We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


4. Not so unfamiliar faces in the same old places

I stretched as I woke up in my bed, my sweet apartment. It seems like I should be hugging the walls, like I wasn't here just moments ago in my dream. It was strange, I didn't even remember my dream, I have never, in the past ten years. That is 3650 days. I can't believe it. Well what ever, today was the day that the new guy moves in to the apartment next door and I had to make something good. Maybe I should make a cake. Or I could buy one. That sounds the best right now, cake.

As I get my light jacket and boots I hear noises in the hallway. "That room right there. No, not that one the next one." I shook my head and grabbed my keys. Opening my door I saw boxes lining the hall way and many men brining more. Even I don't have that much stuff... and I am a chick!!

Locking my door I turned around with my eyes looking down at my feet and not realizing that there was a man in front of me, a blonde boy I must have seen before but I just don't remember. As I am watching him he is looking at his phone and I am too dazed to move, not even blink. When he runs into me we both fall back words, kind of like a dejavu thing but it couldn't have happened. Could it?

"Sorry I didn't see you there." he mumbles not looking up from his phone.

"Its fine, I was just to dazed to move." I blush, glad he isn't looking. "I am Maddy. Who are you?"

"Niall, I am Niall and new to this apartment." He looks around. Not much of the social type, noted.

"Well Niall it was nice bumping into you, literally but I have to go." I say dusting my self off and walking towards the stairs that lead to the parking.

"Maddy!" Niall exclaims putting his hand on my elbow. "It was nice bumping into you too, maybe we could again tonight?" He looks so hope full, I will have to tell my family I have plans so I can't come visit them this week. I mean I did last week so I can skip this week right?

"Sure, sounds fun. Bump ya later." I smile walking down the stairs. Looking forward to 'bumping him' later.

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