Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


3. Thankyou

I stood up and started pacing back and forth. Omg. What if we can't find him. I love Mally to pieces. Fuck fuck fuck. 

"Fay, calm down" Justin soothed

"Calm down??? How am i supposed to fucking calm down" I snapped at him

He put his head down and then left the room. I instantly felt bad, but what sort of comment was that?? Calm down? No. I needed to find Mally. I walked out of the front room and headed towards the kitchen. I started calling his name hoping he would come running out and jump on my shoulder. No luck. I stopped calling and put my hands in my head. I started thinking about where he could be when i heard a faint noise, it sounded like scratching.

I turned my head to where the noise was coming from and quietly moved closer. I was standing out the pantry door and the noise was louder. I slowly opened the door and Mally jumped out. I grabbed him and held to my chest. He must of been looking for the food and the door closed behind him. I walked back into the front room with Mally wrapped around my neck. 

"Julia, i found him" i sighed

"Oh misses Williams, i so sorry" she bowed her head

"Don't worry, it's not your fault, Mally shut himself in the pantry room" i assured

She gave me a weak smile. I smiled back and then went to find Justin to apologise for snapping at him. I walked upstairs and put Mally in his bedroom, we had turned one of our guest rooms in a monkey room, i then headed towards my room, i slowly opened the door to see Justin sitting with his back to me on the bed. I slowly crept in and wrapped my arms around him.

"Sorry for snapping" i whispered in his ear

"It's fine" he sighed, holding onto my arms

I kissed his neck and then rested my head onto his neck. 

"We should get ready" he suggested

"For" i frowned

"The party" he laughed

"Oh yeah, i had forgotten" i smiled, getting up from the bed

I grabbed my outfit of the side and stripped down to my underwear and changed into;


I turned round to face Justin with a big grin on my face

"What do ya think" I teased doing a little twirl

"Love it" he smirked

I laughed at him and then headed over to my dressing table so that I could doing my makeup;

I smiled at myself, i was proud of how i had done my makeup. I stood up and faced Justin who had been getting ready behind me. He didn't want to go OTT with the dressing up, so he had a pair of jeans on, with a black t-shirt that had a leopard pattern on it. I smirked at him

"What" he laughed

"Lemme do some facepaint on you" i pouted

"No way" he chuckled

"Pleaseeeeeee" I pleaded, fluttering my eyelashes

"Fine, but only a tiny bit" he gave in

I jumped up and down and then grabbed my eyeliner, i drew a love heart on his nose, and added a few whiskers. I stood back and smiled. 

"Done" i smiled

He looked in the mirror and a little frown formed on his perfect face. It soon disappeared and was replaced by a small smile. I grabbed my leopard ears and put them on my head, pushing my hair back a bit. I looked in the mirror just to make sure everything looked good. I felt Justin's grab my waist and lift me into the air, causing me to laugh. He carried my like this all the way downstairs. When we reached the bottom he placed me on the floor.

I grabbed my keys and run off to the door. Justin went to follow and then stopped to go check on Julia. I headed out to the car without him and climbed into the front seat. I started up the engine and waited for Justin to come out. He come running out of the house and jumped in next to me.

I put my foot down on the accelerator and sped off down the road. We finally reached the party venue. It was at some big club, i couldn't remember who was the host. Justin had told me a few days ago, but i've already forgotten.

I turned of the engine and climbed out the car, i was greeted by Justin who grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the entrance. We walked in and pushed past people so that we could get a drink. Justin ordered for the both of us, he turned around holding two drinks, handing one to me. I took it and sipped through the straw. I recognised a few other celebrities here, but most of the people i didn't know. 

I turned to face Justin and noticed that he was having a conversation with some boy. When i took a closer look i realised it was the same boy who had come up to me that night i left Justin. I took a step closer and wrapped my arm around Justin's waist causing him to look at me

"Twist, this is Fay my finance, Fay this is Twist" he introduced us

"Hey" I smiled, embracing him in a hug

"So this is the misses" he laughed

"Yep" Justin chuckled

"You done well biebs" he stated, hi-fiving Justin

"I did indeed, Fay, Twist is the host of this party" he informed me

"Oh i see, well thanks for the invite" I smiled

"No problem babe" he grinned

Babe, i hated that word, well unless it was Justin calling me it. I faked a smile at him and then excused myself to go to the ladies room. I walked away from the boys and headed to the toilets. I didn't need to go, but i didn't want to stand with them and make awkward small talk. I finally found the loo and walked in. As i did i could hear crying. I walked towards the cubicle where it was coming from and slowly pushed the door open to reveal Miley Cyrus.

"Oh, um i'm so sorry, i heard crying and yeah, sorry" i apologised

"Don't worry" she tried to smile through the cries

"Are you ok?" i asked

"Yeah, i'd appreciate being left alone" she replied

"Yeah sure" i answered, closing the door

I walked out of the toilets and tried to find Justin again, i knew he was good friends with Miley, so maybe he could help her out. I made my way back to where we was before but there was no sign of him. I carried on walking around like a lost puppy until i finally found him, i wish i hadn't.

Justin was in a booth with that Twist kid and a few girls, who i didn't recognise. I trusted Justin with my life, I knew he would never cheat but i still hated seeing girls throwing themselves at him. I walked towards the booth and when i reached it one of the girls turned to me 

"This is a private booth i'm afraid. Besides no animals are allowed in here" she laughed, she reminded me of Holly big time

"Well i'm afraid what you're doing isn't very private, and i guess you should leave then" i smiled

"Ha funny, i was invited here, unlike you" she hissed looking me up and down

I looked at Justin who was about to say something, but i spoke up before he could, i didn't want him fighting my battles for me, i was a big girl. 

"I think you need to get your facts right before you try and say stuff" i scoffed

"Asif you would be invited anywhere, i'd be embarrassed to be seen with you" she laughed in her whiney voice

I don't know why, but that stung a bit. I wasn't very confident, even though i was considered a celebrity. It didn't mean i was confident, especially with the way i looked. Before i could stop myself i threw my drink over her face. I heard everyone in the booth gasp at what i had just done, i even heard a snigger, which i presumed come from Justin. She looked up at me with a furious expression plastered on her face

"You're going to regret that" she snarled, taking a step closer to me

Before anything could happen, Justin jumped up and stepped in between us both

"What are you doing Jay" she frowned

Jay, bitch that's my nickname for him. I could feel myself burning up. I was suddenly so angry. 

"Just stop it" he spat

"Why the fuck are you defending her" she asked in disgust

"Because i'm his fucking fiance" I growled from behind Justin

"Yeah right" she sneered

I went for her but Justin held me back, i was furious. I didn't care if i was making a fool out of myself, there was no way i was going to let her call me a liar

"Justin, take your pet back home" she sneered

"Melissa, that's enough" he hissed at her

"There you go again! Defending her!" she whined

"Because she's my finance" he snapped

Her face was priceless, pure and utter shock. I felt a smirk form on my face, Justin reached down and grabbed my hand. He looked at me with an expressionless face. 

"Well, i feel sorry for you, you could do so much better" she shrugged, addressing Justin

Was she trying to hint that she meant herself. EW. 

"No, i've got the best thanks" he replied, calmly

Without another word Justin pulled me away. We walked until we was standing by the car. We both climbed in silently, Justin was driving us home. He started the engine and pulled out of the car park. Half way through the journey he spoke up

"What was you thinking!" he snapped

Wtf. Was he having ago at me!? Oh hell no

"What the fuck do you mean" i hissed

"Fay you just embarrassed yourself in front of everyone in there, you made a scene for no reason" he argued

"Fuck off Justin, i really ain't in the mood" i growled

"I won't just fuck off Fay, that was embarrassing for me as well! I had to step in and defend you! I shouldn't have to be put in that situation by you!" he yelled

I could feel tears forming

"Well maybe we shouldn't be together if i'm too embarrassing for you!" I shouted

"Maybe so" he snapped

The tears started to fall and i bowed my head down so that Justin couldn't see. 

"I didn't mean it like that, i'm sorry" he spoke, a lot calmer

"Just take me home" I whispered

We pulled up outside the house and before Justin could say another word i jumped out the car and headed towards the front door. I slammed the door behind me and ran upstairs. I grabbed some shorts and a tank top from my room and then locked myself in the bathroom, and the tears started to flow. I looked at myself in the mirror.

I was in such a state. My face was half black from where the makeup was now running down it. I grabbed some wipes and started to take my makeup off. When it was all off i changed into the shorts and top. I threw my hair into a messy bun. I went to unlock the door but i heard footsteps outside the door so i stopped. I slid down the door to the floor and sat there crying. I heard a soft knock on the door

"Fay, please open the door" he pleaded

I ignored him

"Fay, look i'm really sorry about what i said, i didn't mean it, i was just angry" he sighed


"Come on, come out so we can talk" he spoke


"Fay, please, i want to sort this out, besides i feel like a creep talking to a door" he went on

I let out a little chuckle

"I heard that, come on, we can sort this out" he sighed

I stood up and placed my hand on the lock, debating on whether to unlock it or not. I decided i would. I slowly turned the lock and opened the door.

"Thankyou" he smiled weakly

I walked past him and headed to our bedroom. He followed. I sat down on the bed and he sat next to me.

"Fay i didn't mean what i said, i was just so angry, not at you, but at Melissa" he started

"But you took it out on me, which isn't fair" I mumbled

"I know" he replied, with a guilty look

"And you said, 'you shouldn't have to defend me' but isn't that part of being in a relationship" croaked

"I know, and i'm sorry i said it, i didn't mean it, of course i'll always defend you, i love you Fay, always will" he assured

"It hurt" i confessed

"I'm so sorry, i don't ever want to hurt you" he choked 

"I know" i sighed

"Will you forgive me" he asked

"I suppose so" I whispered

I felt his arms wrap around me, he lent down so that his mouth was right next to my ear


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