Remember December

'' I will never ever forget you Adriana, I promise.'' It was the last thing he told me as he left to THE X FACTOR.
I was so stupid to believe him. He never called,emailed,texted,or even wrote a letter to me. I felt so empty inside. Atleast I had my new bestfriends Ally,and Dani. We even have a band! But, it still doesn't feel the same without Niall. I need him. But,he doesn't need me...


2. Adri and Nialler Part.2

Niall's P.O.V

Full name: Niall James Horan

< End of the day>

Adriana is super nice. She is pretty too.

''Niall!!'' I heard Adriana scream.

''What?!'' I yelled back.

I saw Adriana running to me.

'' My mommy is picking me up want to meet her?'' Adriana asked as I nodded.

''Okay, come.'' She said as she grabbed my hand and ran to her mum.

Her mum is really pretty. Her mum had dark black hair and light brown eyes.

Her mum smiled showing of her dimples. How come Adriana doesn't have dimples and her mum does??

'' Hi there.'' Adriana's mummy waved at me.

''Hi.'' Was all I can say.

''Whats your name?'' Her mum asked me.

''Niall James Horan.'' Adriana said and it made me smile.

'' Are you Maura's son?'' She asked me as I nodded.

''How do you know?'' I asked.

'' She works with me and she told me to pick you up.'' Adri's mum replied.

''YAY!!'' Adri yelled.

''Niall you get to leave with me!!'' Adriana yelled while jumping up and down.

''Lets go.''

Me and Adriana folled her to her black car.

Adriana's mum opened the door for me and Adri.

''Miss whats your name?''I asked politely.

''Gianna.'' She replied.

She carried me to my seat.

Gianna then carried Adriana to her seat and tied her seat belt.

I tied mine by myself.

Gianna smiled and got into her car.

The car ride was really quiet.

''Are we going to pick up my brother,Greg?'' I asked Gianna.

''Not yet he leaves school at 3:30 it's 1:40." Gianna responded.




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