Forever and a Day

Mikayla was just a normal teen, she fell in love and had her heart broken many times, then some one came around that would once again hold her heart but he was not just any person. His name was Harry Styles. Known as the player of the pop world Mikayla stood on guard of her heart until she was 100% sure she could trust the beautiful boy with the curly brown hair. Maybe, just maybe, she will put down the guard right away, maybe for the first time she will fall in love with some one that falls out of love.


7. Lets talk

After Gemma left the room I did too leaving Harry on his knees hugging the air were, just moments ago I had been crying. Once in the bathroom I lock the door and lean on it. Pulling out my old slide up cellphone I text my friends Callie and Maddy. "SMS. At Harrys house, please don't ask.. just come get me out of here, I'll explain later. Thanks."  By then Harry is at the door hitting it and screaming words at me, I just ignore and focus my attention on the texts I am getting and how I will be getting out of here.

By the time I had planned my exit I had texts from Maddy and Callie, many actually. "Be there soon." Read Callie's, on the other hand, Maddy replied "Can't come, sorry, at state competition for dance, tell me all about it tomorrow!!" Others where from Callie mostly asking where I am and why I am not coming out of  the home. "Be out soon. Gotta get past the player." I text back as fast as I can and press my ear agents the door and listen, for anything, movement, whispers, breathing, anything. Only hearing my breathing and heartbeat I slowly turn the door handle and push the door as quietly as I could. Peering out it was plain that Harry had left the hallway and was somewhere else, tiptoeing down the hallway and to the living room where I see Harry in a chair with his head in his hands and his body shaking like he was crying, haha right, Harry? Cry? Never, not the Harry I know. I successfully get to the door when Harry looks up and sees me. Crap, I was almost there.. 

"Please, just let me explain..." He walks forward with tears running down his cheeks and his eyes all swollen.

Looking away I whispered. "There is nothing to explain Harry.  I just need time."

"Time? For what?" He asked shocked at my words.

"TIme to think this all over, to think wether I want to become closer to you, time to decide if I even want to go touring with you anymore or if I will just stay here and try to forget that this all happened, that I ever fell for you again."

I twist the door handle and bolt out to the car that has been waiting for me.


*******Harrys POV***********

Time? She needs time? She was in the bathroom for about, 15 mins and she wants more time? How long will it be? Will she know before I leave? Were is she going? I saw her get in a car with the one girl that helped me with information about Mikayla in high school. Like that she loved music so I put her favorite bands latest CD in her locker and said it was from a secret admirer. When she told me  that she liked the vanilla bean noel hand lotion from bath and body works I got it for her from a secret admirer.  When I heard that she wanted to go see Austin Mahone in concert I got her three front row tickets to see and meet him, once again from her secret admirer. Then came the bet, I was 16, and stupid, the bet was that if I could get her to guess it was me and date me within a month I would get $100 dollars from all of my friends, that is $1,000 dollars. Who would pass up that deal if you were 16 again. Not you right? Well I tried, but one day I over heard that she was dating my friend Max, the one who put the deal out there. As soon as I knew that I went ¨up to him and asked what he was thinking going out with some one that I was trying to ask out. His only answer was a smirk and putting his arm around her waist putting his hand around the girl I love. That girl was only a toy to him. This was nothing but a bet that went on behind my back from all my friends, that if he got her before I did he would get double from each of them, that is $1,800. He got that money and I paid up mine, and shortly there after, left for the X-Factor thinking and hoping if I just walked away from everything, that it would all disappear. I was wrong. My ache for her love just grew stronger as the days went on. That is when I started dating any one and everyone. That is my story... then I thought, and kept thinking. My story... My life.... Story of my life!! It was a song that me and the guys where working on I called her and as soon as it went to voicemail I sang my parts.

*****Mikayla's POV*****

Callie and I sat in the parking lot of Dairy queen listening to the voice mail Harry left, over and over again. Callie looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Let him explain, call him, put him on speaker and tell him to explain." She whispers. Nodding I do just as she says and call him.

"You picked up!" He breaths. With the sound of tears still lingering in his voice.

"Yeah, look Harry, we need to talk." I say trying to keep my voice steady.

"What about?" He asks with hope peaking out of his voice, through the phone and into my heart.

"Let's start with the story behind the bet." I speak, bracing my self for what ever is coming.


Hey guys, I know this one probably isn't the best one but a lot has gone on in the past two days even so I just didn't want to talk much about relation ships so I cut off there.

Next week it will cary on where it left off and it will talk about wether or not Mikayla will go with Harry or if they will get together or not, only two people know. And that is how it is going to stay. Thank you all so very much for reading and for all my sisters reading this, thanks for helping me get through friday, that really meant a lot to me.:') Well any whoo. 


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