Remember December

'' I will never ever forget you Adriana, I promise.'' It was the last thing he told me as he left to THE X FACTOR.
I was so stupid to believe him. He never called,emailed,texted,or even wrote a letter to me. I felt so empty inside. Atleast I had my new bestfriends Ally,and Dani. We even have a band! But, it still doesn't feel the same without Niall. I need him. But,he doesn't need me...


1. Adri and Nialler Part.1

Adriana's P.O.V

Full name: Adriana Rachel Rodriguez

(Adriana is 3 years old and Niall is 4)

I was in the car asleep. My mommy Gianna was driving me to school. The car stopped so that

means I arrived at my new pre-school. I hope I make friends today. '' Adriana,Honey wake up.'' My mom said softly while she took of my seatbelt. ''Adriana,Honey were in pre-school already!'' She whisper-yelled at me. ''Mommy.'' I said feeling really tired. ''In pre-school you get to sleep honey,lets go before you get late.'' My mommy said carring me out of the car. ''Put me down.''I demanded. ''Adriana behave yourself.''My said angry while putting me down.We walked to the pre-school. It's big but not huge,it was pale pink,it had drawings of little kids playing around, and the roof was brown. It's pretty because it has pink! But, not regular pink. But whatever pale pink works too. ''Bye, honey see later;I will pick you up at 1:30 okay?'' My said.''Mommy,I can't tell time yet.''I said.''Oh yea I forgot.''My mom chuckles.

''Well, bye honey.'' My mom said giving me a kiss on the cheek.''Bye,mommy.'' I said while walking inside of the pre-school. There was girls playing dolls,Boys playing with cars and some were trying to solve some 4 piece puzzles. I saw a boy drawing alone in a yellow table. I decided to draw with him. I walked upto him and sat down. ''Hi.''I said.''Hi.''He replied with his Irish accent. I wish I was irish,but no I had to be american. I grabbed a blank sheet of paper that was in the middle of the table. I then grabbed a black crayon from the crayon box next to the boy. ''What's you name?'' I asked poking his arm. ''Niall.'' Was all he said. ''Niall what?'' I asked ''Niall Horan.'' He responded. ''Middle name?''I asked. ''James.'' He responded. ''Niall James Horan, I like that name.'' I smiled. ''Thanks,What's your name he said looking at me. His eyes were blue. I wish my eyes were blue! But,no I had to have brown eyes! ''Adriana Rachel Rodriguez.'' I smiled at him. ''Cool.'' He smiled showing teeth.

''So what are you drawing?'' I ask trying to draw Niall in my white sheet of paper. ''You.'' He

responded. What does he mean by 'You.'

I looked at the sheet of paper there was a girl who I think is me and on the right corner spelled 'Adri.'

'' Thats not my name! Its Adriana not Adri.''I whisper-yelled at him while pointing to my 'name.'

''Sorry.'' He responded.

''It's okay you atleast tried.'' I smiled as he smiled back.

''So what are drawing?'' He asked trying to look at my paper.

''You're missing the last 'L' in Niall.'' He said pointing to his name which spelled 'Nial.'

I quickly added the other 'L.'

''Better?'' I asked him as he look at me and nodded.

''KIDS, COME FORM A CIRCLE FOR ATTENDENCE!!'' Thye teacher yelled.

''Come on Niall!'' I yell while grabbing his hand and ran to the circle. Me and Niall then sat


''Daniella Santana.''The teacher said and a girl with ombre hair and brown eyes raised her

left hand.

''Ally Swan.'' The teacher continued and a girl with blonde curly hair and brown eyes raised her right hand.

''Veronica Blue.'' A girl with straight black hair and blue eyes raised her right hand.I looked at Niall he was staring at Veronica. I got a little bit jealous. He must like girls who have blue eyes  i guess.

''Adriana Rodriguez.'' I then raised my left hand.

''Niall Horan.'' I then look at Niall while he raised his left hand.

''Keven Blue.'' Kevin had brown hair and green/blue eyes raised his right hand.

''Leonardo Green.'' Leo had blonde hair and green eyes.

''Joshua Suarez.''Josh had black hair and brown eyes.    



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