Rachel feels as if she is not loved. She bounces from guy to guy hoping to find that feeling she once felt so long ago. She has nobody to talk to and nowhere to go. That is, until her parents send her off to live with her cousin.


2. Leaving

I paused as I looked down into the box. I slowly reached for the little silver hoop that sat in the pile of pictures and meaningless pieces of yarn. It was cold in my fingers but quickly warmed to match my temperature. I rolled it around in my fingers examining it, it's exactly the same as it was when he gave it to me. He had the twin to this ring, the other promise ring. We gave them to each other before he left. Like Louis, he promised to return, also like Louis, he never did. He also never bothered to talk to me again, also again like Louis. they were alike in so many ways.

He left when Louis did, they both auditioned for the X-factor, but I don't think he made it very far, I haven't heard of him since. Obviously I've heard of Louis, he's famous now. He's in One Direction. I never watched any of the X-factor shows and I refuse to listen to their music because it reminds me of Louis, as soon as it comes on, I switch it off. Anything related to One Direction, I tune out. I don't even know how many people they have in their group. Four? There might be five.

I wanted to throw the picture away, crumple it up and put it in the shredder. I wanted to go to the ocean and throw the ring as far as I could, let it sink to the dark depths of the ocean floor. I never wanted to see them again, they just hurt too bad, broke my heart even further beyond repair. I thought he loved me, but I know that he didn't. If he did, he would've come back. Or he could've at least called and told me why he wasn't coming back. Didn't I deserve that?

I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the only things I had left of him. I couldn't do it. I had to keep them, to know he still existed and it wasn't all a dream, it was the only proof I had that he was once mine.

I shoved the ring into the same pocket as the picture. And then stuffed the backpack back under my bed. I went over the corner of my room where the carpet was worn. It was my sleeping corner. I laid down and curled up into my ball. I quickly fell asleep, eager for morning to come.


I woke up early, the sun was just starting to rise. I guessed it was about 7:00. Perfect, I would get ready, and my mother would think that I'm leaving for school, but I would really be getting on a bus and heading as far away from here as I could get. My father wouldn't be home, he would be at work already.

I quickly walked down the stairs and headed for the door.

"Rachel wait a second. We need to talk to you." My mother tried to sound nice. It didn't fool me.

I froze in the door way. She said we, not I. They were both here. I looked out the window and saw his red pickup. Yep, he hasn't left for work yet. This is bad, I'm defiantly going to get in trouble again.

"We have decided, that since you don't seem to be fitting in here, that we're going to move to London." my father said sounding happy.

My eyes narrowed in suspicion, something wasn't right here.

"Well, we aren't, you are!" My mother cheered.

There it was. "I'm not going." I said getting mad. He was immediately glaring at me.

"Why not? You will love it." Mother asked.

"I said, I'm not going." I repeated sternly.

"You are going. There is nothing you can do about it, the decision has already been made." My mother said, excitement replaced by authority.

"Why do I have to go? There is nobody there for me to stay with." I refused to think the name.

"You are going to stay with Louis, we already called him. Your plane is set to leave in 2 hours, we have to get you to the airport."

"I don't want to move to England, and I defiantly do not want to stay with Louis!" I yelled now.

"Get in the car." My father said and I didn't dare challenge him. As much as I dreaded going, I would like to live another day, so I got in the car.

The whole care ride there was silent. When we stopped in front of the airport, I half expected them to come in with me and buy me a ticket. Who am I kidding? They weren't going to come in with me. My mother handed me a one way ticket to England and a little folded up piece of paper with, what I assume would be, Louis's address on it before I got out of the car. I paused and waited to see if they would say anything when I closed the door, but they didn't. As soon as the door was closed, they were moving and on their way home.

I stood there for a couple seconds before I turned around to go into the airport. I followed the rush of people into the building and to security. I made it through without a problem and went straight to my gate. They weren't loading the plane yet so I decided to sit in the uncomfortable chairs right outside the gate.

"Hey." And unfamiliar voice said rather close to me, I opened my eyes to investigate.

"Uh, hi?" It came out sounding more like a question. This boy looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where I knew him from.

"So where are you headed to?" He asked sitting down across from me.

"Um, England. You?" I tried to be polite.

"Same, I've been in America for almost a year now, but I live in England."

I was about to answer when I heard screaming.

"Harry!! Harry!! It's Harry guys, there he is!!" And I saw it, a huge mob of screaming girls.

"Sorry, gotta go!" Harry - I assumed - yelled over the noise, and he was gone in an instant.

I watched him as he practically ran to a gate, about three down, and enter it. It was immediately closed behind him by security guards. Wonder what that was about?

I forgot about it as somebody announced announced that my flight was boarding. I made my way over to the gate and handed the lady my ticket.

"Have a nice flight." she flashed me a smile.

"Thanks." I tried to smile in return.

I made my down the tunnel and to the plane. It was empty, I was the first one on board. I went over to my seat. Second class, in the back, right next to the bathroom. This should be a fun flight. At least I had the window seat.

I sat down with my bag at my feet. I buckled my self up and looked out the window, I watched the conductors on the tracks, all dressed in bright orange. I watched them wave of a different plane, filled with people.

I looked back inside my own plane, also filled with people. There was nobody sitting by me yet, I hoped it would remain that way. I spoke too soon.

A very nerdy boy walked all the way down the aisle and settled himself in the seat next to me. He had light brown hair, slicked black, a pair big black glasses, and he had suspenders. Yes, he had suspenders. I almost started laughing at how clumsy he was, he tripped over his own feet twice on the short path to this seat.

"Hi." he stuck his hand out.

"Hey." I said kindly, shaking it.

"I'm Geoffrey. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. I'm Rachel." I said turning back to the window.

"Are you aviatophobic? It's the fear of flying. 6.5 percent of the world's population is. No need to get down on yourself for it, I was too until I had my first flight. Now I'm over it. It's a piece of strudel." He spat out random information.

"You realize that the phrase is 'piece of cake' right?" I tried holding back my laugh.

"Yes, but I don't really enjoy cake. I prefer strudel. If I don't like cake, that would make it hard for me to do something rather that the other way around as the phrase was intended. So therefore, I use the word strudel." He explained. A simple 'Yes.' would have sufficed.

"Oh," I decided I wouldn't be asking him too many more questions, "I think I'm going to get some sleep." I said, closing my eyes. Maybe he'd get the idea that I didn't want to talk to him anymore. He did. He shut up after that.

I didn't sleep to make Geoffrey stop talking to me, I also didn't want to think about the events coming up. Living with Louis, and of course, the biggest boy band in the world. Most teenage girls would die if they ever got this opportunity. Not me, the day couldn't come sooner that I would be allowed to live on my own. But of course, my parents would have to call Louis and tell him that it's okay for me to be on my own. They wanted to 'protect' me. Whatever.

Soon enough, I fell asleep.

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