Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


16. Demi?

I had my nails done earlier and i was in love with them;

My phone started to ring I leaned forward and grabbed and then resumed my position so that the 

ladies could continue. I answered it and then closed my eyes so that lady could do my eye 


"Hello" I answered

"Fay" the person replied

"Justin" I frowned

"Yeah. Sorry for calling its just i haven't seen you in 2 days and I miss you" he chuckled

"Aw I miss you two, but I'm kind of busy right now, ill see you soon" I smiled

"Okay, I love you" he said

"I love you two" I giggled hanging up

I sat in silence as the ladies finished of there work when they was done I looked in the mirror;

If I hadn't had my makeup done i would probably cried. It looked perfect. I turned and thanked the

girls who were now doing the bridesmaids hair and makeup. Pattie was getting done after the 

girls and I was about to do Jazzy myself

"Jaz" I called

She come running up to me. I placed her down on a chair and started to undress her. As I was 

doing this I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Partie holding to champagne glasses. 

She handed one to me and smiled


"Thanks" I nodded before taking a sip

"No problem" she laughed as she walked off

I turned my attention back to Jazzy. She was now in her knickers and a vest as it was December. It

had been snowing the last week or so and was quiet cold outside. Luckily both venues were 

inside so wearing dresses shouldn't be a problem. I pulled her dress of the hanger an slipped it 

over we head. She looked so pretty. I placed the flower crown gently on her head, her hair had 

been loosely curled. I then slipped on her little white shoes. Once I was done she insisted on 

looking at herself in the mirror;

She turned around and gave me a huge smile

"I'm like a princess" she grinned

"You are a princess" I smiled kissing the top of her head

I turned around to see the girls were done already. There makeup and hair looked perfect. They 

left the room to go get changed into their dresses. Even though Pattie was maid of honour she 

was going to wear the same outfit as the other girls. Once they left I turned to face my dress. I 

slowly unzipped the bag it was in a admired it. I then took it off the hanger and stepped into it. I put

on my shoes and walked over to the mirror. I felt like a princess;

The girls all returned wearing their dresses;

They all looked amazing as well. 

"You look like a princess as well Fayfay" Jaz grinned

"We can be princesses together yeah" I laughed 

"Yeah" she smiled

I grabbed the bouquets from the side and handed them to the girls;

Jaz had a little basket filled with petals. I then grabbed my bouquet of the side;

Now I was ready to go. I headed downstairs and opened the front door. In front of my was a huge 

horse drawn carriage. A little gasp escaped my lips. It was beautiful. I climbed inside along with 

Pattie and Jaz. The other girls were getting to the place in another cart. We weren't getting 

married in an actual church as I wanted to decorate the place and make it more christmassy due

to the time of year. When we pulled up outside the venue I was greeted by Scooter who opened

my door for me

"Fay you look amazing" he grinned

"Thankyou" I blushed

We sent Jaz in with Caitlin. Once we got informed they were at he end we headed towards the 

doors. Scooter linked his arm in mine and opened the doors to reveal my beautifully decorated


I looked around at all the guests as I started to walk down. Followed by Pattie and Demi. My 

grandparents were here, but that was it from my family, Justin's family was here, along with our 

friends, and on top of that celebrity friends were also here. I looked up at Justin who was....crying?

Why was he upset? We finally reached the end of the aisle. Before the vicar started I leant forward

and whispered in his ear

"Why are you crying" 

"Because you look perfect and you're all mine" he whispered back

I pulled away and smiled at him. I felt a year slide down my face. That was so cute. The vicar 

began and it finally arrived to our vows. After we exchanged them the vicar asked us the most

important question ever

"Do you Justin Drew Bieber take Faith Williams to be your lawful wedded wife" he asked

"I do" he smiled

"D you Fait Williams take Justin Drew Bieber to be your lawful wedded husband" he asked

"I do" I smiled

"You may now kiss the bride" he nodded

Justin took a step towards me and placed his hands gently on my face lifting my head up to face 

him and he lent down and our lips attached. The room erupted into applauses. I pulled away from

Justin and had a huge grin on my face. We followed the vicar into the room to sign the registry 

papers along with Jeremy, Pattie and Scooter. After we signed everything we left the building and

were attacked by flashes from the photographer that we had hired for the day. Ironic, usually we 

want to hide from them and now we are paying someone to take our pictures. As we walked

towards the car I looked down at my ring;

It was beautiful, Justin had brought a customised ring, so that it was more special for me. I loved 

him for little things like that. We drove to the venue and when we arrive we stepped out and

headed inside. It was beautiful;

I looked around the room and noticed my cake sitting in the corner;

Everything was perfect.

"Finally Mrs Bieber" Justin winked

"I know! How weird is that going to be" I grinned

"Very" he chuckled

He lent down and kissed me again, this time we was interrupted by someone tugging on my 

dress. I looked down to see Jazzy standing there with Jaxon. 

"What's up guys" I smiled

"Can we have a drink pleaseeee" they grinned

"Course" I laughed 

I headed over to the bar followed by the kids. Drinks were free for everyone. Me and Justin were 

paying. Which could end up in a bad situation if people drink to much. I grabbed the kids a fruit 

shoot each and handed them to them. I then poured myself a glass of wine and grabbed a beer for


I headed back to where I had left him. I handed him the drink and he smiled at me and then gave 

me a kiss on the cheek. The room was getting rather full now. Most of our guests were here. I 

walked over to the stage and asked the DJ for the mic quickly 

"Hello everyone" I began

Everyone turned and looked at me, waiting for me to continue

"Just letting everyone know the food is going to be brought put now and will be along the back 

wall, the bar is over there and drinks are free all night and lastly have a good time" I laughed

handing the mic back

As I stepped of the stage I was greeted by Jeremy and Pattie

"Hello darling" she smiled

"Hey pats" I laughed giving her a hug

"I can finally officially call you my daughter" she chuckled pulling away

"I know" I giggled

"You looked beautiful" Jeremy smiled pulling me into a hug

"Thank you" I smiled pulling out of it

"Have you am Justin picked the song you're going to dance to" she asked

"Yep but that's a secret" I giggled

"Fine" she pretended to huff

"I can't wait to see you guys get on the dance floor and dance" I joked

"I've got a few moves" she winked 

We spoke for a little longer before they left to  get drinks. I walked around saying hello to a few 

people when I noticed Demi wasn't here yet. I stepped outside into the cold night and pulled out 

my phone and dialled her number. It rung and rung. I could hear a faint ringing noise. I followed the

noise, and it got louder and louder until I found the source. I lent down towards the phone and 

picked it of the floor. If Demi's phone was here why wasn't she? Where the fuck was Demi? 

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