When a book becomes Reality

When Andi gets into reading the Hunger Games the consequences are not what she expects...
A book and its characters have never become so real - until now...


2. The Void

After waiting to get home I rushed into the houes and as I went to go up the stairs. "STOP! Where do you think you're going?" of course my mum was on my case the minute I stepped foot into the house. "To my room." I replied. "No you're not, you're going to do your homework in the dining room where I can watch you" knowning better than to argue I did as I was told.

After having to do homework and eat the most disgusting fish pie I have ever tasted I headed of to bed. Although instead of going to sleep I decided to read the new book that Leila had given me. Now unlike other kids my parents can be really old fashioned in some ways, like how I don't have a torch in my bed room I have a candle and some matches. So I struck the match, cupping my hands around it to keep the tiny flickering flame alive and lit the candle.

The candlelight flickered and danced along the walls as I opened up the book. Then I dove in devouring each word and absorbing myself in the story. Except this time, something else happened. I literally got absorbed into the story. The words started to spin violently and uncontrolled into a swirling black mess. Suddenly it began to grow, bigger and bigger, taller and wider untilI I  just vanished into the black void and there I stayed. I couldn't see so I shut my eyes to try and block out teh darkness knawing at me and slowly I fell asleep.

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