We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


1. New Begining

In dance class I was the one who got all the moves down within the first ten minuets. In class I was the one in the front row with straight A+'s. I was the one that every one wanted be partnered with. I was the most popular girl in school. Then it all changed when I was kidnapped and taken to a new place with new people and a new bunging. This was going to be a change. And I defiantly do not like change.


I know this was a really short start but I just wanted to introduce Maddy and the starting problem.

i also want to say that this one is also dedicated to one of my friends, this time Maddy. After this one I am taking suggestions if anyone has them.

Thanks all and have a good weekend. I will update this every Monday. Or as many as I can. Thanks to all and I wish you all fun Imagining.

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