We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


3. Just a dream

As I was running I found myself lost, witch wasn't a bad thing at this time but I just don’t like getting lost. As I keep running I find myself at a dead end, I turn around and see a mad Harry and the other boys with him, whatever it was I felt last night, definitely gone. I turn back around and cut though yards until I find myself on yet another street. When I look back again I think I lost them until they come running also, and with how tired I am they are gaining behind me.

In the middle of my thoughts I feel myself hit something and fall back. Looking up I see a really handsome man, tall-ish with blond hair that is fake, I can tell by the brown showing at the scalp.

“What would such a beautiful girl like you be running from at this early hour?” He asks with a thick irish accent. God I love irish accents... any way back to the story.

“My kidnappers, they are running after me.” I point behind me and he nods unbelievingly. I look around and they are gone. “They were driving and then I ran to a dead end and ran through yards to get away from them and they followed me on foot... I thought.” He nods again and I get up unstably. Grabbing my waist he helps my stabilize myself.

“I am Niall by the way.” He smiles and I see Harrys car speed up the road and stop about ten yards from where I am standing. Obviously furious he hops out of the car and storms up to Niall.

“Why are your arms around my girl?” He shouts, Niall removes his hands from my waist and my heart drops to my toes, as little as I know about this guy I would love to get to know him but Harry is going to ruin that.

“Harry knock it off, he was helping me up after I fell, I was unstable and he was helping.” I say help the second time so that it can sink into Harrys thick skull that he was no more than a friend for now, who knows where this relationship could lead after tonight. “Also, I am not something that will allow anyone to claim. Not you, not anyone. And for you to think that after you kidnapped me that I would be ‘yours’ is sick, no one wants that responsibility, that is why none of the others stayed, and quite frankly I don’t blame them and in less than 12 hours of being here am about to do the same.” I add, out of no where getting a huge boost of confidence. His hand reaches up to slap me and as his hand should connect with my cheek I jolt awake, in my apartment, not remembering the dream I just awoke from.


I am back with my 1st of 4 chapters. How did you all like it? Hmmmmmmm? I know it was all a little strange but I didn't like where this story was headed so I decided to end what I started without starting over.

Got a question for me or the character(yes it is back to one because no other ones are technically there since it was a dream)? Post it in the comments

Have a idea for the stor? Post it in the comments

Have any comments or complaints? Post 'em in the comments! (((Seeing a pattern???)))

Thank you all for reading, I hope to get 3 more in ASAP.

Thanks again and happy reading.

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