Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


28. ......

Everyone clinks their glasses together whilst cheering. I can feel myself grinning at everyone. I stand at the edge of the kitchen just watching everyone when I feel someone slip their arm around my waist. I look up to see Justin smiling at me.

"You alright?" He chuckles

"Yeah... Definitely.... I think" I giggle

"Ryan's fitted in quite well" he laughs nodding in a direction.

I follow his nod to see Ryan talking to Jen and Jena.

"Well it was only a matter of time" I grin

"Your right" he nodded in agreement

Justin leans in a plants his lips on mine. Just as I go to raise my hand to his face he pulls away. I frown at his expression. He looks mad.

"What's wrong?" I ask

"Have you been drinking" he replies

"No.. Well yes I had a swig of wine, buts that it" I admit

"Why would you even do that" he hisses

"Justin you're overreacting" I sigh

"Don't be so hypercritical" he sniggers

"Have you been drinking" I frown

"Yes. But I'm not pregnant" he shrugs

"Look we will talk about this tomorrow, wen you're not drunk" I state

I walk away and push through my guest. I reach the back door and open it. I step outside and sit down on one of the garden chairs. I watch as the moon reflects of the pool. It looks rather beautiful. My thoughts are interrupted by a noise behind me. I turn to see Josh making his way over.

"Sorry to bother you" he chuckles

"No worries, sit down" I nod towards the seat

I watch as he clumsily sits in the seat.

"You enjoying yourself" I smile

"Yes. Thank you very much for doing this" he holds up his glass and then realises I don't have one

"Sorry" he mumbled sheepishly

"Don't be haha, I was never really a drinker before I got pregnant anyway" I assure him

"Oh I see... May I ask what it is you're doing out here all by yourself" he asks

"You just did and I like it, you know just watching the night sky and all that other soppy shit" I giggle

"Yeah, it is a beautiful night" he smiles

I smile back at him. I watch as he takes a swig of his drink. I look back a the back door and see Justin standing there, staring at us. I smile at him and he turns away and walks off. Strange. I better go see what's up.

"Excuse me Josh, there's something I gotta do" I say politely excusing myself

I stand up and walk back inside. I leave the back doors open so that people can go in and out. I bump into Ryan on my way to try and find Justin.

"Hey ry, do you know where Justin is?" I ask

"Yeah, he said he didn't feel to good so he went upstairs to lie down I think" he nods

"Thankyou" I smile

I walk up the stairs and head over to my door. I knock on it before entering.

"Go away" I hear Justin mumble

I walk in regardless. I look at him. He is facing the opposite direction to me. So he don't know it's me. I slowly undo my dress and let it fall to the floor. I grab his t-shirt that's lying on the ground and throw it over my head before claiming onto the bed with him.

I slide my arms around his body and hug him from behind. I start to leave little kisses in the crook of his neck when he turns over to face me.

"Hello" I awkwardly smile

"I'm sorry about earlier" he apologises

"Don't be. I shouldn't of even had a sip of that drink. I'm the one who should be apologising" I admit

"I thought maybe you was confiding in Josh and that really pissed me off" he states

"No, we was just talking about the sky" I chuckle

"I love you" he kisses my forehead softly

"I love you two" I mumble into his neck

After about 15 minutes I realises that there is still a party full off people downstairs.

"We better go down" I mumble

"Do we have tooooooo" he whines

"Yes" I giggle

We stand up and he chuckles when he sees that I'm just in his top and nothing else. I shrug and head out of the room. He catches up to me on the stairs and slings his arm around my shoulder.

We walk into the kitchen to see just Woody and Lenny in here.

"Outside" Lenny smiles

"Thanks" I nod

We walk over to the door to see everyone is outside, no one has decided to leave yet. I scan the garden and then realise that someone is in the pool.

I run over, leaving Justin at the door to find Jen in the pool.

"What are you doing" I laugh

"I got pushed" she sighs

"Come on" I giggle offering her my hand

I pull her out and lead her back inside. I quickly run it other bathroom and grab her a towel. I wrap it around her and notice that she is shivering.

"Do you want to borrow some clothes" I suggest

"No thank-you" she replies

"But you're freezing" I frown

"I wouldn't fit into your clothes anyways" she shrug

"Don't be stupid" I playfully hit her

Before she can say another word I run upstairs to grab her some clothes. I open the door and gasp at what I see.

Ryan and.....

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