Harry Potter and the Princess of Gryffindor

The princess of Gryffindor and Harry potter is off to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, expecting it to be a very calm, peaceful, fun and happy year for everyone. But what happens when Harry had to face Voldemort for the third time, after last year, and needed help from the princess of Gryffindor, who was handpicked by Godric Gryffindor himself, if he had to defeat Voldemort? then something very unexpected happens. he falls deeply in love with the princess. What can he do to save her, as if he has to defeat Voldemort, the princess herself has to risk losing her life too. Chances of survival very very low. What can he do? And horrifying things happen at Hogwarts. Disappearances and not to mention a murder of a student! who was behind all those things? And the other strangest thing is, the princess and harry keeps on seeing the same similar nightmare for months! Was it a clue to save the students of Hogwarts? Or was it a clue that they were the ones to defeat Voldemort?!


18. Making two boys cry and more mysteries!

Fiona's POV;
We all separated as we went to where we wanted.  So.. Ava and i headed towards the shrieking shack to just see it. We came up to the wires which separated it from the village. I stared at it. "Do you reckon its really haunted?" Ava asked me. "Maybe. I dunno. i think it isn't anymore as the terrifying moans and howls have not occurred for the past 20 years. What d'you think about my suggestion?" I asked her. 
 We talked about the shrieking shack for a while. Then, we heard footsteps. I looked back and saw something which could ruin my good mood. It was none other than, Malfoy and his dicks of a body guards. 
This was gonna be a crap of a day. i thought sadly. He came up to me, smirking like a slut. "Hey hottie" he said. The two bodyguard kids held onto Ava, one of them shutting up her muffled screams, the other holding her in place as she struggled. "What do you want!? Just leave me alone!" I yelled at him as tears slid down my face continuously. Why can't he just leave me alone? 
His flirty expression turned into concern and sadness. Yeah. REAL concern. No joke. i swear. I know its no fake, though i loathed him. 
 "Shush.. Calm down.. I didn't mean to make you cry.. Princess.. " he said as he tried to wipe away my tears, but i slapped his hand outta the way. He looked shocked. "DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE! IF YOU NEED SOMETHING TELL ME NOW!" I shouted. Thank god there were no people around to hear my screams. "I.. I just.. Wanted to ask you... To the...b-b-ball.."he stuttered. I was so annoyed. His face disgusts me. "Some one asked me and i said yes. But even if i did say no, i'd rather go with Marcel Midges than you! Y-y-You...!" I yelled out very very rude swear words and doing a very rude hand gesture at him. I can't believe i can be so mean, as i am known as 'innocent'
 He looked like he was about to cry. Next thing i saw was, tears leaking out of his silvery misty eyes. He completely broke down. He fell onto the snow. He really was crying. Really, i swear. I have made someone cry... Oh my god. I am not that mean in real life. "Why.. Do you h- h- hate me Fiona? Why? W-w-what did.. I do to d-d-disappoint you?" He sobbed. I didn't have to think, i just spilled out."You.. Touched me on the train, and you called my friends riff Raffs. Thats mean!" I told him. I was crying along with him. If i see anyone cry, i can automatically cry myself. "I just h-h- hate them... Not y-y-you!" He sobbed harder, burying his face in his hands."If you like me. Like them too!" I scolded. "But they're m-m-mean to m-m-me!" Malfoy sobbed. "You could at least say sorry." I told him. 
I kneeled down beside him and helped him up. I can be kind to enemies when they are Like that. sheesh I'm weird. His eyes were puffy red. I looked at Crabbe, Goyle and Ava. They looked like frozen human statues."Th-th- thank you.." Malfoy said. "No problem." I told him. "So do you like me?" Malfoy asked sweetly. "Uh.. No. You've to say sorry to Harry, Ron, Hermione,Ginny and Ava." I said very firmly. "So.. If i say sorry, you'll like me?" He asked me happily. "No. They've to forgive you in return." I said. He looked taken aback and shocked at the same time. "They've to forgive me? But why?" Malfoy groaned. "Because we are the ones that got hurt. Not you badass!" I yelled. He caught the word 'badass' by surprise and smirked. Sheesh. Such a jerk! "Hmm.. Alright. Thank you!" Malfoy exclaimed, hugging me. Oh my god. This boy is.... Dunno! I patted him a bit and let go very quickly. "Fiona... I'd like to say something..." Malfoy said, looking into my eyes. " yes?" I said very doubtfully. I had a bad feeling... "I... I... I love you fiona." 
"What? the? fuck?!" I said loudly. "I love you fiona" he repeated firmly. I looked at him. He really meant it. I know. I'm good at body language and eye feelings, so i knew. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Malfoy asked me. "Oh c'mon Malfoy! You've got a lot of decades to live! You might find a better girl!" I said. He looked taken aback. Then he smirked. "Does that mean you love me?" He asked. "What! No way! Not to be rude or insulting or so something, but i have feelings for someone else!" I said. "WTF fiona!" Ava yelled, regaining from the frozen shock. She was free as crabbe and goyle let her go. "Shut up Ava!" I snapped. She fell silent instantly. Malfoy looked sad. "Oh c'mon Malfoy! I swear i do!" I said holding my neck. He looked more depressed and ran away, crabbe and goyle hobbling behind him awkwardly.
I stood there frozen to the spot. There was a very awkward silence in the winter air. Ava stood still like a mannequin. "F-f-fiona.. Who is your crush?" Ava asked very curiously. I felt my cheeks go warm. "I-i- i'll tell you when you tell me yours!" I yelled at her, walking up to her. She looked shocked but blushed scarlet. "I... Uh... Um... Er... Ron" she said finally after stuttering  for what felt like a century. "Haha! I knew it! Woo oh !" I Said jumping up and down, like a crazy maniac.  
"Well, tell me you just said, 'i have feeling for someone else' huh?" She said copying how i said it to Malfoy. I blushed. "I.. Well.. Uh.." I muttered. Ava patted one foot on the ground and looked stern, like an angry mum. "I'm waiting..." She said sarcastically. I sighed. "Harry.." I finally said. She looked really surprised. "WHAT? REALLY? Thats great!!" Ava yelled. "Shush Ava! Keep your voice down!" I hissed. "Oh! Sorry!" Ava said. 
"really? Is it harry?" Ava asked disbelievingly, as we walked towards dervish and bangs to meet the others. "Ugh. How many times do i have to tell you yes?" I groaned, stopping on my tracks. Ava did too."I just can't believe it. And who asked you to the ball?" Ava asked. I rolled my eyes. "Harry!" I yelled at her. But her stare was locked behind me. "what? gotta disbelieve it?" i moaned. she kept staring behind me. "what?" i yelled.
something was wrong. I boldly looked behind me and saw that the real harry was just behind us with Ron. Shit! This day can't get any worse. "Umm... Hi..." I jabbered awkwardly, smiling stupidly. " Err.. Did you say my name?" Harry asked me, confused, slightly smiling. Ava and i looked at each other. We were thinking the same thing. "Hm.. You must've been mistaken." I said trying to sound casual. Harry looked at Ron they both nodded with confused looks on their faces. "But M'lady, i heard it too.. So 'tis no imagination.." Ron said formally, smiling. 
"Uh..." I muttered. I have to tell the truth. "Umm... Ava was insisting me who I was going to the ball and... Err.. I told her."  I said weirdly. "You WHAT?!" Harry yelled. "Blimey harry! calm down!" Ron said. "Sorry!" I said shrugging. "You told her you were going with me to the ball?" Harry asked me. I nodded. "What in the merlin's baggy Y- fronts are you two talking about?" Ron asked.  "What we're talking about is, harry and i are going to the ball, together." I said. Ron looked as if all his dreams had come true. "Blimey harry! Why didn't you tell me?" Ron asked, amused. 
"By the way, i have to tell you guys something which happened near the shrieking shack." I said firmly. "A violent spirit rose up and tried to attack you?" Ron asked. "No! Much worse than violent spirits! Blimey Ron! hear her out first!" Ava exclaimed. They both nodded and i told them what happened there, Malfoy confessing and breaking down. But i didn't tell them about the deal about them apologizing him. 
"Bloody hell! Malfoy cried? He actually cried?" Ron asked dreamily. "Boy i would have given anything to watch him at that time..." He continued. "RON! He looked horrible. Really!" Ava and i said together. "And you helped him up?" Harry asked sternly. "Yeah..." I said slowly. "And he said he had feeling for you? He said i love you?!" Harry asked. "Yes! How many more times do i have to tell you?!" I yelled. 
Then i heard footsteps from behind. I looked back and saw Malfoy coming. Harry balled his hands into fists, so did Ron. "I'm gonna get him!" Harry hissed. "No! Wait until what he has to say!" I said. He still stood angrily. "Please? For me?" I whispered to him giving a sad puppy face. He looked at me, and slowly nodded. He told Ron so too, and after a while, he nodded too.
"Hello." Malfoy said. "Umm.. Hi..." Ava and i replied back. He smiled at us. His eyes still looked red and puffy. "Uh... Potter, Weasley, Ayala, i would like to say... Sorry, for... Er... Being rude in the past." He said awkwardly. 
"WHAT?" Harry and Ron yelled together in shock. They looked surprised. "Bloody hell Malfoy!" Ron said. " i just wanna be friends..." Malfoy said slowly. "After all that bullying about my scar? About Ron's family's poorness-" Ron's ears turned scarlet. "-after all the many times you called hermione mud blood?" Harry asked hurt. Malfoy looked at his boots, looking like he'll  break down soon. "I.. I realized... Its.. Wrong.. I'm sorry... I really am! I... Feel bad... For bullying..." He said slowly. Harry looked like a tiger ready to pounce on a prey. for a heart stopping moment, i thought his eyes were yellow, but then i realized it was still stunning green. Ron looked disgusted. "Know what? Its not my fault i got a scar.. Its not Ron's fault his family is poor, its not hermione's fault she's muggle born.. Then why did you ever bully us for something which happened to us? Which is not a single bit our fault? Why Malfoy? WHY?" Harry yelled out the last word, making some people around us look at us. Malfoy looked ashamed. Ava had tears in her eyes. I tried to block away the tears too, but they fell off anyway. "I was mean... I accept it.. Please.. Give me... A... A chance..." Malfoy managed to say. "Guess what Malfoy? Its your unlucky day. I will never... Ever... EVER... Forgive you. Or give you a chance. If its forgiving, fat chance." Harry said, with a look of disgust. Ron looked speechless. Ava was sobbing quietly. I just stood there, able to do nothing. 
Then, there was a very awkward silence. Harry grabbed my wrist and tugged it. I caught it by surprise. "C'mon fiona. We are leaving. Ron, Ava, come." Harry said sternly.  They didn't dare disobey him. Harry literally dragged me. Ron and Ava hobbled behind us. 
Harry tightened his grip a bit on my wrist every second. My wrist started to hurt. It was bright pink. "Harry.. It hurts... Oh.. Harry.." I managed to say. I felt tears trickle down my eyes. I cry very VERY easily. And plus, It hurt a hell lot. "Harry.. Please.. Let go... HARRY POTTER!" I yelled. He stopped dead. Ron and Ava bumped into me. looking sympathetically at my wrist. "What?... Oh my god... Your crying...?!" He said, concerned. He looked at my wrist, which was shaking with pain. And let go quickly. It was crimson, as i had really pale skin. "Oh.. I'm so sorry... Fiona..." He stuttered as he massaged my hand. I was still sobbing. "Did it hurt?" Harry asked me. 
That crossed all the limits and lines for me. "did it... HURT? WHY DO YOU THINK I'M CRYING?IT HURTS A LOT! AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN TO ME WHEN I BEGGED YOU TO LET GO, UNTIL I SHOUTED. DON'T YOU HAVE ANY SENSE!?" I yelled on top of my voice. Some people around us looked sympathetically at me and harry. Ava and Ron looked at each other, thunderstruck. Harry looked flabbergasted. "Fiona... I..." He stuttered, tears falling down his cheeks. 
"Guess what potter? I'M GOING! AVA-" i looked at her with my best death glare, she jumped a little. "- are your staying or coming?" I said angrily. She looked at Ron. He gestured his head at me. "I'm coming.." Ava said and came up to me. 
Then harry grabbed my other wrist. He looked so sad. "Fiona.. I.. I'm sorry.." He said, tears still falling down his eyes. Then unexpectedly, he hugged me."i can never bear to see you cry, please don't cry, your making me cry too. And please, i was very annoyed with Malfoy. Thats why i didn't realize.. You wrist... I'm sorry fiona... Please... Forgive me..." He sobbed into my shoulder, though his voice was very straight. I felt my shoulder dampen so i knew he was crying. i hugged him back. Who wouldn't forgive him? He was crying after all! Just because of me.. I made two boys cry today! First, Malfoy, then harry? Whats wrong with me?!
"I'm... Sorry... Harry... 'Tis ok... I.." I muttered, patting his back. He stopped and let go. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot. His hair was messy, but looked so hot. Ron looked as if someone slapped his face. Ava looked as if she almost fell off the roof. "Fiona.. Promise me, you won't do it again?" Harry said solemnly. I nodded. "I promise.. Harry..." I said, tears still falling down my face. He wiped them off with his hand, and smiled weakly. 
There was a very long uncomfortable silence. "Er.. Lets go see... Hermione and ginny..." Ron said awkwardly, after what felt like eternity. We all nodded, as we were too shocked to talk. 
It didn't take too long to find them. They were in front of the three broomsticks with loads of shopping bags, and chattering away.  We went up to them. They were smiling ear to ear. I wish i was able to smile like that, but who can after they made their enemy and crush break down? 
"Hey!" ginny said happily. No one said anything. Hermione looked stern. "Whats wrong with you guys?" Hermione asked. No one still didn't say anything. Ginny looked concerned. No one made an eye contact with them. "Uh... For heaven sake guys! Tell me what happened!" Hermione insisted. Then Ron looked up to hermione. Boy he had guts! "Er.. Lets go somewhere private..." He said silently. Hermione and ginny nodded and Ron led the way to an emptier area, Ava, harry and i followed quietly.
After Ron checked no one was there, he came back to our people free area. "Okay fiona. Tell us briefly, what happened." Ron said slowly. 
I didn't hesitate. I took a deep breath and explained every detail. They were a good audience i must say. Gasping in the right places and smiling at the right places. But, I didn't tell them about the forgiving deal, as it was a deal after all!
When i finished, everyone was flabbergasted. "Blimey you didn't explain that briefly fifteen minutes ago!" Ron exclaimed. I gave him a weak smile. "I know..." I said. "Malfoy said he loved you?" Hermione asked. I nodded. "And he cried?" Hermione asked again. I nodded. "Hmm..." Hermione started thinking. "Blimey hermione is there anything in your head to think anymore?" Ron asked. Hermione looked at him sternly. "Humph! Don't be ridiculous for heaven sake Ronald! Of course there is a lot of mystery!" Hermione said shrilly. I looked at her. "What is in your mind hermione? We wanna know." I asked her. All the others nodded in unison.
"Well, one things for sure. he does love you fiona-" harry fidgeted uncomfortably "-frankly speaking, i actually have questions in my mind. Why would Malfoy come with crabbe and goyle to meet you if it was about romance?-" but i cut her off "its because if i was with someone, then they could hold her or him, so he is free with me." I said firmly. Hermione beamed at me. "That would be the reason!" Then she turned serious. 
"-Right my next question is, isn't his girlfriend pansy parkinson?" Hermione asked. Harry looked up to her. "Well, yeah she is. But i never heard that he broke up with her or anything." harry said shrugging.  Hermione looked frightened. "Well that settles it.-" Ron stood up. Everyone looked at him as if he was mental."-You-know-who got him a plan saying to make fiona fall for him and to join you-know-who! So he can have the 'princess' and rule the world with the high honor." Ron said darkly.  Harry nodded. Then hermione stood up and started pacing to and fro, and said,  "Well, that probably might be correct. But we have to see what will happen.. No one knows, but we will face it when it comes." 

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