When a book becomes Reality

When Andi gets into reading the Hunger Games the consequences are not what she expects...
A book and its characters have never become so real - until now...


1. The Beginning.

My name is Andi Gargen, I am 16 years old and I lived, no, live in Manchester - England. Only a few days ago I started reading a book. A book that has managed to change my life. A book called - The Hunger Games.

I guess this part of my life is like a book, a story an event that needs to be told. So im going to start at the beginning and hopefully finish at the end, althought I dont yet know where the end is or if there will ever be one.

It all started about a week ago when I was at school, writing essays doing exams, your typical everyday stuff. To be honest I could have done without any distractions such as amazing books. Now most girls would say hot guys but me -  well I prefer books, where you can imagine and not get hurt. So one of my friends Leila Sukan says to me in her cuter high pitch voice. "I've got a good one, I know you'll just love it!" Of course me being the amazing friend that I am decided to listen her - at my expense. " Ok, well, I'ts called the Hunger Games and its just , like AMAZING!" Trying to not look too excited I said in the most bored voice I could muster "give it here then." From that moment on all my troubles started.


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