When a book becomes Reality

When Andi gets into reading the Hunger Games the consequences are not what she expects...
A book and its characters have never become so real - until now...


4. The Reaping

When I returned home my mother had run me a bath. So I hot into the lukewarm water and tried to scrub the dirt from my nails. Everything here seemed to have dirt in it. Even the lines in the adults faces seemed caked in dirt. After scrubbing I walked into my room ad found a blue dress laid on the bed. My mother came in and said "I picked this out for you, do you like it?" "I love it mum, its beautiful!" "Would you like me to braid your hair?" She politely asked. "Ohh yes please!" Her delicate fingers gently braided my hair, twisting and turning until it resembled a beautiful braid which curled round my head and fell down my back. "Its amazing, thank you so much!" I exclaimed. She gently nodded her head back. I turned round and found Prim staring at my. She was trying to masquerade the fear embedded into her small innocent face. "Come on, lets go." I said trying to contain my fear for her and the anger of what we were about to go through. She turned and went to walk out the door. I saw a her top sticking out at the back. I gently tucked it in there for her. She managed a weak smile. We headed out of the door and followed the crowds flooding to what looked like the square. We got in a line and waited. I looked around the faces standing by. There was a mix of fear, anger and devastation. But the fear got the majority and almost fully crushed the visible anger. Finally we approached the desk and she then stabbed a needle in thumb and shoved my thumbprint onto some paper. I winced but most just bared it with a blank expression on their faces. Prim whispered "Andi, I'm scared." "It's going to be ok Prim, you're not going to get picked. It's your first year, there is nothing to be worried about." I replied in the most encouraging voice possible. But in reality, there was a lot to worry about.

We wee sectioned off and into our pens when a very flamboyant person, no creature made their way onto the stage. With a very squeaky high pitched voice they went through a whole heap of announcements, some random video that I really didn't understand and then proceeded to pick out the names. I was hoping it wasn't me so that I could try and get home when we left the reaping but the odds were not in my favour. The name ; Primrose Everdeen rang through the air and before I could blink I was on the stage, I had volunteered for her and taken her place to the slaughterhouse without a second thought. Here screams were becoming distant when my brain started to register the enormity of what I had done. Then a blonde haired boy materialised

next to me on the stage. He shook my hand and there was a vague recollection of him in the back of my brain. Then we were cornered off from the world and taken inside.

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