She's tougher then she looks

(1D not famous) Alicia Rays, regular girl, pretty, friendly, smart, innocent? Don't think so.
Alicia Rays, pretty, friendly, brave, fighter? ya... thats more like it. People think she is innocent but she is far from that but what happens when Louis Tomlinson wants to meet this innocent girl?
Includes cussing and more!! do not read unless you are over 14.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Alicia's P.O.V

"ALICIA!!!!" Kayla screamed in my ear, waking me up. "AAHHHH!!! What the fudge Kayla?" i yelled. "get ready we need to be in school in 15 minutes" She said and left my room. I quickly picked out my clothes:

see? innocent look for school.

Once i was ready i went downstairs, grabbed my phone, grabbed an apple and started walking with Kayla to school. 


"bye Kayla" i waved to my friend as we went to our separate classes. I got in my seat just as the teacher walked in. About 10 minutes later a boy with two other boys walked into the class. "Nice of you to join us boys" the teacher said sarcastically. "your welcome" the one with brown, curly hair said. "Take a seat" the teacher said "and that wasn't a question" The  boys groaned and separated themselves. The one with curls sat in the front corner, the one with i think a "ZAP" tattoo sat right in the middle of the class and the last one sat next to me."hey" he said. "can i help you?" i asked and he smirked. "the names Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson" he said. So this is the famous bad boy? "I've heard about you" i said. "oh really? good things?" he asked. "not really." i said. "thats what i thought." he said sadly. "bet you aren't a bad boy at heart" i muttered. "what?" he asked, confused. "nothing" i said and turned my attention back to the teacher.

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