We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


7. You're My Insperation

*******Niall's POV***********

The same thing happened every day for weeks on end, never stopping, she would accuse me of doing what ever she thought I was doing, that is until one day about a month and a half latter.

"Hi Niall!" She said cheerfully, looking really tired. Our date didn't last that long last night, we where back from Nando's at 10 and we danced some more and about 11:30 I said good night and left. Unless she didn't  get to sleep right away.

"Hi Maddy, I see you remember me this morning." I smile and she nods.

"It's lovely to remember." She smiles and gives me a hug.

"Why are you so tired?" I whisper into her hair.

"To remember last night I stayed up, not sleeping and I found a way to remember for 24 hours longer than usual." She whispers back.

"That ism't good for your body. You need rest." I say and pull her into my apartment. Rest on the couch, all I am doing today is working on a song anyways so you can sleep while I am doing that." He smiles as I sprawl out onto his couch.

************Maddy's POV**************

I had to say I was tired, but I just didn't want to forget last night... Forget him. And worst of all, forget the feeling that was growing inside me over the past 24 hours... I think to my self just moments before I drift off into dreams about him.

*******Niall's pov***********

When she sleeps she looks like an angel. When she sleeps she looks like nothing can harm her, like nothing is causing her to forget. And most of all she looks like a younger woman than the one I fell in love with a month ago.

*************Maddy's POV************
I woke up and a soft guitar was playing. I look around and see the blonde boy that was the center of my dream I just had. His back is to me and all of a sodden he stops playing.

"Why did you stop?" I speak before my mind can react.

"Oh I didn't know you where awake." He smiles and walks swiftly over to me leaning in as a pull away.

"I don't know you." I whisper into his lips that where so close that if I was to give the slightest movement our lips would be touching.

"But you do know me." He whispers back.

"No, I am sorry but I don't think we have met before." I scoot out from where I am. "So where am I anyways ? Why am I here?" I walk to where he was sitting picking up the guitar and strums a few keys.

"Its a long story." He puts his hand on the back of his neck and walks to where I am standing, lifting the papers he puts them on the shelf.

"I was reading that." I say teasingly some how knowing this man can take a banter, also that we have known each other for a while. He puts the music back where it was right in front of me. Strumming the first few notes I hum the harmony to what his lyrics are, but he sings the words.

"I figured it out,

I figured it out from black and white,

Seconds and hours,

Maybe they had to take some time,


I know how it goes,

I know how it goes from wrong to right,

Silence and sound,

Did they ever hold each other tight,

like us?

Did they ever fight,

like us?


You and I,

We don't wanna be like them,

We can make it 'till the end,

Nothing can come between,

You and I,

Not even the gods above,

Can separate the two of us,

No, Nothing can come between,

You and I,

Oh, you and I,


I figured it out,

Saw the mistakes of up and down,

Meet in the middle,

There's always room for common ground,


I see what it's like,

I see what it's like for day and night,

Never together,

'Cause they see things in a different light,

They never tried like us,


You and I,

We don't wanna be like them,

We can make it 'till the end,

Nothing can come between,

You and I,

Not even the gods above,

Can separate the two of us,


'Cause you and I,

We don't wanna be like them,

We can make it to the end,

Nothing can come between,

You and I,

Not even the gods above,

Can separate the two of us,

No, nothing can come between,

You and I,

Oh, you and I,

Oohh You and I,

We can make it if we try,

You and I,

Oh, you and I,"


I look at Niall and smile. "Woah, wrote that? That was amazing" I ask him. Blushing and smiling he looks down to hide it all, but it didn't work. "You did?!" I whisper in shock.

Nodding he puts his hand on his neck the hot way he does. "Yeah and you're my inspiration." His eyes widen like he didn't mean to say that. "Umm.. I mean..." He hesitates. "It has an inspiration." He flushes even further and walks to the kitchen. "Do you need anything like food or something?" He asks not turning back until he comes with a bag of chips, a can of pop, and some left overs, that smell like Nando's. Yum.

"No, I am fine." I walk over to him and grab the bag of chips, and the walking to the kitchen, throwing them in a random cabinet. I hear his bare feet padding behind me.

"What was that for?" He pouts.

"You need to have something healthy." I say grabbing the left over box that is open in his hands after seeing the greasy, fatty crap in the box, and the food met the trash can top first in a matter of moments.

"Nooooooo my Nando's!!!!" He runs to the trash can and sees the food touching all the other things in the trashcan. Glaring at me he finds another bag of chips and says; since my Nando's is gone." He opens the bag and stuffs a handful of chips into his mouth.  "I wull habe hum hips." He said and walked into the living room crumbs falling to the ground in a trail to the couch with him.


Hey all, yes this chapter is going up tonight. Yes its normal day is tomorrow but I am not sure if I will have time in study hall to update and I had it all typed up.... So I updated tonight and if. If I end up having some time I may update again tomorrow.

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