Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


1. fresh start

I sat in the back and watched the rain as my agent drove me to my new home. I know what your thinking what famous person would move to Cheshire England well Im far from famous Im a foster kid. Ive never hade a real home my parents died when I was about three and I have had twenty different "homes" not that i liked any of them most of them were drunks and didn't give a fuck about me or what happened to me. i have the scars to prove that. but enough about my shitty home life heres a little about me. i have red hair and green eyes, Im 16 and my birthday is march 24th. Im a foster kid and proud....sometimes. Im about 4'8 very short for my age and I weigh about 93 pounds, i use to have an eating disorder. im moving in with the Jonas family they have two daughters and one son. I felt the car stop and looked at my agent who was smiling at me 'ready to meet the new family' "yeah" i said with a smile. i stepped out of the car and looked at a two-story brick house with a cute little garden in the front and a white picket fence. i turned and saw a women about mid-thirties walk out of the house she was very pretty. "you must be Abby im Nichole Jonas your foster mother' 'its very nice to meet you" .We all grabbed my bags and carried them to the living room it was a modern style room with blues and whites. "well i have to go so you behave for them Abby okay' cherry said that's her nickname i made for her. "i will im going to miss you" i said as i hugged her. soon she was gone and i stood in the middle of the room when i was snapped out of my thoughts  by Nicholes voice "KIDS COME MEET ABBY HARRY YOU COME DOWN TOO" then i heard loud footsteps first came in two twins both looked about 10. "this is Dani and Mady" "hi" they said in unison "hi Im Abby" "mom can we go play outside" "well sure". then came down a tall boy with blue eyes and trust me hot as fuck. "this is josh my oldest son" "Hi" he extended his hand and i shook it "Abby". "Wheres harry" then we turned and looked at the stairs and down came a curly haired green eyed boy about my age "this is harry his not my son bot we claim him anyways" we shook hands and and smiled. "well mum were going back up to my room to finish the game""first help Abby with her bags" "no its fine i can ge...." "its fine we got it" said harry. each of the boys grabbed something and carried it to a room in the far end of the house the room was a pale yellow with white furniture not my style but it will have to do. when to boys left i decided to take a shower, i went to the bathroom in the corner of my room and undressed. i then got out and put on a shirt and shorts and laid down to sleep i know i shouldn't skip dinner but i was so tired and slowly drifted to sleep.

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