Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


10. Ordeal

*Justins POV*

It's 8am, i haven't slept a wink all night. My mum called and said that the scumbag had been arrested. I had carried Fay in from the cab last night as she fell asleep. We both were in shit. Big shit. I don't know how i was going to get us out of this. 

Maybe we would just have to keep a low profile for a while? I know that Kanye West done that before, when he got up on stage and was rather rude about Taylor Swift. He moved to Japan for like a year, and has just recently come back on the music scene. 

No, i couldn't do that. I didn't want to do. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Fay groaning. I turned my head towards her and she was smiling at me. I weakly smiled back, i felt so horrible for what i had done last night, just announcing it like that, and everyone heard. 


*Faiths POV*

Justin was sitting on the bed when i woke up, he looked like he was thinking. I let out a small groan which made him look at me, i gave him a smile and he smiled back. I sat myself and moved closer to him. I rested my head onto his shoulder.

"What are we going to do" i sighed

"I don't know" he whispered

"No matter what, we stick together ok?" i declared

"Of course baby" he smiled, turning to kiss my head

He stepped up from the bed and headed towards the shower. When he shut the door i grabbed my phone of the side. I decided i might as well see what people were saying about me. I opened up my news app first and sure enough there was a headline about last night. 


Last night at the grammy's Justin Bieber lashed out and attacked a member from the audience who was given the privilege to help present the celebrities with their awards. It was then later confirmed that the man was actually the rapist of Faith Williams, who is Justin's finance. Did he find out and go crazy? Did he go about it the right way? Email us and tell us what you think

I closed the app. I didn't want to read bad things about Justin. I opened my twitter instead and read a few of my mentions

"@faithwilliams you deserved to get abused, you're a ugly nobody who can't sing. I hope you die"

I frowned and decided i would reply. It was funny cause the girls twitter name was about Justin.

"@jbfan4ever i don't think you should speak to anyone like that, it's vile. To wish death on someone is wrong and inhuman. If you haven't got anything nice to say, then don't say anything to me at all. 

I continued going through my mentions

"@faithwilliams i heard what happened, sorry"

"Hope my idol @faithwilliams is ok, what a horrible thing to go through :(, stay strong fay #faithiesforever"

'Faithies' was the nickname my fanbase had given themselves. I liked it, and had started referring to it quite a lot. 

The next message broke my heart

"@faithwilliams i hope you're staying strong, the lord knows i had to when it happened to me, mine was an on going torture. I tried every way to get out of it, i've got the scars to prove it. Hope you overcome this #faithies

I retweeted her tweet and quickly replied saying thanks, i then clicked on her profile, she was following me. I followed her back and then dm'ed her. 

Thankyou so much for the tweet it really meant a lot, it was never meant to get out, but now it has i'm going to have to deal with the grief that follows. Also please promise me you won't cut ever again? All my love F x

Justin still wasn't out the shower so i scrolled through my photos and come across one from yesterday, it was a picture taken of me and Justin mucking around at my photo shoot, i decided to upload it;

Caption: Me and J are going through a rocky patch right now. From now on i'm just going to surround myself with people who make me happy. Love everyone who's being supportive of the situation. F x

I opened twitter again and checked my mentions, i had another one from that hater. 

@faithwilliams animals don't deserve to be spoken to like humans, ugly dog... Justin can do so much better than you. I don't know what he see's in you, or what anyone see's in you. I'm surprised you even got raped. He must of been desperate. 

I could feel tears falling down my cheeks. How could a human being be so cruel and disgusting. 

"@jbfan4ever that is the most cruel thing i've ever seen, how can you speak to someone like that. I'm a person, i've never done anything personally to you to make you hate me so much. Also the funny thing is me and Justin are getting married, you're just a fan to him. Now go away. 

I placed my phone back on the side and turned my head to see Justin walking out of the shower room;

"Scooters going to be here soon, you better get ready" he said giving me a weak smile

I nodded and walked into the shower room, i turned it on and climbed in. I washed my hair and body and then climbed out. I wrapped a towel around my hair and then around my body. I brushed my teeth and then opened the door and walked into the bedroom. I headed to my closet. I put on some underwear and then pulled an outfit off the hanger and threw it on;

I pushed the sunglasses up slightly so they were resting on top of my head. I didn't bother putting on any makeup. I walked downstairs to see Scooter and Justin sitting in the front room. I hesitated before walking in and joining them. 

"Great now you're here i can start" Scooter smiled

I gave him a warm smile and took a seat next to Justin. He reached his hand out and slipped it into mine. 

"Firstly Fay, i 'n so sorry about what you went through, anything else happens at all you need to tell us straight away" he instructed

I nodded my head in agreement

"Secondly, the man has been arrested. He is called Mark Clifton. He admitted to the assault and is being charged. He has the court hearing this monday, you don't have to go, but they will be deciding how long he will receive" Scooter informed me

A huge wave of relief rushed over my body. I did't have to hide or pretend anymore. It was over. He had been caught. I felt Justin squeeze my hand. I had a smile forming on my face, which soon disappeared after Scooter spoke again

"There's no easy way to put this guys, you've got two options" he began

"What do you mean" i frowned

"Well you can either go away for a while until everything blows of, like what Kanye done" he started

Well that wasn't an option. I didn't want to hide away for months in some other country. Besides i was getting married in a few months. 

"That's no option at all, whatever the other one is, that's what we will do" i shrugged

"Are you sure" he frowned

"Yeah, why what is it" i asked

"Fay, you'll have to come out about it all" he answered

"What do you mean" i mumbled

"You will have to go on every chat show, interview and radio station, and tell them about your ordeal....

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