She's tougher then she looks

(1D not famous) Alicia Rays, regular girl, pretty, friendly, smart, innocent? Don't think so.
Alicia Rays, pretty, friendly, brave, fighter? ya... thats more like it. People think she is innocent but she is far from that but what happens when Louis Tomlinson wants to meet this innocent girl?
Includes cussing and more!! do not read unless you are over 14.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Daniella's P.O.V

Yes i did run out of the lunchroom for no reason. I mean... Alicia is one of my best friends and i just can't believe she likes Niall or Niall likes her. It's not like i like Niall.. do i? I don't even know him how could i like him? but he seemed so sweet.... and he is soooo- NO!! I can't like him... It's against the girl rule book... but then again Alicia always gets the guys so maybe i should just get this one guy because he is really the most- NO STOP IT!!! Ughhh what's going on with me?? I guess I'll just express my feelings in a Poem. (a POEM guys not a song). 

"To live and love with you and be one forever

To be near you so i can reach out and touch you

To laugh with you, cry with you, talk with you and be quiet with you."

I said and wrote in my Poem journal. I closed the book and put it in the drawer.... I'll continue that later. I flopped on my bed and looked at the white painted ceiling. "Why can't i get a guy to treat me right?" I whispered to myself, "How come whenever i see a guy i like he is in love with the one and only Alicia? What's so special about her? Why are they so oblivious? They can't see how i feel.... and it's always Alicia. I mean... she is my friend and a great one but they never see how much I CARE. How much I care for them and their stories and jokes and hugs and kisses" At this point i was crying. "WHY AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH???!!!!????" I yelled. "you are" I heard a voice whisper. "You can be good enough.. show them how good you can be" I sat up and looked around the room and saw Eleanor. "Did you hear all that?" I asked. "yes" she nodded, "but don't worry i won't tell anyone." "do you know who its about?" I asked nervously. "Yes" she nodded again, "well at least i think so... It's about Niall, right?" "ya... But not just him... It's just Alicia she gets all the guys and they never realize that I like them. Alicia changes them and they become bad people... They never realize what she is doing though... they are so oblivious and it makes me so frustrated" I said. "You know.." She started "Niall doesn't like Alicia" "he doesn't?" I ask confused. "Nope" She shook her head, "Alicia practically yelled it out for the school to hear and even if he did like her before there is no way he likes her now" "why not?" i asked. "well you see......"



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