We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


11. The letter under the door

**Maddy's POV**

As I set down my pen I read and reread my letter making sure it was absolutely perfect. When it was I packed up my tooth brush and placed my phone in my purse. With one last look at the room triple checking that I have everything, grabbed my luggage and purse, then leaving the room and turning right to slide the letter under the door, turned around, and hoped on the elevator. On the elevator I met a little girl there with her mother, both in swimming suits. I smile and slump away in the corner away from them.

Once down on the main level there are about five more people on the elevator, all eight of us shuffle out and go our own ways. Me to the front desk, the mother and her child to the pool, and the other five to the dinning area.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The over preppy front desk lady asked.

"I would like to check out please." I say and pull out my wallet.

"Name?" She asks typing something or other in the computer.

"Maddy Davis." I say looking at my phone for a text, a call, anything. But there is nothing.

"Maddy, are you sure you want to leave? Niall is still ocupyi-"

"I know he is still in his room. I am leaving Niall is staying. Now that it is all clarified here is the room key, some money to pay for it there should be extra there. What ever is extra put it in you pocket. I have to go now." I speak with poison in my tone and leave with someone chasing after me.


**Niall's POV**

I stood there waiting for her to come back into the room, to call me, to do something, anything but it didn't come. Not for 15 mins when a small slip of paper under the door. It was a letter. The letter about crushed the rest of what already had been when she told me she needed brain surgery. As I finished the last line I put the paper into my pants pocket, grabbed a hoodie and ran out the door. I can't loose her, not now, not ever.

At the elevator I saw that the one was on the first floor and that the other was three floors away ascending. Quickly I pressed the button and within moments the light flashed on indicating that the one ascending was going to pick me up. Not much later the elevator was here and the doors where open. There was space for maybe five more people. Well now four. As we descended there where luckily no more stops, even though my room was on the tenth floor. At the bottom I looked around for her. She was no where to be found, that is until I saw her at the dest, she was signing out of the hotel. When she saw me she nervously grabbed her room key, some cash, then turned towards the exit with her bags in toe behind her.

I was at the desk as she hopped into a taxi and left. It hurt to see her leave. It did. But at this point I couldn't do anything but stand here and watch my life leave me alone. With nothing, nothing but my broken heart and the many a bottle of booze that would soon be my pain reliever.


I am feeling generous so here is another chapter and I will work on the next one.

He read the letter, went after her and didn't make it in time. What do you think? Comment please!!

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Much Love.

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