She's tougher then she looks

(1D not famous) Alicia Rays, regular girl, pretty, friendly, smart, innocent? Don't think so.
Alicia Rays, pretty, friendly, brave, fighter? ya... thats more like it. People think she is innocent but she is far from that but what happens when Louis Tomlinson wants to meet this innocent girl?
Includes cussing and more!! do not read unless you are over 14.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Alicia's P.O.V

First period was done now onto second period: Music. At least i have it with Kayla. I know what you're thinking 'this is the part where Alicia is an amazing singer' well... it's not. I suck at singing. I walked into the class and took my seat which is next to Kayla, but of course Louis and his friends walked in too. This time he was with the two boys from before but two more. Louis scanned the room until his eyes landed on me. He grinned and started walking towards me. "Hey. You stalking me?" he chuckled. "the question is are you stalking ME?" i replied. "So who are your friends?" i asked. "this is Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam." he said pointing to them as he talked. "cool" i said. "and who is this?" Louis asked pointing to Kayla. "This is Kayla" i said. Kayla turned her head when she heard her name. "what?" she asked. "nothing" i said and she nodded. "okay class. I am partnering you up into pairs and you will have the instructions for the project on the board." The teacher said and pointed to the board which said that we had to perform a song and dance that goes with it next week. "the pairs are.... Tom and Julia... Robby and Celine... Liam and Kayla... Louis and Eleanor... Zayn and Perrie... Niall and Daniella... and Harry and Alicia" The teacher said just as the bell rang for lunch. I quickly grabbed my stuff and went to the lunch table that my friends and i always sat by. "Hey guys" i greeted them as i sat down. My friends are basically everyone in that music class besides Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall. "Hey. Are you going to finish that?" Daniella asked pointing to my unfinished pizza. "No" i said and pushed it to her. "are you okay?" Perrie asked. "I'm fine" i said. "Don't look now but Louis' gang just walked in" Kayla said. "and they are coming this way" Eleanor added. "'sup ladies" Louis said as he sat at our table with his friends. "Hi Louis" Eleanor said and i rolled my eyes. "so your friends.... they don't talk much do they?" i asked him. "They do... they just don't have anything to say right now i guess" he said. "ya we just feel... awkward" Liam said. "Hey. You gonna finish that?" Niall asked pointing to Louis' pizza. Ya.. Feel like this happened before? with me and Daniella? Talk about AWKWARD.

"deja vu" i said. "what?" Zayn asked. "its just....... Daniella asked me the exact same question before" i explained. "who's Daniella?" Harry asked. "This is Daniella" I said pointing to her. "Hi" she said and waved. "wow" Niall said staring at her. "Niall.... mate... You okay?" Louis asked. "ya... its just... i just.., wow" He said making Daniella blush.

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