Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


24. Stage

Justin face light up when he heard those words leave my mouth.

"We are having a girl" he stuttered

"Yes" I smiled

I watched as a tear fell down his face. I felt tears start to stream down mine, so now we was both sitting on the beach crying our eyes out. I laughed at the thought of what we looked like which made Justin start laughing as well.

I stood up and Justin done the same and without another word we embraced into a hug.

"I love you" he mumbled into my ear

"I love you two" I whispered

We pulled away from each other.

"So what now" he asked

"We go home" I replied

"Oh" he nodded

"Together" I added

I watched as a small smile crept along his face. I held out my hand for him which he took and we walked back along the beach towards our cars. I said goodbye and climbed in my car and headed home, followed by Justin. I parked inside the drove and walked towards the door. I walked in and sat in the front room and waited for Justin to arrive.

The front door slowly opened and Justin soon appeared in the doorway. I patted the space beside me and he slowly sat down. I had missed him so much and wanted nothing more than to throw myself at him right now.

We both sat in silence, it was becoming awkward. I decided to do something about it.

"So, urm where have you been staying" I asked

"I went back to Canada for a few weeks and then the last couple days I've spent in a hotel in town" he answered

"Oh I see" I nodded

"Look Fay" he began

I cut him off by placing my lips on his. I moved so that I was now on top of him. Our lips moved in sync. Slowly Justin stood up and I wrapped my legs around him and he headed upstairs and into our bedroom.

He rested me onto the bed so he was now on top of me. I started to undress but then stopped.

"Stop" I sighed pulling away from him

He frowned and rolled over so he was laying beside me.

"Did I do something wrong" he asked

"Not at all" I assured

"Well then what?" He asked

"I just don't feel like its a good idea, especially whilst I'm pregnant" I answered

"Oh" he nodded

"Look I'm rea.." I began

"It's fine, don't be silly. I'm just happy to even be here" he sighed

"Thank you" I whispered

I moved closer to him and he wrapped slowly wrapped his arm around me and I rested my head onto his chest. It didn't take long before we was both fast asleep.

*Justin's POV*

- 3 months later -

It's been 3 months since I moved back in. It's been great. We haven't argued once and I plan on keeping it that way. I love Fay with all my heart and losing her made me realise how much I really need her.

That one month without her was the worst month of my life. I hardly ate or spoke to anyone. I refused to do any interviews or anything. I was in a really bad place, and then she called and turned my whole world around.

The love of my life is currently 7 months pregnant. She's got a bump now, it's not huge considering how far gone she is, but the doctor has assured us that everything is fine.

Me and Fay have a interview on Ellen today. I loved Ellen man. She was such a down to earth person and she is hilarious. She's one of my favourite talk show host.

"Justin" Fay called from the downstairs

"Yeah" I called back

"Hurry up or we are going to be late" she yelled

I chuckled and grabbed my sunglasses before running downstairs. Fay was standing by the door in heels, leggings and a loose top. She didn't even look pregnant. It was crazy.

I flashed her a smile and she shook her head and laughed as we left the house. We climbed into the car that had been sent for us and it headed towards the studio. When we arrived we both climbed out and headed inside.

We were led towards the part of the stage in which we would be introduced on. The door slid open as Ellen called our name. We both walked out and waved at the crowd. I lent in to give her a hug and Fay did the same.

We all sat down and the crowed quietened down.

"Well what a treat it is to have you both bam in" she laughed

"What a treat it is to be here" I chuckled

"It's always a pleasure" Fay smiled

"I ward you two broke up" she jumped straight to the point

"No, just a break" Fay answered

"But everything's alright now right" she asked

"Of course" I smiled

"Good cause I love you two, especially together" she grinned

"Well thank you" I laughed

"So how far gone now" she asked Fay

"7 months" Fay grinned

"No way" she gasped

*Faith's POV*

I stood up an flattened my top against my belly so you could see my bump. As I done I felt something move and realised she was kicking.

"She's kicking" I grinned

"Here feel" I added grabbing both there hands and placing them on my stomach. I watched as both of them smiled when thy felt her kick again.

"Amazing" she grinned

I sat back down and smiled

"Had any ideas for names" she asked

"Well we've thought of a few, but haven't decided on one yet" I shrugged

"Well you know some people name their kids after people who inspire them" she hinted

"Oh really" Justin grinned

"Yeah, so like if you want you can totally name her after me" she shrugged

"We will keep that in mind" I laughed

"Good" she chuckled

We both laughed

"Justin" she began

"Ellen" he laughed

"How do your fans feel about the whole situation" she asked

"Well I think most of them accept it, like they just want me to be happy and that's why I love them" he smiled

"But" she pried

"But some of them are like die hard beliebers who don't want anyone to have me, and so when me and Fay first started dating I tried not to rub it in their faces, like I tried to hide it kind of thing, which I hated to have to do, but like me and her are married now and my beliebers need to understand that" he answered

"That's must be hard though man, cause some of your beliebers generally believe that you are theirs and that you are going to stay theirs forever" she said

"Yeah sometimes it is really hard, but I always pull through and in one way I am theirs like not actually their to posses, but their always a part of me that is going to belong to them and that's my music, my music is for them but the rest of me is for Fay" he grinned

"And Fay it must be hard seeing nasty comment a from Jay's fans, cause I've seen some of them and some of them are vile" she addressed me

"Yeah it is, but Justin helps me through it and I've just learnt to ignore it now because there is so many positive comments from his fans and mine. Some of the comments I do get are nasty and some of them do hurt but it makes me feel sorry for them because you must be really upset with your own life to have to try and make someone else's life a misery" I answered

"Wise words" she laughed

"My gals a wise one" Justin laughed

"She is indeed" she laughed

"Thanks guys" I grinned

"Right so I here you guys are going to perform for us" she spoke

"We are indeed" I laughed

"Well then the stage is all yours" she gestured

We both stood up and walked over to the little stage.

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