Forever and a Day

Mikayla was just a normal teen, she fell in love and had her heart broken many times, then some one came around that would once again hold her heart but he was not just any person. His name was Harry Styles. Known as the player of the pop world Mikayla stood on guard of her heart until she was 100% sure she could trust the beautiful boy with the curly brown hair. Maybe, just maybe, she will put down the guard right away, maybe for the first time she will fall in love with some one that falls out of love.


19. Sweet Memories


Harry and I have been dating for three years now. It has been great, every four months I got to spend one with him. This is the month I have off and it is three weeks to christmas. I have his gift in my purse that I am carrying out the door and walking to the car where Harry stands. I see the people running to the door I am just exiting. I look over to Harry, he is motioning for me to come, this is not my first 'party' , this happens every time I come home since the second or third time. I crab a tight hold of the roll behinds, I got just before I got out here, and ran. I ran to Harry and his car that we have had since soon after we had a serious relationship. As we got all my bags put in the back of the car and hoped in the passenger seat. As we did I leaned over the council gave Harry a quick kiss. As we pulled out of the air port I took a nap. Jet lag sucks and unfortunately from LAX to London was a huge time difference! It is 6 am here so it would be 9 pm back there, and that is when I usually pass out from exhaustion. When I woke up the car had rolled to a stop in front of our history. Our child hood, with "SOLD" signs on them. "I can't believe that our old homes are sold." I whisper getting out of the car. The daises I planted before I left where still blooming and almost in full bloom. Running my hand along the railing to the front door I turned around and Harry came with a pair of keys and walked in. "Harry... this house is sold... it isn't my moms home anymore... Lets leave before we get into trouble by the new owner." I back out of the door way as he continues. "Harry really.. what if the new owners come around I don't want to be here... And you should give them that spare key back.." I knew my Mother gave Harry the keys but I don't get why he still has them... The house is sold... "Mikayla. You and I are the owners, I bought the house as a surprise to you." He smiles and pulls me into the house and to the middle of the wooden floor hallway. "I bought both the homes so that we can make a huge house that spans the two yards. You can have the green house if you want it we can have out own gym and indoor pool. We can have anything. Everything." "Harry, I don't know I mean, I would love to but what if...." he interrupts me, probably knowing what I was going to say. "You didn't let me finish." He leads me to the back porch where the stream I was always forbidden to even consider putting a fingertip into. When we get to the stream the lilly-pads are in full bloom and it was beautiful. Harry kept up small talk while we where walking, telling small tales of when we where kids all the way up to when he got on the plane ride with me. "All I could think about was what you said in the air port and I couldn't stand to have that be the last thought on my mind as I was saying good-bye so I got on board with you. I knew from that moment that all I wanted to do was live with you until the day one of us dies, then meet the other side of after life when the other comes." He gives me a kiss and I look down blushing and see the sea shell that I once found in the stream but never got because I was always told not to. When I look up again he is down on one knee pulling out a little Tiffany box from his pocket. "Now that you have heard all the stories I remember, will you, Mikayla, promise me to one day, find the time for marriage?" I put my hand on the Tiffany box. "I don't know...." I looked Harry in the eyes. "Oh," clearing his voice he stood up and avoided my eyes. "Hey now you didn't let me finish." I joked putting my hand on his elbow. "What I was saying is I don't know if I can find the time in my schedule in the years to come to only be engaged..." He is now looking me in the eyes with confusion. "How about christmas? Only have our closest family and friends." Harry nodded and swirled me around. After he put me down he got the wring out of the box and onto my wring finger. I was engaged, to the love of my life. Nothing could be better. Not until christmas.

---Christmas Eve----

It is the day before I am going to be married and by tradition I am not supposed to see Harry. Before Callie, Maddy, Lily, and a few other friends "Kidnapped me" I left my christmas present for Harry on my pillow. I would have liked to see his reaction when he opened up the movie series he has been looking for but couldn't find for months on end. As I left I kissed his forehead and grabbed my bag with clothes and some overnight things. With my bacheloret party tonight I needed rest if I wanted to go shopping with my friends and a "no alcohol, all fun" night. This is going to be a long time until I can see him, when I am walking down that isle in my white dress about to be married to Harry. With every moment that draws closer I am exited to become Mrs. Mikayla Styles.


I woke up and Mikayla was gone but a wrapped present was on her pillow. I opened it and saw that it was the movies that I have been looking EVERYWHERE for. And she found them. Yess. I can not wait until the moment she becomes my Mrs. Styles. I hope she feels the same.

------------At the wedding-------------------


As I was prepping for my wedding with my "prep team" who where already in the bridesmaids dresses. I looked at my dress one last time before putting it on. "Do you think Harry is going to like it?" I step into the dress and look at my sister, mother, and friends.

"Girl, if he don't i'll slap him." Maddie commented while doing my hair.

"Same." Callie and Lily said in unison. Lily doing my make up and Callie zipping my dress.

My dress was a strapless dress that clung tight in just the right places and had a low-ish cut I mean it shows cleavage bit not much. At the hips it fluffed out and lightly tapped the floor, and swished when I walked. When I span it was really a beauty as the white overlapped white and made a "swoosh" sound, I loved it. Honestly this is the perfect wedding dress for me. The shoes well they are tall so that there are no issues after the pastors second to last line. Other than that they where white with a little creme on the edge by me feet.

"Oh. Look at you." Callie gushed. "My ikkle Mikayla is finally taller than me."

"Oh my gosh Callie great way to ruin the mood." Lilly looked up from the make up box where she was pulling out eye liner.

"Well sorry for wanting to make a statement." Callie sarcastically huffed and continued on. "So why didn't you have this all professionally done? Like your hair and make up and all?"

"Well. I don't know it just didn't seem right going anywhere else I mean who cares about fame and fortune when you have friends and family who have been here since... Forever."

My sister came back into the room after talking to mom, but pulled Callie to the side.

--Callie's POV-- (what i had to.. I made this)

"The groom and best men along with groomsmen are gone." Emily whispered trying not to alarm any one.

"What do you mean they are gone?" I ask her pulling out my phone and calling Liam.

"Well they where here and now they are gone... But Gemma, Robert, Anne, along with all the other boys' family is here.." I walk off shaking my head

"Hello?" Liam answers.

"Liam where in the hell are you and the boys?" I ask walking out of the church.

"We had something to take care of." Well that is nice. Precise to.

"Care to explain?" I put the phone on speaker and sit down.

"No, not really." He sounds like he might but he probably wont.

"That sucks you are going to." I am not backing down.

"Well... Harry has.." He paused and didn't continue... This is wasting my time

"Cold feet?" I look back to the door making sure no one is coming..

"Well... Not exactly.." Not exactly... What the hell?!

"Then what?" Growing irritated I breath the words out.

"Well.." He paused.

"For Christ's sakes Liam spit it out." My words feel like pins being spit out. Sharp and to the point.

"Well it just so happens that he had something to take care of at the homes and will be back as soon as he can." Liam had to have been caught talking to some one and was covering his sorry ass.

"Well tell him to get his ass back. Mikayla is expecting to walk down that isle in 15 mins. And if she isn't I am telling her Harry has cold feet." I hang up and walk back into the church.

"Emily?" I poke my head into the room and motion for her to come along with Mikaylas mom. Once they are out I tell them what is going on and that I will be back, I am going to the house and seeing what the heck they are doing. They nod and I march off to the car.


When Emily pulled Callie over and Callie left for a bit, I thought something was up. Then when Callie pulled my mom and Emily over when she came back that pretty much confirmed it; something is up.

When my mom and Emily came back I asked them what was wrong. All I got was.

"Nothing." And "Don't worry about it, Callie is taking care of it."

"What is Callie taking care of?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Then tell me."

"We aren't even sure if there is a problem so lets just continue your hair and make up."

--Liam POV--

Knowing Callie she came out here while we where cleaning up.

"What the hell do you think your doing. Get all of your asses to that church now!" She yelled.... She is pissed. Oh dear.

"We have one more thing to do." Harry came forward in his tux and plane tickets in hand.

"Fine. Go do it. But as soon as you do I call Mikayla and tell het you have cold feet." She crossed my hands and propped her weight on her left leg.

"Please, don't do that. I was finalizing our honeymoon. All I have to do is make sure she knows nothing about it until we get to our destination." Harry holds up the tickets. She looks closely at them and it has a bunch of locations that Mikayla has always wanted to go to but has ether no time or, four years ago, no money.

"Do it later." Callie huffs. "Cause now we have four mins to drive a ten mins drive." She turns around and we all shuffle to get in the car.

---------------Mikayla walking down the isle.--------


Once Callie got back she told me everything but the location. I was relieved.. But right now all I have to think about is walking to the neat of the song and well, not sprinting to him. Slowly I got there and slowly the Pastor spoke his lines and finally it was my turn to talk. "I Mikayla, take Harry.." Well you know the rest.


When those doors opened and I saw her... It was like I had never lived until this moment. She was the definition of beauty even of she didn't think so. That dress. That was.. Holy crap I can't wait until we are alone tonight... Thats all I have to say right now....


Hi guys. One more chapter! God I am going to miss this but I was running out of ideas. I am going to skip the reception cause honestly there is noting I can come up with to say except one thing but I have something in store for that. (:

So it is going to ship to after the honey moon, after the first kid. Wooow time difference. I know, but there is a reason.

I love you guys so much. Don't forget to comment!

Callie xox

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