Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


23. Girl

My smiled faded as soon as I saw Justin's face. He looked so angry. I gave him a weak smile which only made his frown grow. As I walked towards him he folded his arms over his chest.

"What's wrong" I asked

"Are you serious" he hissed, only loud enough for me to hear

"What are you going on about" I frowned

"Did you not see yourself out there. You're meant to be my wife and you was acting like that" he gestured

"And you're pregnant" he added

"Are you for real, I've seen the way you dance with your dancers and I don't complain. So don't even go there" I yelled, causing people to stare

Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me into my dressing room.

"That's different" he replied

"No its not" I exclaimed

"It is" he insisted

"Look, we both know it's not. I'm going home. Please don't follow me" I sighed

"What do you mean" he mumbled

"I think you should find somewhere else to live for a little while. We've been married 2 weeks and all we've done is argued. I think some time apart will be for the best" I informed

"But I don't want that" he begun

"It's not about what we want. It's about what's best" I cut him off

Without another word I turned around and left. I ordered a taxi home and walked inside. I changed into a pair of pyjamas and went straight to bed.

*1 month later*

Me and Justin haven't spoke for a month now. He listened to my wishes and hasn't come home. I've got a scan today. I wanted to go on my own and then I would meet Justin after and we would talk about everything.

I walked upstairs and threw on a white track suit and put my hair up in a ponytail. I walked back downstairs and slipped on my white converse and left the house. I climbed into my black range rover and heard towards the clinic. Me and Justin had sued the other doctor, he lost his job, I parked and climbed out the car and walked I tot he building.

I headed towards the desk and gave the lady my details. Luckily it wasn't busy so I was seen straight away. I walked into the little room and was greeted by a smiling lady.

"Hello" she smiled

"Hello" I nodded, taking a seat

"How far gone" she nodded towards my little bump

"4 months" I smiled

"Really, you look great" she lightly chuckled

"Thanks" I grinned

"If you'd like to lay down on the table and lift of your top" she nodded

I climbed into the table and lifted up my top. She walked over and squeezed some gel into her hand which she then rubbed onto my stomach. I finished at how cold it was. I watched the screen as an image of my baby appeared

"Would you like to know the sex" she asked

"Pardon" I gasped

"The gender of your baby" she laughed

"Urm, yes please" I nodded

"It's a girl" she smiled

I felt tears start streaming down my face. I was having a little baby girl.

"Thank you" I smiled

"No worries" she laughed

"Is everything ok" I asked

"Yes, everything looks good to me" she nodded

She handed me some tissue to wipe the gel of my stomach. I pulled my top down and climbed of the table and walked towards the door. I thanked the doctor once more before leaving. I got into my car and pulled out my phone. I typed in a number and a familiar name popped up. I hesitated before dialling it

"Fay" the voice exclaimed

"Hello, urm, could you meet me please" I asked

"Of course, where, when?" He asked

"The beach, now?" I suggested

"On my way" he replied

"Bye Justin" I hung up

Justin had been tweeting a lot since I asked him to stay somewhere else. Things like "need to set this right" or "hate feeling like you've lost someone". It made me feel bad for what I said to him that night, but at the time it was the right thing to do.

I pulled up at the beach and grabbed a pair of sunglasses from the back seat. I slipped them on and opened my car door. I got out and closed the door behind me. I leaned against the car bonnet when I saw a car pull up beside mine.

Justin climbed out his car an walked straight over to me. I gave him a weak smile. He wrapped his arms around me and I hugged back as tears fell down my face.

"Don't cry" he whispered into my hair

I let out a light giggle as we realised from the hug.

"I missed you" he half smiled

"I missed you two, can we walk?" I mumbled

He nodded and we started walking down the beach until we reached a quiet part. We sat down and Justin broke the silence.

"Fay" he began

"Mhm" I murmured

"Why did you call me" he asked

"I think it's time we spoke" I answered

"Same" he nodded

"Look, I miss you like crazy. I want you to move back in, but I can't deal with your mood swings twenty four seven" I sighed

"I know, I'm sorry about that night, I was total your of order, and beside you're the one who should be getting the mood swings" he chuckled

"I want to have ago at making things right again" I nodded

"Me two" he smiled

"So you'll move back in today, but if anything happens then you'll be gone, for good this time. I can bring our little girl into a unsafe environment" I informed

"I understand" he began

"Wait, did you say little girl" he frowned

"Yeah, I had a scan today" I smiled

"And" he nodded

"We're having a healthy baby girl" I smiled

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