Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


12. Amazing

"Mam, i need you to be serious" the lady huffed

"I am" i growled in frustration

"Whatever, i'll send someone over" she replied hanging up

What a bitch. I walked over to Justin and lifted up his head so i could sit down, i rested his head gently on my lap. I looked in his eyes, i swear to god i got lost in them, i felt like there was nothing around us, i snapped out of my trance by the sound of his raspy voice

"Can i have some..water" he coughed

"Sure" i nodded

I headed into the kitchen and made him a glass off water. I walked back and he had sat himself up, i handed him the water and sat beside him. 

"We're so fucked up" i sighed

"What do ya mean" he croaked

"Just look at us" i shrugged, throwing my hands in the air

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and hugged me from the side. 

"Everything will be fine, i promise" he soothed

I rested my head onto his shoulder, we stayed like this for a few minutes until we heard the doorbell ring. I stood up and walked to answer it. I opened the door to see a police officer and paramedic. I smiled weakly and let them in. 

"He's in here" i spoke heading towards the front room

We walked in and Justin turned his head to face us, i heard a faint gasp escape the officer and paramedics mouths. Oh so they thought i was lying about being with Justin Bieber as well. Great. The paramedic walked over to Justin and started asking him questions and examining him. The officer turned to me and spoke

"May i ask you a few questions mam" he asked

I nodded my head and led him out of the room and into the second living room. We both took a seat and then he spoke

"Do you know who the intruder was?" he asked

"Well kind of, i don't personally, but they were Mark Cliftons parents" i sighed

"Mark Clifton? The man who was arrested the other day on a rape charge against that young lady" he frowned

"Yes" i nodded

"What was they doing here" he frowned again

"I'm the young lady" i whispered

"Oh, mam, i'm so sorry" he began

"Don't be, i just want you to do something about this situation" i cut him off

"Certainly, can you tell me what happened" he smiled warmly

"Well, there was a knock on the door and Justin answered it, and then i heard arguing so i went to go and check what was going on, there was a woman and a man standing at the door, and when the lady saw me she went crazy, then the man grabbed Justin so i screamed and then he let go of him and grabbed my wrists and we started arguing, he wanted me to retract my statement, when i said no he went to hit me but my dogs scared them away" i answered

I looked down at my wrists and they were starting to bruise where he had gripped me so tightly. 

"Thank you mam, we will do everything in our power to get these guys" he smiled standing up

I stood up with him and led him to the front door, i stepped in to check on Justin on the way

"Just needs some rest" the paramedic smiled

I nodded and smiled and led them both to the door. I said thank you to them and then closed the door. I walked into the front room and Justin was sitting watching telly. 

"Come on" i ordered

"What" he frowned

"Bed" i laughed

"Noooo" he whined

"Come on please, he said you needed rest, i'll come with you" i smiled weakly

"Fineeee" he groaned 

He stood up and started to walk up the stairs. I followed him and we walked into the bedroom. I stripped down to my underwear and Justin done the same. We then climbed in bed and fell asleep. 


*2 months later*

Marks parents were arrested, his mum got away with a fine, but the dad is serving 6 months in prison. Me and Justin are getting married in 2 months. I can't believe how close it is now. The last month consisted of me and Justin going on multiple radio stations, chat shows, etc so that i could explain my story. I done my last one yesterday. From now on if i didn't want to i didn't have to tell my story. I was rather relieved to be honest. My and Justin have gotten a lot closer, which i didn't think was possible, over the last month. Life was going great. 

Today me and Pattie have gone wedding shopping, today i'm going to choose my cake, dress, venue and all the other bits and bobs. I was so excited!!!! Tomorrow was my engagement party!!!!! We had already booked out this massive castle, the one which i filmed my music video for Unconditionally in, it was perfect. It had been decorated all white. I had already brought my outfit for it. I was so excited. 

"Ready?" Pattie yelled

"Hang on" i called back

I quickly threw my outfit on and looked in the mirror at myself;

I let my hair fall down my back, i grabbed my bag and run down the stairs. 

"I like your coat" Pattie smiled

"Thanks" i giggled

"Ready" she asked

"Yep" i laughed

We both headed out the door and climbed into my car. It was 12, we had to be back by 6 to pick up the guys from the airport, they were all flying over for the party tomorrow. I didn't mind only have 6 hours to choose a dress as i had already seen the one i wanted. It was going to be perfect. We went to the mall and began shopping. I got everything i needed sorted, i also had time to do a bit of 'me' shopping. We got back in my car and headed home, i dropped Pattie of and she took my bags inside for me and then i sped off to the airport. 

I pulled up in front of the airport and straight away cameras started flashing. How did they even know i was going to be here? I grabbed my sunglasses from the back and shoved them on and climbed out my car. I shut the door and locked it and then headed into the airport. I looked to see where i should wait and found the right terminal. I waited for about 10 minutes and then i started to hear people coming down, i looked up and searched for the guys, after a few seconds i saw them, i'm pretty sure everyone saw them. Chaz was running down the path with Ryan and Christian sitting on his trolley. I burst out laughing, i watched Caitlin as she trailed behind them with a big grin on her face. I turned my back and pretended that i hadn't seen them.

I waited until they walked past me and then run and jumped on Chaz's back, which made him let go of the trolley, which then crashed into the wall causing the boys to fall off. I slid off Chaz's back and crossed my legs to stop me peeing myself from laughing so much. Omg, that was the funniest thing ever. Me, Caitlin and Chaz stood there laughing at them while they got themselves of the floor. People walking past were shaking their heads and muttering things under their breath. Suckers. 

"I missed you'se" i laughed

"We missed you two" they all chimed in

I pulled them into a group hug, when we finally pulled away we headed towards the exit, as we got close the flashes started going off again. Everyone was trying to hide their eyes, unlike me they didn't have sunglasses on. Killer. I sighed and carried on walking, i felt kind of bad bringing this onto my friends. They weren't famous, they didn't need to be treated like this, sometimes it was too much. 

We finally reached my car and all piled in. I drove us to my house and parked in the driveway. We all got out and walked into my house. Everyone already knew what room they were staying in, so they went upstairs to put their suitcases in their rooms, and most probably get changed. I headed upstairs and walked into my room and changed into a pair of pj shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my white robe of the door and threw it around me before heading back downstairs. I walked into the front room and was greeted by Justin who was laying on the sofa in nothing but a pair of basketball shorts. Damn that body. 

I walked over to him and sat on his belly. He laughed before turning over causing me to fall forward and land on my ass. I scowled at him before standing up. He burst out laughing again so i hit him over the head with a pillow. We was interrupted by a cough. We turned our heads to see Caitlin standing there in her pj's. I gave her a warm smile.

"Wanna order some pizza" i suggested

"Sure" Justin chuckled

"I was asking Caitlin, not you" i laughed

"Yeah, sounds great" she smiled

I picked up the phone and dialled the number and order a few large pizza's, i order quite a lot actually because i knew how much the boys liked to eat. I put the phone down and turned to face the gang, the rest had joined us while i was on the phone

"Shall we go into the movie room" i offered

"Yeah" they all nodded

We all headed towards the room, everyone went in and took a seat, there was one sofa left for me and Justin, he went and sat down and i excused myself for a second, i walked into the kitchen and got the dog food out of the cupboard. I put some in their bowls which caused them to come running in from wherever they were. I then grabbed the monkey food out the cupboard and placed some in Mally's personalised bowl. I left it on the side for him, he would come and eat it whenever he felt like it.

I grabbed some sweets and snacks from the cupboard, and a crate of coke and carried it all into the movie room. I put it in the middle of the floor so that everyone could help themselves. I grabbed a coke and sat down, as i was about to open it the doorbell rang. I huffed and stood up and went to answer it. It was the pizza guy, i grabbed the money of the side and handed it to him and told him to keep the change, i held the food in my hands and kicked the door shut. I placed all the boxes apart from one onto the floor, i then went and sat down next to Justin and opened the box for us to share. I took a slice out and bit into it. The food was demolished in under 20 minutes. Guess everyone was hungry. 

I put the empty box onto the floor and opened my drink and took a sip. We had been watching some film one of the guys had put in. It was shit. I had a better idea. 

"Guys i've got a game we can play" i smirked

They all looked at me and waited for me to continue

"Truth or Dare" i smiled

They all nodded their heads in agreement. We moved all the trash to the side and sat down on the floor in a circle it went me, justin, ryan, caitlin, chaz, christian and then me again. 

"I'll start, truth" i smiled

"Boring" Chaz laughed

"Whatever" i chuckled

"How many people have you had sex with" ryan smirked

"1" i answered

"Really" Chaz frowned

"Yeah, why so surprised" i furrowed my eyebrows

"I thought you and J had done it already" he shrugged

"We have" i laughed

"Wait, so you've only had sex with Justin" he asked

"Yep" i smiled

It felt good knowing that i had only had sex with Justin. It made each time more special, knowing he was the only person i've had and will ever have sex with. 

"Now Justin's turn" i smirked

"Dare" he grinned

"I dare you to make out with Fay right here" Chris laughed

We both frowned at him, what kind of dare was that? 

"Fine by me" he smiled

He lent in towards me and planted his lips onto mine. We turned our sweet innocent kiss into a full on make-out session. I could feel his hand traveling up and down my back whilst the other one stroked my leg. I let a smile slip which Justin manage to get access into my mouth from

"Ok, enough" Chaz laughed pretending to gag

We stopped and laughed at their reactions. 

"Dare" ryan smiled

"Make out with Caitlin" Chaz smirked

Ryan had a little crush on Caitlin, so this was probably a dream come true. I looked at Caitlin who had turned bright red. I let out a little laugh. I watched as Ryan slowly leaned in and kissed her, it didn't take long before they were making out, without it being forced. They finally broke away from each other. 

"Truth" Caitlin smiled

"You girls are boring" Chaz whined

 "Do you like Ryan" i asked

Everyone turned to heads to me, i felt like i had said something wrong, but i knew i hadn't

"Urm, kind of" she mumbled

A smirked formed on my face. I knew she did!!!

"Caitlin and Ryan sitting in the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Chaz sung, making us all burst out laughing. 

"Dare" Chaz grinned

"I dare you to eat a raw egg" i smiled

"Fine" he shrugged

I run into the kitchen and grabbed an egg and cracked it into a cup. I grabbed a bowl just incase. I walked back in and took my seat and handed him the drink and bowl. He swiveled it around in the cup before bringing it to his lips. I could feel myself gagging at the thought of it. He took a deep breath and then poured it into his mouth. He pulled a face and tried to swallow it, he then started to gag and threw up in the bowl. Gross. 

"Hey, before we continue i'm going to grab a few drinks" i told them, i stood up and ran into the kitchen. 

I opened the cupboards and pulled out all different kinds of liquors and spirits. I walked back in with all different bottles and red plastic cups. I handed everyone a  cup and poured myself a vodka and lime, i let everyone else help themselves. I gulped the drink down and poured myself another, and another, and another. I was quite a party goer. I loved a drink. I could feel the drink rushing to my head, i think i was a bit drunk already. 

"Dare" Chris laughed

"Strip" i grinned

His eyes grew wide, his sister was in the room with us as well

"Just to your boxers" i giggled

I could feel Justin tense up beside me. Oops. Chris sighed and then began to take off his clothes until he left in just his boxers. I applauded him before pouring myself another drink, i was now onto straight vodka. I necked the drink down my throat and poured myself another and then another one. I was now onto my 8th cup. I was definitely drunk. 

"Dare" i smirked

"I dare you to jump into the pool" Ryan laughed

"Fine" i sung

I stood up and let my robe drop to the floor. I shimmed my shorts down my legs and let them fall to the floor. Justin stood up and stood in front of my

"What are you doing" he frowned

"Going in the pool" i slurred

"Fay" he said sternly

"Justy" i mimicked

He frowned at me, i could see he wasn't comfortable with this

"Jay, it's just like a bikini" i assured him

"Fine" he muttered

I pulled my top over my head and stood there in my underwear. I then realised i was wearing a thong. I run out of the room and headed towards the garden. As i stepped outside i instantly regretted choosing dare, it was freezing! I wrapped my arms around my body and made my way to the pool, well stumbled. I stood by the edge and shifted my weight from each leg. I looked into the water and took a few steps back before running and jumping, as my body hit the cold water i screamed. I could hear everyone laughing at me. I could feel my lip quivering from how cold it was. I felt like an ice cube. I was freezing. I walked towards the stairs. Justin was standing at the top of them holding open a towel for me. 

I stepped out of the pool and he wrapped the towel around my freezing body, i gave him a big grin, he shook his head and laughed. I knew he couldn't stay mad at me

"So...so....sorry" i stuttered 

"Fay, you're freezing" he frowned, wrapping his arms around me and leading me inside

I stumble along with him, my legs then decided they would become like jelly and i lost all feeling in them. Justin grabbed me quickly before i hurt myself. I let out a little giggle. I wriggled out of Justin's arms, which i shouldn't have done, because i ended up on the floor. I burst out laughing, the others had all gone back to the movie room. 

I started to crawl along the floor when i felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist and lift me into the air. I turned my head slightly to see a annoyed Justin holding me. I smirked at him and he frowned. 

"My prince" i slurred

"Yeah yeah" he chuckled

"Put me down" i smiled

"No way" he laughed

"Please, you won't regret it" i smirked

He looked at me and raised his eyebrows before slowly setting me down on the floor, still holding onto my waist. I had lost the towel that was once wrapped around my body. 

"Let's go upstairs" i teased

He licked his lips, but then shook his head

"No, i don't want to take advantage of you, when you're in this state" he sighed

"Justin, i'm telling you to take me upstairs" i growled

He looked at me and licked his lips, he wouldn't be able to resist much longer. I wriggled out of his grip and turned away from him and started walking out of the room, making sure to wiggle my butt as i left. I then popped my head into the movie room

"Me and Jay are going to bed, see ya tomorrow" i slurred

I turned and saw Justin standing in the middle of the hallway. I bit my lip and looked at him seductively. A few more seconds and he would cave in. One, two, three, four, BOOM. Justin smashed his lips against mine, he lifted me into the air and i wrapped my legs around his torso. He then headed towards the staircase, when we reached the bottom he carried me up and walked into our room, shutting and locking the door behind us. He laid me down onto the bed and stared at my body for a moment


*Justin POV*

I laid Fay onto the bed and then took in her beauty, she was so perfect. I slowly climbed on top of her and our make out session started up again. I could feel her tugging on my basketball shorts. I let her take them off. We climbed under the covers and i tugged on her panties. She nodded at me indicating it was ok for me to take them off. I slid them off and threw them on the floor. I then slid of my boxers. She stroke her hands up and down my body, getting lower and lower each time until she finally grabbed onto my member. 

She moved her hand up and down slowly, causing me to let out a little moan. I looked at her and she had a smirk on her face. I smiled at her before moving my hand down to her legs. I slowly parted them, and she guided my member towards her and then I slipped inside. I started going slow and she placed her nails into my back. She let out soft moans every now and then. I let a little smirk for on my face. I started to thrust harder and faster, causing her moans to get louder and louder. 

She dug her nails deeper into me back. I didn't feel no pain, just pleasure. I let out little grunts now and then. She then decided she wanted to be in control and flipped us over. I placed my hands onto her hips and guided her beautiful body up and down, but she didn't need no guiding, she was perfect at this. She started slowly and then built up her speed. I let out a little moan which made a smirk form on her beautiful face. She lent forward a bit so her face was closer to mine and moved her torso up and down rather than her whole body. She lent down and placed her lips onto mine, she then worked her way down to my neck, before she could do anything i flipped us over again. 

I went slowly while i left little kisses along her neck, i then started to suck on a bit of her neck, she was definitely getting a hickey. I sucked and sucked and she let out little moans every now and then. When i was finished i looked her in the eyes and flashed her a smile which caused her to giggle, oh her beautiful laugh. I picked up the pace and she bit onto her lip and closed her eyes, which only turned me on more. I really picked up the pace and i could feel her arching her back underneath me. 

"Jusssst" she tried to say

I smirked at her

"Jusssssstinnnnnn" she panted

"Fay" i smirked

"I'm so close" she teased into my ear

I smiled and started to slow down but i went deeper. 


We were both done. I let out a laugh, the whole neighbourhood probably heard her. I went limp and rolled off her and laid next to her. She turned so she was laying on her side and looked me in the eyes. I flashed her another smile

"That was amazing

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