My type of style

Emily rose is your average teen graduate ready to go to college. When Emily old school friend Harry styles shows up in her job at McDonalds she reunites with her high school buddy but when Harry reveals his true love for Emily, she could say otherwise. When Emily moves across the country it's hard for these two to stay in touch. Will they part forever?


1. meet and greet

I collected the little girls money and sent her off with her happy meal. "I'd like a double mcburger with mayo please." I punched it in. "Oh and a side of medium fries with you." I looked up and smiled really wide. "Harry!" I came from behind the counter and hugged him tightly. "This is where you work now?" He asked. I smiled and rubbed the back of my neck. I got back behind the counter. "That'll be $14.92" he took out his credit card and my eyes widened. "400000 that's like a quarter million dollars!" I shrieked. He shrugged. "What happened to you." " I became famous?"I laughed historically at his Joke. " no! I'm not joking. I'm in the band one direction." My jaw dropped. "That's you!" He nodded. " how about I take you out to dinner tonight and I'll explain everything. I agreed and we shook on it. We exchanged numbers too. He left and we both continued on with our lives.

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