Forever and a Day

Mikayla was just a normal teen, she fell in love and had her heart broken many times, then some one came around that would once again hold her heart but he was not just any person. His name was Harry Styles. Known as the player of the pop world Mikayla stood on guard of her heart until she was 100% sure she could trust the beautiful boy with the curly brown hair. Maybe, just maybe, she will put down the guard right away, maybe for the first time she will fall in love with some one that falls out of love.


17. Packing up


It took about an hour but Harry made his way out of the bathroom. He didn't say much for a little while, but when he did it was just him and me in my bunk. me playing on his phone while he created the "Harry hair" with my hair that fell just past my stomach.

"I have been thinking." He whispers and it makes me jump, he hasn't spoke in hours.. maybe to the boys a little but not to me. "You should go." he pulls on a strand that fell on to my shoulder while he had his concentration on another section of my hair. "I mean, I will always be here. You will always have me here to visit if you need me. We could stay together, as boyfriend and girlfriend, and talk everyday on Skype and calling and text. I will be here when you fall and help you right back up." I think about his words, he is trying to do what is best for the both of us but it just isn't going to work that way.. I mean, I am not one for long distance relation ships.. That is why I had to call it off with Joe when he left right after our freshman year.

"I will make sure to fall a lot then." I smile and look back at him, I don't want to wreck this decent mood. Smiling like a lunatic he leans in and kisses me.

"I will be there to catch you each time." He whispers and our lips connect again.



After about half an hour of X-box and a pack a beer (with the help of Louis, Zayn and mostly Niall) I headed back to the bunks to apologize to Harry and Mikayla for my pour behavior, I stop in the door way when I hear it.. him talking to her, her talking to him. With words that I once spoke to Danni."I mean, I will always be here. You will always have me here to visit  if you need me. We could stay together, as boyfriend and girlfriend, and talk everyday on Skype, and calling and text. I will be here when you fall and help you back up."

"I will make sure I fall a lot then."

"I will be there to catch you each time." my blood ran cold and I walked in ready to get the apology over with so I don't have to hear anymore. When I walked in there I saw her and him.. Him and her.. Harry and Mikayla.. kissing.. well eating each others faces practically.

I clear my voice and their lips part looking at me. Harry has the look of "What the hell man?" and Mikayla, "Well this is really awkward.."

"Well I just wanted to say that I was sorry for getting drunk and sleeping with Mikayla and then being suck a dick this morning." I fake a smile and leave the room.

When I leave I make the mistake of looking back and see that Mikayla has taken Harrys look and Harry now has "Well, that was point less." I will show him what is point less...



When Liam came into the room Mikayla and I where in a mid-make-out session and he had to rouen the mood. Just because Danielle saw the true him about a month ago and dumped his arse. Honestly, he deserved it. He is the one that was too over protective of everything. If a coffee mug was put in the wrong cupboards he flipped. I kid you not I was put in the corner of my own home for not doing the dishes after dinner.... I feel bad for him don't get me wrong, but that does not mean I agree with what he did.. He was just a jerk to every one.

Well enough with that crap. I have my girl to be with and give my full attention too!!



Well we have another pissy person aboard and it is Liam. I am not quite sure what crawled up his ass but it needs to come back out and now. We have a consort tonight for Christ's sake. Plus all of us are getting sick and tired of this piss pour attitude of his that he has had for the past... too long to count... Well 'spose it is time to get Mikayla and Harry so that we can watch our movie.



The whole night I couldn't get the immege out of my mind. Him and her kissing.. Harry wants to see pointless he should look at her. She is obviously way out of his leuge. I mean, come on, can no one but me see that all he is doing is going to hop in her pants and leave her in the dust? Nope, it's just me.. At least that gives me time to plan how to look like the good guy when he does. It is about time she takes notice in others. She has had her mind too focused on him for too long and it is ticking me off, like that one time when Harry first went back home.


--Flash back--

I was walking up the front porch step with my bags, just behind Harry. Anne was kind enough to let us stay for a bit until Harry sought the attention he was looking for in a girl.

As I was grabbing the last bag in the car a girl jogged by, turning into the home next door. Turning to Harry she grimaced and unlocked the door.. Not even noticing my presence, right next to Harry.. I had to say this girl was really good-looking and I wanted to get to know her better.

"Good looking isn't she?" Harry asked probably asking about... what ever.. I absent mindedly replied about the jogger next door.

"Yeah, she sure is." I smile, blushing a little.

"Well that was Mikayla. She is who I am trying to get to come on tour with us. She," He pauses and looks at me sternly. "She is off limits to any of you." Harry closes the trunk to the car in one swift move, and headed inside.

--End of flash back--


"She is off limits." The words rang in my ears like bells in a church. Walking to the couch I grab a soda pop and sit down mapping out my plan. Each time I hear those three words in my mind I reply with "So was Shaniece" and continue my work.


Ohhh snap. Who is this girl? What happened? What is Liam planning? What will his plan be? Woow.. wait Liam was in this story before the book whaat? 

The fist four questions are questions you should predict the answers or at least one in the comment box.  I am going to answer right now. No I did not speak of him because I just thought of this idea... But there is going to bd more to explain the absence of him with all the drama with Harrys moms house . But yes LIAM WAS THERE but don't back track cause it doesn't talk about him. Sooo yeap...

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Love youuu allllll!!!!!

Callie xox

P.S. I know this is really short..... But it was full of action so that makes up for it... Also if you want to see what I was thinking for "Harry hair I will post the link below in the comments where you should be heading already to post your ideas.

Lovveeeee youuu

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