The Perfect Story... NOT

Waking up, not the best thing when you have an abusive mother, a dead father, and a serious case of depression. But will 9 boys, who go by 1D and 5sos, save Arianna? Or will she just end up completely and utterly alone, again?


1. The Perfect Story... NOT

The perfect Story... NOT

Arianna`s POV

Walking home I was mentally preparing myself for what was about to come, my mother had the day off of work, which meant she was drunk. I knew I had to prepare for what was about to happen. My father had died 2 years ago, and she blamed me for it, he was killed by some people he owed money to. And just like I said, my mom was waiting for me. She had a knife in her hands. Uh-oh...


...To be continued...

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