the life of an outcast

This is the story of Raven Madison, a Jr. High outcast.


1. Meet Raven

 ''Hi, I'm Raven Madison, and this is my life."

"Raven!" yelled Mrs. Madison, "Time to go to school!". " I'll be down in a minute." Raven yelled back. " Can't she do something better then pester me to go school?" thought Raven. Raven goes to Ouran high, a school for rich, wealthy kids. As Raven looked around her relatively large room looking for her favorite pair of skinny jeans , she thought of having to get on the bus with her hateful cousin Alisha Blackthorn. the only reason she went to Ouran was because of a dream she had. Not that she was ever likely to achieve it.  'Now i have to get on a damned bus with that lying deceitful bitch.'  And so Raven dressed in cat ears on top. She jumped out the door and skipped to the bus stop. 'Time to start the day, hopefully with a smile. Right?'   thought Raven. Unfortunately that was not to happen.

'Look at that little slut.'  Jessica said to Alisha that same morning.

'Ah, great. i was already having a sucky day.'said Raven ' Now i have you two bitches into the problem.'.

'Hey, what starts with f and ends with u?' Jessica asked Raven.

'What?' asked a clearly confused Raven

' Fuck You.' Jessica said with the pure confidence of an idiot who was about to literally get her ass kicked. Just as she was about to put her foot in Jessica's ass, that damned yellow bus saved it the misery. 

'Thank God.'  thought Raven as she claimed her spot by the window in the back of the bus. Her only friend was her art journal. It had kept her company for the past 4 years. it was filled with everything she thought of to draw. Anime, still life, portraits of random people, and many more. One of the other outcasts, Victoria, claimed her spot next to Raven and took the journal, as she did every day. 

'So, what did you draw this time?' asked Victoria.

'Well, i drew that one guy from my dreams.' Raven told her.

'What? Again?' Victoria asked more then curious of what this mysterious someone looked like this time.

'Well, yes. What did you expect? a portrait of that bitch Alisha? Or maybe Jessica?' Raven said with obvious malice.

'Of course not. I mean she does help The Wicked Bitch of The West in almost everything. Anyway, who is this mysterious man from your dreams?' Victoria said.

'Well, that's the problem, I don't know. All I know is that each morning that I wake up after having the dram, I feel like I am going to meet him very soon.' Raven stated with clear apprehension.

'Hmm. Good luck with that Rave.' Victoria hummed.

'Thanks Vikky, I really need it.' Raven sighed.'I just have to get through the day all the while avoiding Alisha and That bitch Jessica.'

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