, but I still laugh at her,


"Ok then bye" I said laughing,


"Ok bye" she said screaming, and then we hung up, I think she killed my eardrums, then I put my phone in my pocket and walk downstairs and sit on the lounge, a few seconds later my phone started vibrating in my pocket, I pulled my phone out and looked at the caller ID and it was my friend Veronica,


"Hey Veronica" I said smiling,


"Hey Courtney" she said,


"So when are you coming" I said,


"I'll be there in 5mins" she said,


"Ok then" I said Squealing a little then she laughed,


"So am I allowed to stay the night?" she said,


"Yeah my mum said you can" I said squealing a little,


"Yaaaay" she said squealing twice as loud as me,


"Also Abby's gonna stay too, Yaaay" I said happily,


"Whoooo" she said being a weirdo,


"Yeah she went to a family lunch today so she won't be able to come with us" I said,


"Oh yeah" she obviously just remembering,


"Yeeeaaah I'm guessing you just remembered" I said laughing,


"Yeah ok, well I’ve put some clothes in my bag, I’ll see you when I get to you house" she said happily,


"Ok bye" I said,


"Bye" she said, then we hung up, so I just stayed sitting on the lounge and playing with my phone and waiting for Ronnie to come.


'Knock, Knock', I got up from the lounge and went to open the door and it was Ronnie,


"Hey Ronnie" I said smiling and letting her in,


"Hey Courtney" she said smiling back,


"Just put your stuff in my room" I said,


"Ok I'll be back" she said, then she walked up the stairs, I sat back down on the lounge and waited for her, a few seconds later she come back downstairs and sat next to me on the lounge,


"So, are you ready to go cause I am" she said standing up from the lounge,


"Yeah lets go" I said standing up, and then we walked to the door and walked out and I closed the door and locked it. We walked to my car and got in and drove to the mall.

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