The Real World: You'd Hate it, I do

Ever wondered if monsters are real? Demons, werewolves, vampires? If they do, what are they really like, and what about angles?

If you want to know, just read this book. It may seem like a work of fiction, but it shows the real world around us all. My name is Angel Demon Hybrid, at least, that's what the guys in the lab coats called me. I changed it, my name is Poison Revenge Death, but everyone calls me P. My family and I are freaks of nature and see what are stories and what are facts about this world. If you read this, you'll start to see the signs of the real world all around you and you'd hate, I know I do. Read if you want to know the truth.


3. Chapter 1

What's your first memory? Was it eating ice cream with your parents, fighting with your siblings? Was it a warm feeling of love? How about laughing at your dad as he tickled you?

If so, your lucky. My first memory was when I was two, to the day. How do I know? I was exactly 731 days old, it was a leap year. I felt this pain, and I screamed and cried. That made the pain worse. A man with a bald head, who was really pale, with huge goggles on. He pushed a needle into me harder, making me scream and cry to be left alone. Again it made the pain worse.

Then, it all went black. I remember a few months later, the same man was pushing a needle into me, harder than ever, yet I stayed quiet, tears barely pricking my eyes. I had learned that the more I cried, the more pain I was in.

After that, until I was exactly four, the days passed the same way. I was tested on, never ate or drank, my only source of nutrition was an IV. Then, the transfusions started.

I was put into a room with two other girls, one with black hair, another with strawberry blonde. One was exactly three, the black haired one, another exactly five, the strawberry blonde. I was the one with brown hair. We were all pale and too skinny for comfort, but we knew nothing about comfort. We weren't even in a womb, we were conceived and born from a test tube.

Each of them got a bag of blood. Strawberry, as I decided to think of them back then by hair color, got a bag filled with a purple-red colored blood. Black got a pale, almost white, pink bag of blood. They were each infected and the drips started.

I was the odd one, I got two bags. One was like Black's, a pale, almost white, pink. The other was a dark navy blue, almost black, with a shimmer of red. One was injected into each arm. After a while, everyone of us started to shudder, then try and rip apart the room. We were strapped down and gagged.

It took almost an hour for us to stop. Then we were taken away. This went on for another year. During that time, I got sick and tried to claw my hands of for no reason. I couldn't help myself and I was more scared that normal. No scars were left though.

After a year, the transfusions stopped. Then came the side effects. My hair suddenly turned red with white hair scattered so that it looked pink. My back started to ache and at 5 1/2, I had two wings, fully grown. They were white and black, the pattern always changing. Sometimes, one would be all white and the other black, other times, they would be black with white flecks, and vise versa. Most of the times, they would be one color with the opposite around the edges of every feather. My face changed, and I barely noticed.

I had a normal color, barely pale at all. My face was thin, with big eyes. One eye was a navy blue while the other was a pale pink with flecks of blue.

At exactly six, I met Black and Strawberry again, only they weren't Black and Strawberry. The men wanted to see how we reacted towards each other.

Black's hair had turned totally white, not platinum blonde, white, with a silver shine. She had wings of white with blue flecks. Her face was older, she had a flawless pale complexion, with the exception of a few freckles, with a symmetrical face. Her eyes were a beep and pure blue, bluer than sapphires with flecks of pink in them. She was as tall as I was, as was Strawberry.

Strawberry now had blood red hair. Her face was paler than Black's and was the same, flawless. Her cheeks had a bit of color in them and her face was a bit chubby, but all this made her look even more dangerous, that wasn't including her dark red, almost black, eyes with orange and fire red flecks.

We all had one thing in common, we could See. We didn't just see what we were suppose to, but we Saw everything that was hidden, from our aura, each the same color as our hair, and through the one way mirror glass.

Through that, we saw two little boys, each young. They were about three and identical. Both were kept in deprecate cubicles made out of the same one way glass that ours were, we each had one. It consisted of a light that they controlled, a white tile floor and nothing else. They controlled the temperature and even the humidity.

After a while, I was ten now, the boys, now one had orange hair and the other had a dull gray, joined us. We weren't allowed to talk, and we couldn't anyway, the men had put a white muzzle like thing on us.

That didn't stop us from communicating, though. In the four years we were together, us girls had found that we could see through each other's eyes and hear their thoughts.

Soon, we were all convinced we needed to get out of here, not that it needed much.

We didn't get a chance for another six years. The boys were 12, I was 16, the redhead was 17, and the white haired girl was 15. We still had no names. Actually, the men called us names. I was Angel Demon Hybrid, white hair was Angel Human Hybrid, redhead was Vampire Human Hybrid, the gray haired not was Werewolf Human Hybrid, and the orange haired boy was Werecat Human Hybrid. We hated the names that the Goggles had given us. We had come to call them that because of their goggles. We learned a lot from watching and listening to the Goggles.

We all learned to read, able to write, and even about genetics and sciences. It also helped that VHH (Vampire Human Hybrid) could go into their minds and learn anything and everything that the person had learned. And no, only what the person had learned, not their experiences or emotions (that would have scared us all).

That day, we found a four year old boy. He was different, Goggles called him Autistic Male Human. From past knowledge from one of the Goggles, we knew what autism was. It basically made the brain work differently, some were great with one thing and couldn't even do another. Each case was different and, for the first time in our lives, we started to plan.

Two weeks later, just before the blood transfusions were about to begin, we escaped. I'll spare you the boring details, suffice to say, VHH could force one of the thousands of Goggles that work in our lab, as we learned. She also couldn't take total control, but could push the Goggle in the right direction. He stopped right after opening the boy's room, which was right after ours.

So, what did we do? Easy, VHH killed him, she was closest.

It's been almost six months after our escape. We've learned a lot, but it was good to start somewhere. The first thing we did when we got out was to buy some clothes, actual clothes. And, well, we just picked them out, some rich snooty chick bought them for us. We. . . convinced her to.

Now, after a semi-peaceful few months, things started to get out of hand. Oh, and we all changed our names. My name is Poison Revenge Death, white hair's name is Angel Angelica Death, VHH's is Red-Dragon Of Death, orange hair is Chris Cattus (cat in Latin) Death, gray hair is Wyatt Canem (dog in Latin) Death. The little boy's name is Scorpius Dragon Death.

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