Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


13. Starting the tour

*1 week later*

today was the day, we were off to start the tour I woke up and took my shower and stood under the hot water. when I got out I walked to my mirror and decided today was a dress up day so I walked to my closet and chose this:

I left my hair down and put on a bit of makeup and walked to Darcy's room where she was up and playing with her toys. "alright baby we have to get you ready to go see Anne" she had meet Anne about a year ago when we were in London. she chose her outfit

I brushed her hair and put it in a bun my phone started to ring, It was a text from harry he was on his way up to help with the bags. he came in and grabbed Darcy's bags and I grabbed mine, we got down stairs and put out bags in the car. I got Darcy in the back and buckled her up and got in the front. we drove a few minutes to Anne's and arrived at 3 we had only a few minutes to talk we had to be at the bus by 4. "Abby" I turned and saw Anne walking to me with opened arms we hugged and Darcy got out of the car, "my god Abby she looks like you you've gotten so big baby" Darcy gave her a hug and dragged her five bags out of the car. "mom as much as we would love to stay we have to get going" I gave Darcy a hug and kisses all over her face then harry did the same. "bye Anne thank you so much" I said as I hugged her harry did the same and we left. most of the ride we were discussing the tour and who was going Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle (I wish). we got there and management put our bags in the bus there was nothing but screaming girls and cameras every where. we got on the bus and were alone I felt harry grab my waist and start kissing me I kissed right back. we stood there for a few minutes just making out when everybody was in the bus I heard Louis cough and almost had a heart attack. "now that you two are done Abby this is Eleanor my lovely girlfriend" she gave me a hug and I met the rest of the girls and gave each of them hugs. we left at about 4:30 and decided to watch scary movie 5, we all took a seat on the couch. I was laughing the whole movie and so was every one else, when it ended I walked to the fridge to get something to drink "you had beer and didn't tell me" I yelled "sorry hey babe can you bring 9 of them" I grabbed the beer and passed it out to everyone we sat around and talked till about midnight. "guys I think we should get some rest we got an early start in the morning" said Liam, on the two top bunks was Louis and Eleanor and on the other one was Liam and Danielle. on the middle was me and Harry and on the other was Niall, Zany and Perrie slept under me and harry. I laid on Harrys chest and listened to his heart beat for some reason it calmed me down I fell asleep with harry stroking my hair.

what do you think guy s I hope you like the book so far please favorite, like, and comment and another thing Niall shouldn't be lonely right so I decided that I'm going to use one of you guys for it! comment your real name, what you look like, and what your likes and dislikes are. I'm going to write two more chapters and then chose so hurry up and comment. thank you guys so much for reading love you! :)


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