She's tougher then she looks

(1D not famous) Alicia Rays, regular girl, pretty, friendly, smart, innocent? Don't think so.
Alicia Rays, pretty, friendly, brave, fighter? ya... thats more like it. People think she is innocent but she is far from that but what happens when Louis Tomlinson wants to meet this innocent girl?
Includes cussing and more!! do not read unless you are over 14.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Alicia's P.O.V

The name is Alicia Rays. My trainer or as some people might call theirs 'father' is the one of the few people who know who i really and accept me. My mother walked out on us when i was 14 because i told her i want to learn how to fight and i haven't seen her since but one thing i learnt is that my mother hates violence. I walk to school with my friend Kayla everyday. Kayla is also a fighter and we go to the gym together every Saturday. Kayla knows i am not innocent and i know that Kayla isn't but other people don't know that and i don't plan on them finding out. rumor is that some bad boy Louis Tomlinson recently came to this town with his 'gang' and that he will be going to our school. Can't wait to meet him. Lets see how bad he thinks he is and how bad he really is compared to ME.


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